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The Ice Box is a Food Tab Structure used to store and preserve Food. Items inside will spoil two times slower. It requires 2 Gold Nuggets, a Gear, and a Board to craft and an Alchemy Engine to prototype.

Like a Chest, the Ice Box can hold up to 9 items or stacks of food type items. It cannot, however, contain the never spoiling types of food such as Mandrakes or Tallbird Eggs.

When demolished by a Hammer or other means, it returns one Gear, Gold Nugget, and Board, along with any items stored in it.

It is possible to find an Ice Box trap. If the Chest next to the Ice Box is opened, Winter has a chance to immediately begin. The player can safely demolish the Ice Box with a Hammer for its components, but demolishing the Chest can still trigger the trap. If Winter was already in progress when the trap has been triggered, the progress will extend as if it were already around the first day of Winter.

Gift Icon.png Downloadable Content[]

In all DLCs, Ice, HailIce Cubes, and Fashion Melons can be stored indefinitely in an Ice Box. Thermal Stones can be chilled if stored. Crafting an Ice Box also costs one Cut Stone instead of Boards.

In the Reign of Giants DLC, Ice Boxes become renewable due to the 1% chance of Gears dropping from Tumbleweeds. There is also a version of the Ice Box trap that starts Summer instead of Winter. It's distinguishable from the Winter one since it only spawns in a Desert Biome. Unlike the Winter trap, opening or hammering the Ice Box or the Chest will have a chance to start Summer.

In Shipwrecked DLC, an Ice Box can become flooded by Flooding. A flooded Ice Box does not slow down the food spoilage rate although it can still be used as storage. Ice Boxes are easy to renew using Gears from Floaty Boaty Knights.

Icon Tools.png Usage[]

The following items can be placed in an Ice Box:

As food spoils faster in Summer in Reign of Giants, it is recommended that players put their food in the Ice Box to slow down the spoiling rate of food and help preserve food for Winter.

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • Because destroying an Ice Box returns 100% of Gears used in crafting, extra Gears can safely be used in crafting Ice Boxes without fear of losing non-renewable resources.
  • If playing as Warly, crafting Chef Pouches can reduce or eliminate the need for an Ice Box. This is particularly useful when engaging in nomadic play styles, as not all gold is returned when hammering an Ice Box. However, Chef Pouches do not prevent Ice and Hail from melting, unlike Ice Boxes. Additionally, when playing in Don't Starve Together, the Chef Pouch only slows the decay of food to 75% of its base duration, instead of 50%.
  • If the player has access to bundling wrap they can store bundled food in chests saving room in their ice boxes.

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Mosquito.png Bugs[]

  • In Pocket Edition, dragging an item from the Ice Box onto an object in the Inventory bar, in order to replace it into the Ice Box, may cause the item in the inventory to teleport onto the ocean.
  • In DST, if a customized Ice Box is placed on a boat and the players opens it, the particles it emits will keep flowing out where it has been opened, in the event the boat changes its position.
    • This can be fixed by closing the Ice Box. Opening it again will cause the bug to occur afresh.

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