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Hunger Meter
It's time for a snack!


Hunger is one of the primary game concepts, as it is the measurement which determines whether or not the character is starving (which is, of course, the game's namesake). As a character gets hungrier, the meter will empty, and the stomach pictured will shrivel.

A full stomach for most characters is measured at 150, except for:

Hunger drains at 9.375 points per minute, (10.3125 as Walani; 11.719 as Wes; 12.46875 as Warly; from 9.375 to 28.125 as Wolfgang) or 75 points per game day (82.5 as Walani; 93.75 as Wes; 99.75 as Warly; from 75 to 225 as Wolfgang). Hunger drain can also be slowed to 60% of its normal rate by equipping a Belt of Hunger or slowed to 75% normal rate by wearing the Hibearnation Vest. If a Slurper jumps onto the player it will start draining hunger quickly and keep doing so until it is detached from the head slot.

Wilson hungry

Wilson's belly growling

When the Hunger meter is emptied, Health will begin to drain at 1.25 points per second until something is eaten or the character dies. Most food will restore the Hunger meter when eaten. The amount restored depends on the food eaten; cooked food typically restores more than raw food. Some food also has the potential to decrease Hunger, Sanity, or Health. Also, when going to sleep in a Straw RollFur Roll, Tent or a Siesta Lean-to, the character takes an immediate Hunger penalty.

Below you can find quick reference table for how long a character can survive on full belly before hunger goes down to 0:

Character Full Belly last for (s) Days
Wagstaff 1440 3.0
WX-78 (fully upgraded), Wilba 1280 2.67
Wolfgang 1278 2.66
Warly 1203 2.51
Walani 1164 2.42
Webber, Wilbur, Wortox 1120 2.33
Wilson, Willow, Wendy, Wickerbottom,

Woodie, Maxwell, Woodlegs, Wormwood, Wheeler, Winona

960 2.0
Wigfrid 768 1.6
Wes 579 1.21

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