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Cute meat lives there.


The Hollow Stump is a naturally-spawning object from the Reign of Giants DLC, found only in a Deciduous Forest Biome. It is a large stump with a hole, with yarn hanging from its branches and a ball of yarn on the side. It is the home of a Catcoon.

The Hollow Stump can be destroyed with a Hammer to yield 2 Twigs, 2 Logs, and a chance of another random item, detailed below in the chart.

A Hollow Stump initially starts with 9 Catcoon lives. The Catcoon lives everytime the Catcoon is killed, and the Hollow Stump regenerates one Catcoon life every 120 second. After the Catcoon living in the Hollow Stump has run out of lives, the stump will go into a "empty" state, which will never spawn another Catcoon and will serve no purpose other than being hammered down for its resources. Despite appearing to be mostly destroyed, a Hollow Stump in this state will drop the same number of items.

The catcoon wander within 30 metres of the Hollow Stump.


Chance Item
30% Morsel.png
20% Bone Shards.png
5% Rope.pngCrimson Feather.pngJet Feather.pngAzure Feather.png
2% Redbird.pngCrow.pngSnowbird.pngRabbit.pngMoleworm.png

Don't Starve Together icon.png Don't Starve Together[]

In Don't Starve Together, the Hollow Stump has 20 inventory slots. Catcoons will store any item they pick up from the ground into the stump. Players can search the Hollow Stump to retrieve those items, but doing so will aggro the Catcoon.

The Hollow Stump will only drop 2 Twigs and 2 Log when destroyed.

An empty Hollow Stump will regenerate after 15-20 days, becoming an inhabited Hollow Stump.

Hammered/Burnt Hollow Stump attempt to regrow in 7.5 days in spring, 15 days in autumn. The regrown Hollow Stump requires an empty space with 3 metres radius, within 20 metres of the destroyed Hollow Stump, at least 20 metres away from any wall or structure.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • Catcoons spawning a total of 9 times, as well as the cat having 9 unique "gifts", is a reference to the myth that cats have 9 lives.
  • Despite Catcoons being hostile towards Wortox, he still calls it "A home for friends".

Mosquito.png Bugs[]

  • Sometimes Catcoons will attempt to enter a hammered Hollow Stump, resulting in them repeatedly hissing indefinitely.

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