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There are several ways to catch rabbits:

  1. Standard Bait Usage: Drop the trap on the ground to place it. Then, select Carrots or Berries and move them on top of the trap, a text "Bait" will appear (see picture), left clicking will place one item inside the trap. Once the trap has been activated, moving the cursor over the trap will show "Check Trap" (see picture), left clicking again will send rabbit and the trap into your inventory.
  2. One Bait For All: Instead of dropping the bait inside the trap, drop it on the ground, and set traps in between the rabbit and the bait. Rabbits will move in a straight line towards the bait, and activate the trap when passing through. This strategy works with multiple targets as well, as long as players have enough traps or are able to retrieve the trap and place it down again without scaring off the rest.
  3. No Bait: Since the trap will trigger whenever a rabbit gets too close, as long as players can get the rabbits to move close enough, bait is not necessary. One such method is placing a trap (or two for better results) blocking the rabbit's way towards its rabbit hole, then scaring them from the other side, they will run into the trap if it is placed correctly.
  • The trap does not need to block its path toward the rabbit hole, but it would take more practice to chase the rabbit into the trap.
  • In addition, when there are several rabbit holes nearby, it becomes very hard to use this method.
  • Another method is to place the trap over the rabbit hole. This method does not need the presence of the player, as rabbits are caught in the trap when they enter or exit the hole. It would be preferable to use this technique if rabbits are not in immediate demand.

Check Trap

Check Trap

Placing Bait

Placing Bait

Rabbits into trap

One Bait For All



Chasing into trap

Chasing into Trap

Caught without bait

Caught without a bait

Morsel tonight!

Sending to inventory, Rabbit Meat tonight!!

Only works on rabbit...

It's too big for the trap...

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