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What will be needed:


  1. Locate a Pig Village with a Pig King.
  2. Plant Spider Eggs near Pig Village.
  3. Startle Spiders, and let the Pigs kill them. Loot Meat, Pig Skin, Monster Meat, Silk and Spider Glands as quickly as possible.
  4. Give the collected Meat to the Pig King to receive Gold Nuggets.
  5. Feed the collected Monster Meat to the Pigs. They will turn into Werepigs and fight the Pigs.
  6. Collect the Meat and give it to the Pig King.
  7. Use the collected Silk to craft Bird Traps and hunt Birds.
  8. Give the Morsels to the Pig King, and collect Gold Nuggets.


Alternative methodEdit

Build a birdcage, feed the bird cooked Monster Meat. This will yield one Egg. The Egg can be given the Pig King in exchange for one Gold Nugget. If the Monster Meat from Hounds isn't enough, additional Monster Meat can be obtained in various ways. One of the easiest ways is roaming the Marshes and cleaning up after battles between Tentacles, Merms and Spiders (this can easily be combined with collecting Reeds and Tentacle Spikes). 

Another alternative method (DST) Edit

Kill spiders to get silk. cook the monster meat and feed it to a bird for eggs. each egg is worth one gold nugget. After this use the silk to make some fishing rods, and beekeeper hats. use the hats to kill 1-3 beehives. Turn the honeycombs you get from the beehives into beeswax. Go to the swamp and collect some reeds for papyrus. With the beeswax and papyrus you can make Wax Paper, and turn that into bundling wraps. After this go to the ruins in the caves and find a spot with many ponds in close proximity, and start fishing. in the caves you get eels (which are worth 5 gold from the Pig King) instead of fish. once you have gotten your desired amount of eels you can bundle them up with the Bundling Wraps to prevent them from spoiling, and return to the surface. once you have opened the bundling wraps it drops the thing that you placed inside them, and on wax paper. meaning that this method is easy to redo.

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