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Gold Dust is a Resource introduced in the Hamlet DLC. It is obtained by mining artichoke shaped Boulders, using a Gold Pan at a Sparkling Pool, or mining Ruined Sculptures in the Ancient Pig Ruins. Six Gold Dust can be refined to a Gold Nugget. This recipe can be prototyped with a Science Machine.

If Gold Dust is dropped on the ground near a Pangolden, the Pangolden will eat it. After consuming three Gold Dust, the Pangolden will produce a Gold Nugget. This is more efficient than refining Gold Dust into Gold Nuggets, as it requires three instead of six Gold Dust.

Icon Tools.png Usage[edit | edit source]

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Pickable without tools Cut GrassTwigsCut ReedsPetals • (SeashellDubloons Shipwrecked icon.png)
Obtained using Axe.png LogLiving LogCharcoal • (Palm Leaf Shipwrecked icon.png) (Cork Hamlet icon.png)
Obtained using Pickaxe.png RocksFlintGold NuggetNitreGemsMarble • (CharcoalCoral Shipwrecked icon.png) (Moon Rock Don't Starve Together icon.png)
Obtained using Shovel.png (RocksFlintGold NuggetNitreGemsSand Shipwrecked icon.png)
Obtained using
Machete.png Shipwrecked icon.pngHamlet icon.png
(VineBamboo Shipwrecked icon.png) (GrassTuber (Blooming Tuber) Hamlet icon.png)
Obtained by trading Gold NuggetGems • (Dubloons Shipwrecked icon.png) (Oinc (Tenpiece Oinc) • Royal Gallery Key Hamlet icon.png)
Obtained by other methods (ObsidianTar Shipwrecked icon.png)
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