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For Wagstaffs Goggles, see Spectoggles.

Goggles are craftable Items exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. There are two different kinds, both of them can be found in the Dress Tab. While Fashion Goggles can only be used to restore Sanity, the main purpose of Desert Goggles is to help players protect themselves against Sandstorms.

Fashion Goggles[]

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I can't imagine these improving visibility.


Fashion Goggles require a Gold Nugget and a Pig Skin to craft, and a Science Machine to prototype. They restore 3.3 Sanity per minute while worn, but do not offer protection from Rain or Sandstorms. Fashion Goggles last 10 Days and can be repaired using a Sewing Kit to restore up to 50% of their durability.

Icon Tools.png Usage[]

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Desert Goggles[]

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Function over form.


Desert Goggles can be made from Fashion Goggles, together with an additional Pig Skin. Its rare Blueprints can be obtained from Crumpled Packages found while Fishing in the Lake at the Oasis. While worn, they restore 3.3 Sanity per minute and provide 20% Wetness resistance. A vignette overlay is added to the player's screen. Desert Goggles last 10 Days and can be repaired with a Sewing Kit to restore up to 50% of their durability.

When walking in a Sandstorm or Moonstorm while wearing Desert Goggles, the character will not be slowed down and the visual effects that are limiting the player's field of view will be largely reduced.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • Desert Goggles are the first items that require the players to obtain two different Blueprints in order to craft them.
  • Fashion Goggles and Desert Goggles were added in the Against the Grain update.

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