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Wilson Portrait
Better gnat go near those guys.


Willow Portrait
Agh! They're too small to burn!


Wolfgang Portrait
Is too small for smashing!


Wendy Portrait
Like life, they wear you down little by little.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
A swarm of Culicidae Drosophila.


Woodie Portrait
Lotta those guys in the lumber camps.


Waxwell Portrait
Horde horrible.


Wagstaff Portrait
Their capacity for aggravating behavior is truly astounding!


Wigfrid Portrait
Infest nöt me, bugs!


Webber Portrait
Don't bite us, little guys.


Walani Portrait
Ick! Stay away!


Warly Portrait
The bugs are really bad around here.


Woodlegs Portrait
Flyin' minnows.


Wilba Portrait


Wormwood Portrait
Stay away, Bzzters!


Wheeler Portrait
Normally I like being around flyers, but I'll make an exception.


The Gnat Swarm is a Mob exclusive to the Don't Starve: Hamlet DLC, which spawns from Gnat Mounds.

Brain BehaviorEdit

It takes the form of a swarm of bugs that will chase and attach itself to the player character's head. While attached, it will decrease the player's Sanity and deal 1 Health Meter damage every 10 seconds, starting 30 seconds after being attached[Verification Needed]. It will follow the player until it finds a non-fire light source to attach to, either at Dusk or Night (such as Thunderbirds, Town Houses, or Glowflies).

The swarm isn't a status effect, but is an actual entity that is flying around the player. When force attacking, the swarm can only be hit if there are no other targets around. Attacking them directly won't deal any damage, possibly because they are not a single entity but a swarm and therefore can dodge attacks quickly. However, they can be killed by other means:

  • Spraying a cloud of Bug B'Gone,
  • Freezing them with an Ice Staff, and then attacking them normally (this action does not decrease durability of the Staff but still drains sanity as usual),
  • Leading them into the Gas Rainforest biome

If a Gnat Mound is destroyed, the swarm which comes from it will spawn a new mound after some time, similar to Moleworms.

PrototypeTips Edit

  • Overcharged WX-78 player should be cautious, as they shine brighter than the other light sources, and therefore the Gnat Swarm will never leave them on its own.
  • When playing as Wendy, Abigail will instantly attack Gnat Swarms and won't stop doing so, unless the player goes into a cave in which Abigail is going to follow the player. After that, she follows the player as normal.
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