Wilson Portrait
My, what a big horn you have.


Willow Portrait
Geez, look at the nose on that thing!


Wolfgang Portrait
Big fish think it can poke holes in Wolfgang's boat?!


Wendy Portrait
I cannot escape its piercing gaze... or horn.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
It appears to be a variation of the Monodon monoceros.


Woodie Portrait
That thing looks like it could do some damage.


Waxwell Portrait
Perhaps it could be reasoned with.


Wigfrid Portrait
Draw yöur weapön and fight me, beastie!


Webber Portrait
Woah, it's got a spear on its head!


Warly Portrait
Mon dieu, don't skewer me!


Wormwood Portrait
Pointy head


Winona Portrait
Yeesh, uh... nice whale?


Wortox Portrait
Now now, no need to put a dent in my dinghy.


Wurt Portrait
You a weird looking fish, florp.


Walter Portrait
Unicorns of the sea.


The Gnarwail is a neutral Mob exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them.

Every time a fish school emerges in the Ocean (only Rough or Swell) near player, there is a 7.5% chance that Gnarwail will spawn. When killed, the Gnarwail drops four Raw Fish and one Gnarwail Horn if its horn is not destroyed.

Brain BehaviorEdit

Gnarwails are neutral toward players. They are sometimes seen noding.

They regularly chase other Ocean Fishes and eat their meat.

When attacked, they will drill Boats with their Horn, damaging them and creating a leak. When drilling, the Horn can be attacked and destroyed without killing the Gnarwail, dropping one Gnarwail Horn. If a Gnarwail doesn't have a horn, it will attack by jumping into their targets, creating Waves in the ocean. They attack anything that isn't located on a boat with their jump attack only.

Gnarwails can be befriended by giving them Meats. They follow for 25 Hunger Meter per day for up to 2.5 days. Follower Gnarwails will regularly toss Items floating in the Ocean towards the player.

When not hunting ocean fish, Gnarwails attack Monsters that come too close, including Cookie Cutters, Malbatrosses, Skittersquids and Rockjaws, with their jump attack.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Gnarwails were introduced in the Hook, Line, and Inker update.
  • When a Gnarwail does it's jump attack, an E-Guitar can be heard.

Blueprint GalleryEdit

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