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Glommer's Flower is an Item found in the Reign of Giants DLC and in Don't Starve Together. It is obtained on the night of a Full Moon at Glommer's Statue where it will bloom, emitting light. Picking the flower will make the Glommer that spawned nearby follow the player as long as it is in the inventory, much like Chester. It can be used to craft the Old Bell and it is renewable, even if the statue is destroyed. The flower is viewed as edible by mobs and at danger of being eaten by Werepigs.

Dropping the Flower on the ground or leaving it in a stationary container will cause any following Glommer to stand by that location. If the Flower is put inside Chester, Glommer will start following Chester instead.

Dead Glommer's Flower

A flower of a dead Glommer.

When a Glommer connected to a flower dies, the flower converts into a perishable item which spoils after 6 days. In this state, it can be used as fuel for fires or the Ice Flingomatic. A perishable flower can still be used to craft an Old Bell.

Travelling to a new world via the Wooden Thing will turn Glommer's Flower into Ashes of Glommer's Flower.

Icon Tools Usage Edit

Glommer's Flower
Glommer's Wings
Old Bell
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Prototype Tips Edit

  • One way to get an Old Bell with Woodie without using the Console is to travel to a new world via the Wooden Thing with an Old Bell in the player's inventory, and pick Woodie in the new world character selection. Another way consists of planting a Lureplant close to the statue. This can also be effective, as long as the player kills it before the plant digests the flower. The Lureplant should spit the flower out.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • The appearance of Glommer's Flower is based on the Rafflesia, commonly known as the Rotting Corpse Flower because of its odor. Webber even mentions that it has a bad smell.
  • It cannot be destroyed by setting it or nearby objects on fire.

Mosquito Bugs Edit

  • The Flower sometimes lasts forever after Glommer dies, instead of spoiling in 6 days.
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