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The Gigantic Beehive is a naturally spawning object exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. It can be found in the Grasslands along with other Beehives. It looks similar to a normal beehive, but much larger in size. The Bee Queen resides within, and Hammering it repeatedly will spawn her.

A stream of Honey flows out of the hole near the top, and hammering the Gigantic Beehive will reduce the size of the stream. Each hammering has a 49% chance of dropping 1 Honey and a 1% chance of dropping 1 Honeycomb onto the ground, which can be picked up. Honey can be repeatedly harvested until the stream is gone, without spawning the Bee Queen. Every 120 seconds, the honey stream will grow, and can be hammered again to receive more Honey. Care is to be taken, as hammering too much will spawn the Bee Queen, even when the player has no intention of summoning it.

When destroyed, the Gigantic Beehive will become a Honey Patch, which cannot be walked on. It will regenerate in 20 days, which also makes Honeycomb renewable. As it is growing, the Gigantic Beehive will have two extra growth stages, each called the Somewhat Gigantic Beehive. Each character has a different quote for a Somewhat Gigantic Beehive.

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