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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.pngDon't Starve Together.

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Without garlic powder, life is not worth living.


Garlic Powder is an Item exclusive to Don't Starve Together. It can only be crafted by Warly in the Seasonings Tab using three Garlics at the Portable Grinding Mill.

Garlic Powder can be added to Crock Pot dishes in a Portable Seasoning Station. Seasoned dishes gain the adjective Garlic before their names. After eating a seasoned dish, the player takes 33% less incoming damage. However, worn armor takes full damage. The effect lasts 4 minutes.

Eating multiple dishes seasoned with Garlic Powder does not stack the effect, but resets the cooldown period.

Icon Science.png Example[]

Garlic Powder.png
Portable Seasoning Station.png
Garlic Meatballs.png

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • The damage reduction makes Garlic Powder a useful seasoning for tanking Boss Monsters.
  • This seasoning can be applied to health-restoring foods to make them doubly useful for combat situations.
    • However, Seasoning Salt will be more effective if a player wishes to maximize health restoration.


  • Characters have quotes when the buff starts.
Woodie Portrait.png
I'm feelin' a heckuva lot tougher now!


  • Characters have quotes for when the buff ends.
Warly Portrait.png
Ah... I've gone from tough to tender.


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