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It's a cap cap!


The Funcap is a craftable item exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. There are three variants, crafted from, and matching, various Mushrooms' colors. They can be crafted after obtaining their Rare Blueprint by either killing the Toadstool or as a random drop from Loot Stash, after killing Klaus, using 6 Mushroom Caps with the same color.

Funcaps can be equipped in the head slot. When worn, they reduce the rate of Hunger loss by 25%, provide 20% Wetness resistance and 60 points of protection from Overheating. They also periodically spawn Mushroom Spores every 60-61 seconds, which can be caught using a Bug Net. Like Garlands, they perish over time whether they are worn or not. They take 6 Days to completely spoil.

Perishable items stored within the player's inventory while a Funcap is equipped will spoil 50% faster, this also applies to equipped items, including the Funcap itself. Items stored within Backpacks remain unaffected.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

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  • Funcaps were added in the Warts and All update.
  • An icon for an unimplemented green Mushroom Hat could be found in the game files, before Funcaps were added to the game.

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