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Wagstaff Portrait.png
Tiny spheres of static energy make a marvelous flaming projectile.

Wagstaff, when examining the Fryfocals

The Fryfocals are a Character-specific Hat Item craftable only by Wagstaff through the Tinkering Tab. They are crafted with Spectoggles and a Red Gem.

Fryfocals can be used to damage Mobs whilst igniting them. Be wary as the fire can spread to other flammable objects if the mob is near. Similar to the other goggles, they remove nearsightedness from Wagstaff players, but they also give the world a sepia tint. For any other character besides Wagstaff, the Fryfocals will still make the world sepia-toned but they cannot be used to set fire to mobs and will give the characters blurry vision.


  • Using the Fryfocals instead of the Spectogoggles is more resource-efficient, since the Fryfocals only degrade when a fireball is shot and, in contrast to the Visor, the only effect applied to the screen is a slight tint, instead of a FOV restriction.
  • Using the Fryfocals while wet will shock Wagstaff twice, dealing a total of 16 damage (affected by armor). All lightning insulating clothes such as Rain Coat and Snakeskin Jacket cannot prevent the shock damage.