There are five basic Fruit food items in-game — each with a cooked version. There is one additional Fruit in the Reign of Giants DLC, two additional Fruits in the Shipwrecked DLC, and three additional Fruits in Don't Starve Together.

There are five Crock Pot recipes that require Fruit. There are two additional recipes in the Reign of Giants DLC and two additional recipes in the Shipwrecked DLC. Warly's Portable Crock Pot also has three recipes that require Fruit: two in Don't Starve Together, and one in both Shipwrecked and Don't Starve Together. Crock Pot recipes differentiate ingredients between Fruits and Vegetables. The cooked version of a Fruit always rots faster than the non-cooked version (except for Coffee Beans). Glow Berries can only be put in the Crock Pot in Don't Starve Together, and are considered Vegetables in all other versions of the game.

Berries and Cave Bananas can be found naturally in the world. However, the rest of the Fruits have to be Farmed by planting Seeds. Halved Coconuts are obtained by chopping down fully mature Palm Trees, then using a Machete to split obtained Coconuts. Coffee Beans are harvested from Coffee Plants. Juicy Berry Bushes have a chance to replace Berry Bushes in Don't Starve Together.

Raw Cooked DLC Fruit Value
BerriesBerriesRoasted BerriesRoasted Berries0.5
Cave BananaCave BananaCooked Cave BananaCooked Cave Banana1
Dragon FruitDragon FruitPrepared Dragon FruitPrepared Dragon Fruit1
DurianDurianExtra Smelly DurianExtra Smelly Durian1
PomegranatePomegranateSliced PomegranateSliced Pomegranate1
WatermelonWatermelonGrilled WatermelonGrilled WatermelonReign of Giants icon Shipwrecked icon1
Coffee BeansCoffee BeansCooked Coffee BeansCooked Coffee BeansShipwrecked icon1
Halved CoconutHalved CoconutRoasted CoconutRoasted CoconutShipwrecked icon1
Juicy BerriesJuicy BerriesRoasted Juicy BerriesRoasted Juicy BerriesDon't Starve Together icon0.5
Glow BerryGlow BerryN/AN/ADon't Starve Together icon1
Lesser Glow BerryLesser Glow BerryN/AN/ADon't Starve Together icon0.5

Crock Pot Meals that require FruitsEdit

Note that while Turkey Dinner requires Fruit, it is considered a Meat Meal. It will cause Bunnymen to attack and can be eaten by Wigfrid.

Food Name DLC HealthMeter Hunger Meter Sanity Meter Rot Crock Pot Priority Recipe
Requirements** Filler
Banana PopBanana PopShipwrecked icon Don't Starve Together icon+20+12.5+33101020Banana×1 Ice×1
No MeatsFishes
CoffeeCoffeeShipwrecked icon+3+9.375-5101030Cooked Coffee Beans×3Only Dairy product
Sweetener Cooked Coffee Beans
DragonpieDragonpie+40+75+515401Dragon Fruits×1No Meats
Fist Full of JamFist Full of Jam+3+37.5+515100Fruit×0.5No Meats
Vegetables Inedible
Fresh Fruit CrepesFresh Fruit CrepesShipwrecked icon Don't Starve Together icon+60+150+15102030Fruit×1.5 Butter×1
Cooked in Portable Crock Pot
Fruit MedleyFruit Medley+20+25+56100Fruit×3.0No Meats
Vegetables Dragon Fruit
Glow Berry MousseGlow Berry MousseDon't Starve Together icon+3+37.5+1082030Glow Berry×1 or Lesser Glow Berry×2
No Meats Inedible
Cooked in Portable Crock Pot
Hot Dragon Chili SaladHot Dragon Chili SaladDon't Starve Together icon-3+25+10151530Dragon Fruits×1 Peppers×1No Meats
Inedible Eggs
Cooked in Portable Crock Pot
MelonsicleMelonsicleReign of Giants icon+3+12.5+2031010Watermelon×1 Ice×1
No Meats
Trail MixTrail MixReign of Giants icon+30+12.5+5151010Roasted Birchnut×1 Berry×1
No Meats Eggs
VegetablesDairy product
Turkey DinnerTurkey Dinner+20+75+566010Drumstick×2 Meats×0.25
(Vegetables or Fruit)×0.5
WafflesWaffles+60+37.5+561010Butter×1 Berry×1

**All Food values are shown with decimal points.

Food and other Edible Items
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