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Wilson Portrait
So cold!


Willow Portrait
The cold! It burns!


Wolfgang Portrait
Brrrrrrr! Is frosty!


Wendy Portrait
I am chilled to the bone.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
The ambient temperature is low.


Woodie Portrait
It's a bit chilly out here!


Waxwell Portrait
My heart grows cold.


Wagstaff Portrait
Brr... It must be below freezing.


Wigfrid Portrait
Brrr! Where are my furs!


Webber Portrait
Brrr... spider hair isn't very warm.


Walani Portrait
Way too cold!


Warly Portrait
I'm... getting freezerburn...


Woodlegs Portrait


Wilba Portrait


Wormwood Portrait
Brrr... Cold!


Wheeler Portrait
Brr. It's colder out here than the upper atmosphere.


Winona Portrait
Brr! Cold as frozen steel out here!


Wortox Portrait
It's finally frozen over!


Shivering Wilson

Wilson shivering from the cold.

Freezing is a game mechanic which makes surviving Winter more difficult. Freezing can also occur during the last night of Autumn or during heavy rainfall in Spring, in Don't Starve: Reign of Giants. Whenever the player is away from a heat source for too long they will begin to freeze. 

Freezing occurs when body temperature drops below . The edges of the screen will become encrusted with ice, as a warning to the player that they are about to freeze. The player should seek a heat source as soon as possible when this happens. If a source of heat cannot be found, a second layer of ice crust will form over the edges when body temperature drops below , causing the player to take damage of 1.25 Health per second. Freezing stops soon after the player finds a sufficient heat source.

The drop in body temperature that results from Freezing can be slowed by carrying a charged Thermal Stone, wearing insulated Clothing or growing a Beard. Freezing is negated altogether near a sufficiently warm heat source, such as a Fire.

Survival Edit

Fire Pit closeup

Fire Edit

The best way to have a reliable and steady source of fire is by having a Campfire, Fire Pit or a Dwarf Star.

In emergencies, objects and even creatures can also be set on fire for an immediate source of warmth. A single flammable item can be dropped on the ground by holding the CTRL key and clicking the LMB. Once on the ground, such items can be lit on fire with a Torch to provide a small, but limited, amount of heat. With enough fuel, small fires like this can provide enough warmth to get to a better source of heat. This might be dangerous (or advantageous) however as nearby flammable objects can catch fire as well.

Warm Clothing Edit

One of the best options for traveling away from a fire during Winter is to wear clothing that provides insulation. These items increase the amount of time a character can be away from fire before Freezing begins. Having several items equipped at the same time provides a cumulative bonus. Insulated clothing only delays Freezing, however, and sooner or later the player will be forced to return to a source of warmth. There are three tiers of clothing, each allowing the player to be away from a fire longer than the lower tiers.

Other options Edit

  • Thermal Stones can be used to store heat.
  • Wilson's and Webber's Beards provide additional insulation, depending on their length. In Don't Starve Together only, Woodie's beard will also provide insulation.
  • Werebeaver has additional insulation.
  • Willow's Lighter produces a very small amount of heat, but can also be used to light surroundings on fire for emergency heat.
  • When WX-78 is experiencing System Overload, they are immune to Freezing.
  • Items can be set on fire in the inventory to warm oneself, but as your character is technically on fire, only Willow can benefit from this and one should avoid flammable objects to avoid setting them aflame.

Game Mechanics Edit

Freezing mechanics are based on the temperature implementations in the game. A player character has a body temperature, which ranges from -20° to 40° (90° in Reign of Giants). Any time body temperature falls below , the character will take 1.25 damage per second.

Ambient temperature is a key factor influencing a character's body temperature. Body temperature will attempt to match the ambient temperature, this rate is dependent on the ambient delta.

This rate can be any value between +5 and -1. It is given by the function:

max(ambient_delta, -30 / (30 + total_insulation))

Total insulation is the sum of all insulation worn by the character (see table below).

This rate takes into account the total effect of all heat sources affecting the player, including weather (the current air temperature), campfires and Thermal Stones. It is also a function of the player's current temperature.

The net temperature effect of a heat source depends on its distance from the player and its raw source temperature (listed in the Heat Sources table below), referred to as its source temperature:

  • If the source temperature is positive and above the player's body temperature, it will contribute to the ambient delta
  • If the source temperature is positive but below the player's body temperature, it will have no effect.
  • If the source temperature is negative (e.g. it is a "cold source" such as the Chilled Amulet), it will contribute (negatively) to the ambient delta.

In other words, the net temperature effect for each source is given by the equation:

net_temp_eff(source) = max(source_temperature - body_temperature, 0) + min(source_temperature, 0)

For each heat source, the player's body temperature is first subtracted from the heat source's source temperature, and then added to the ambient delta. Carried or equipped heat sources have a source temperature equal to its raw source temperature. For environmental heat sources (e.g. Fire Pit), source temperature will decrease as the distance between it and the player increases.

If the ambient delta is greater than 0 (i.e. the environment is warmer than the player's current body temperature), then the maximum increase of the player's body temperature will be +5° per second while the player's body temperature is below the freezing point of , and +1° per second once the player's body temperature is warmer than the freezing point. Note that the increase of the player's body temperature cannot exceed the ambient delta, so the actual rate may be smaller than +5° or +1°.

The final equation for calculating Ambient Delta is given here:

ambient_delta = min(warming_cap, sum(net_temp_eff(source) for all sources))

Where warming cap is 5, if the player's body temperature is below 0° and 1 if the player's body temperature is above 0°.

Insulation only becomes a factor if the ambient delta is less than 0 (i.e. all ambient heat carried and in the environment is still colder than the player's body temperature), in which case it operates per the ambient delta formula above. Insulation provides steadily less and less protection from cold, so the first item worn makes the biggest difference by far.

Items that delay freezing
Item Insulation Slot
Willow Portrait Willow Don't Starve Together icon -30 Face
Rabbit Earmuffs Rabbit Earmuffs 60 Head
Dapper Vest Dapper Vest 60 Chest
Breezy Vest Breezy Vest 60 Chest
Cat Cap Cat Cap Reign of Giants icon 60 Head
Snakeskin Jacket Snakeskin Jacket Shipwrecked icon 60 Chest
Winter Hat Winter Hat 120 Head
Tam o' Shanter Tam o' Shanter 120 Head
Beefalo Hat Beefalo Hat 240 Head

Puffy Vest Puffy Vest



Hibearnation Vest Hibearnation Vest Reign of Giants icon

240 Chest
Blubber Suit Blubber Suit Shipwrecked icon 240 Chest
Beard Magnificent Beard (affected by length, Wilson only) 0 / 15 / 45 / 135 Face
Silky Beard Silky Smooth Beard (affected by length, Webber only) Reign of Giants icon 0 / 11.25 / 33.75 / 101.25 Face
Woodie Portrait Woodie Don't Starve Together icon 45 Face
Werebeaver Werebeaver Immune / 240 (Don't Starve Together icon) Face
Wilba's Werepig form Immune Face
Rain Coat Reign of Giants icon Rain Coat 60 Chest
Thermal Stone Stage 4Thermal Stone (stage 4) Don't Starve Together icon 240 /
Thermal Stone Stage 5Thermal Stone (stage 5) Don't Starve Together icon 240 /

The warmest combination is a Puffy Vest, Beefalo Hat and fully grown beard (if playing as Wilson). This will add up to a whopping 615 points of insulation and would take 16.67 real time minutes to freeze (with a fully charged Thermal Stone).

For the purpose of calculating a Thermal Stone's own temperature loss, a fixed insulation of 120 is used. This value is not added to the player's total insulation, nor does the player's insulation affect the Thermal Stone in any way. A Thermal Stone cools at the same rate on the ground as it does in the inventory.

Heat Sources
Heat Source Temperature Duration
Small character fire 50° 6 seconds
Medium character fire 65° 8 seconds
Large character fire 80° 10 seconds
Small burnable object 70° 3 - 30 seconds
Medium burnable object 120° 10 - 30 seconds
Large burnable object 180° 15 seconds
Burning Evergreen 220° 15 seconds
Campfire Campfire (level 1)
Fire Pit Fire Pit (level 1)
Obsidian Fire Pit Obsidian Fire Pit Shipwrecked icon (level 1)
Chiminea Chiminea Shipwrecked icon (level 1)
70° variable
(affected by rain, except for Chiminea)
Campfire Campfire (level 2)
Fire Pit Fire Pit (level 2)
Obsidian Fire Pit Obsidian Fire Pit Shipwrecked icon (level 2)
Chiminea Chiminea Shipwrecked icon (level 2)
85° variable
(affected by rain, except for Chiminea)
Campfire Campfire (level 3)
Fire Pit Fire Pit (level 3)
Obsidian Fire Pit Obsidian Fire Pit Shipwrecked icon (level 3)
Chiminea Chiminea Shipwrecked icon (level 3)
100° variable
(affected by rain, except for Chiminea)
Campfire Campfire (level 4)
Fire Pit Fire Pit (level 4)
Obsidian Fire Pit Obsidian Fire Pit Shipwrecked icon (level 4)
Chiminea Chiminea Shipwrecked icon (level 4)
115° variable
(affected by rain, except for Chiminea)
Scaled Furnace Build Scaled Furnace Don't Starve Together icon 115° Infinite
Dwarf Star Dwarf Star 100° 2 minutes
3.5 days in Don't Starve Together icon
Thermal Stone Stage 4Thermal Stone (stage 4) 40° 8 uses Don't Starve Together icon
Thermal Stone Stage 5Thermal Stone (stage 5) 60° 8 uses Don't Starve Together icon
Fire Willow (Willow only) 20° 4-8 seconds
Magma Magma Don't Starve Together icon 500° Infinite
Hot Spring Hot Spring (Bath Bombed) Don't Starve Together icon 90° Infinite
Hot Spring Glass Hot Spring (Glassed) Don't Starve Together icon 45° Infinite

Glommer See also: Fire for information on flammable items

Prototype Tips Edit

  • Thermal Stones only work while their temperature is greater than the player's body temperature; once the Thermal Stone cools to below that level, it has no further effect on the player's body temperature.
  • Willow in Don't Starve Together will become extremely cold while Insane, however this without outside factors such as wetness, does not cause freezing outside of already cold temperatures exhibited while winter is approaching and ending. Willow also does not overheat during the beginning and end of summer while insane as a result of this.
  • In Reign of Giants, eating one of the following food items will temporarily warm the player up by 1°/second for various amounts of time. Eating even stale or spoiled food can also warm the player up. Note however, that hot food will cool off after being made, and will do so quicker if placed in an Ice Box.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • Hypothermia is a loss of body heat due exposure to cold or freezing water and can cause death.
  • Frostbite (or frostburn) is a cold injury which commonly occurs at the soft tissues in the hands, feet, and nose due to severe freezing.
  • While in-game, Wilson's beard provides insulation, realistically, a beard can cause problems in severe weather, as moisture from one's breath freezes on facial hair and can cause frostbite.
    • Wilson's in-game beard, however, may become sufficiently "Magnificent" that it effectively becomes a blanket. It is unknown why Woodie's beard isn't similarly useful in the base game, save that it remains shorter despite the fact that "a real lumberjack never shaves".

Mosquito Bugs Edit

  • If the player's body temperature goes below the minimum freezing threshold (-120°) their temperature will be set to 95° instead and they will start overheating.
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