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Wilson Portrait
Here be monsters.

Wilson, when nearing the Fog

Willow Portrait
That fog looks pretty dense.

Willow, when nearing the Fog

Wolfgang Portrait
Is getting scary!

Wolfgang, when nearing the Fog

Wendy Portrait
Perhaps I'll sail from the edge of the earth.

Wendy, when nearing the Fog

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when nearing the Fog

Wickerbottom Portrait
The fog's inhabitants remain shrouded in "mist"-ery. Hoho!

Wickerbottom, when nearing the Fog

Woodie Portrait
I'm leaving charted waters...

Woodie, when nearing the Fog

Waxwell Portrait
I want nothing to do with mists and fogs.

Maxwell, when nearing the Fog

Wagstaff Portrait
Blasted fog! I want to know what's beyond my map.

Wagstaff, when nearing the Fog

Wigfrid Portrait
I hath reached the edges öf the wörld!

Wigfrid, when nearing the Fog

Webber Portrait
I don't like this...

Webber, when nearing the Fog

Walani Portrait
Looks pretty foggy over there.

Walani, when nearing the Fog

Warly Portrait
The implications of this are murky.

Warly, when nearing the Fog

Woodlegs Portrait
A veil o'mist approaches...

Woodlegs, when nearing the Fog

Wilba Portrait

Wilba, when nearing the Fog

Wormwood Portrait
Oh. Can't see

Wormwood, when nearing the Fog

Wheeler Portrait
It's like flying through the clouds!

Wheeler, when nearing the Fog

Wilson Portrait
It would seem my future is foggy.

Wilson, when entering the Fog

Willow Portrait
Uh oh. Which way was I going again?

Willow, when entering the Fog

Wolfgang Portrait
Boat not listen to mighty Wolfgang!

Wolfgang, when entering the Fog

Wendy Portrait
Watch as I sail straight into the maw of death!

Wendy, when entering the Fog

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when entering the Fog

Wickerbottom Portrait
I'm unsure of the results of this venture.

Wickerbottom, when entering the Fog

Woodie Portrait
Into waters unknown!

Woodie, when entering the Fog

Waxwell Portrait
I am consumed by the abyss!

Maxwell, when entering the Fog

Wagstaff Portrait
I've been turned around somehow.

Wagstaff, when entering the Fog

Wigfrid Portrait
The currents are my master!

Wigfrid, when entering the Fog

Webber Portrait
We're trembling in our pantaloons!

Webber, when entering the Fog

Walani Portrait
Uhhhm. Where am I?

Walani, when entering the Fog

Warly Portrait
Oh dear me, I have reached the point of no return.

Warly, when entering the Fog

Woodlegs Portrait
Into th'murk and mist wit' me...

Woodlegs, when entering the Fog

Wilba Portrait

Wilba, when entering the Fog

Wormwood Portrait

Wormwood, when entering the Fog

Wheeler Portrait
What a riot!

Wheeler, when entering the Fog

Wilson Portrait
I think I felt something brush against my leg...

Wilson, when exiting the Fog

Willow Portrait
Uh oh. Which way was I going again?

Willow, when exiting the Fog

Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang cannot be stopped!

Wolfgang, when exiting the Fog

Wendy Portrait
I return once again to this world.

Wendy, when exiting the Fog

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when exiting the Fog

Wickerbottom Portrait
That confirms it! This world is indeed round.

Wickerbottom, when exiting the Fog

Woodie Portrait
That was unwise!

Woodie, when exiting the Fog

Waxwell Portrait
Thank goodness.

Maxwell, when exiting the Fog

Wagstaff Portrait
What unseen forces are at work here?!

Wagstaff, when exiting the Fog

Wigfrid Portrait
I hath emerged fröm the fög!

Wigfrid, when exiting the Fog

Webber Portrait
That was scary!

Webber, when exiting the Fog

Walani Portrait
The fog is clearing!

Walani, when exiting the Fog

Warly Portrait
I have emerged from the edge of the world.

Warly, when exiting the Fog

Woodlegs Portrait
Ta th'edge o'th'world and back!

Woodlegs, when exiting the Fog

Wilba Portrait

Wilba, when exiting the Fog

Wormwood Portrait
Back again

Wormwood, when exiting the Fog

Wheeler Portrait
What do you know? I'm back where I started.

Wheeler, when exiting the Fog

The Fog is a natural world entity found at the edges of the map in the Shipwrecked DLC. Entering the Fog will teleport the player to the opposite side of the map, and will cause the player to lose 15 Sanity Meter

When the player approaches the Fog, the character will make a comment to indicate the proximity. Once the character enters the fog control of the character will be lost, and the screen will fade out. Immediately after the screen will fade in to show the teleported character moving out of the fog. The control of the character will be regained when they completely exit the Fog.

A less dense version of the fog can also be found randomly on the Ocean during the first 2 segments of the day, and near Wrecks. These are just visual effects and have no functionality.

 Hamlet icon HamletEdit

The Hamlet DLC introduces the Fog as a prominent mechanic in Humid Season, acting as a short event lasting from 1-3 minutes [Verification Needed] that occurs outdoors. It is indicated by a thick fog that covers the whole screen, reducing the visible area to a small radius around the player.

Players experience fatigue, in which they are weighed down by any wearable items equipped in the Head or Body slot, causing a significant reduction in movement speed. This is indicated by the character stating "This [item] is slowing me down" and seeming hunched forward as they move. Removing any items in the head/body slots will allow the player to move normally. Three exceptions exist to this, which both exist to negate the fatigue caused by fog: The Pith Hat or Cowl worn on the head, allowing the use of the body slot; and the Weevole Mantle worn on the body, allowing the use of the head slot. Using these two items in conjunction during Fog has no added bonus. (Wagstaff 's Spectoggles and items crafted from Spectoggles crafted in the tinkering tab also prevent fatigue)

Players will also experience a high increase in Wetness as the event progresses, due to the high "humidity" of the air. This cannot be reduced by any means unless Purple Grouper is eaten or one runs for shelter into a Pig Shop, Ancient Pig Ruins, Mant Hill or Cave Cleft or is near a working Oscillating Fan. Tools such as Umbrellas or waterproof clothing are useless in this instance.

Once the Fog clears, heavy rain will occur for another 1-3 minutes,[Verification Needed] causing increased wetness unless the player is drying off inside the aforementioned shelters. After this, weather will return to being clear, and players may resume their activities with ease or dry off to reduce their wetness.

Prototype Tips Edit

  • In the Shipwrecked DLC, due to the loss of control when entering Fog, Waves cannot be avoided, so caution is advised.
  • In the Hamlet DLC, outdoor exploration is dangerous during Fog due to the limited view. If a player wishes to explore, they are advised to carry the most basic minimums they require to explore, and to not equip any equipment to increase the player's mobility. However this can be averted if the player uses a Pith Hat or Weevole Mantle.
    • Webber players should be cautious when removing their Shamlet Mask (to reduce fatigue) near Royal Guards or neutral enemies such as Pogs, as they can start to attack the player once it is taken off.
  • Players are advised to utilize an Umbrella or waterproof clothing (such as the Snakeskin Hat or Snakeskin Jacket) to reduce wetness from Waves/post-fog Rain in the Shipwrecked or Hamlet DLCs respectively.
    • If one becomes very wet, quickly find land/shelter and place down a fire source to reduce the Wetness sanity drain (or additional damage, in the case of WX-78)
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