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Flotsam is found in the Ocean, and consists of floating debris from a shipwreck. Flotsam can be snagged using a Fishing Rod, and will yield Boards, Logs, Cut Grass, Rope, Twigs, and various new Trinkets such as: a Soaked Candle, an Old Boot, a Sextant, a Toy Boat or a Sea Worther. These trinkets can be given to the Pig King in exchange for Gold Nuggets, or traded with Wolly.

Flotsam can be found in both Sandbox Mode and Adventure Mode.

Chances for obtaining each of the possible loots is as follows:

Chance Items
17.47% Twigs.png Log.png Cut Grass.png
8.73% Rope.png Boards.png
7.86% Old Boot.png
6.55% Toy Boat.png
5.68% Sextant.png Soaked Candle.png
4.36% Sea Worther.png

Mosquito.png Bugs[]

  • In the Reign of Giants DLC, flotsam may only spawn next to the Sunken Boat once upon world generation, and may never spawn anywhere again.[verification needed]

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • Flotsam was added to the game in the July 30, 2015 update,[1] and accompanied Klei's official announcement of the Shipwrecked DLC.

Blueprint.png Gallery[]


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