Wilson Portrait
This ought to be a scientific impossibility.


Willow Portrait
The vines coil away from my lighter... weird!


Wolfgang Portrait
Why door not crumble under mighty Wolfgang punches?!


Wendy Portrait
Its beauty is tinged with a heartbreaking sadness.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Hmm... This may require further reading.


Woodie Portrait
That'd be the thing I fell through, eh.


Waxwell Portrait
Always did have a flair for the dramatic...


Wigfrid Portrait
It makes me long for the stage!


Webber Portrait
It's pretty... pretty scary!


Winona Portrait
That was a one-way ticket.


The Florid Postern is a naturally spawning Structure in Endless and Survival modes in Don't Starve Together. It is a portal that marks the spawn point for a server. If the server is set to Endless Mode, it can be used by a dead player to resurrect at a cost of 25% of their maximum Health (this penalty can be reversed by use of Booster Shots).

The Florid Postern can be converted into the Celestial Portal using a Portal Paraphernalia and constructed using 20 Moon Rocks and a Purple Moonlens.

Spawn Mechanics Edit

When a new world is generated, one Florid Postern is created in the overworld and the caves (if it's enabled). It remains stationary throughout the game. When a new player joins the server, the open space of the portal will light up slowly and then fade back to normal, revealing the new player. All players will spawn from the portal that was generated during the start of a new world. If a new player spawns at dusk or night, the portal will create a small circle of light (about the same radius as a medium Campfire) that lasts until daytime.

PlaceholderTrivia Edit

  • The Florid Postern took the place of the Jury-Rigged Portal when the game left Early Access. Its functionality is the same. 
  • If the postern is deleted with console, new players will still spawn at the spot the portal used to be.
  • The Florid Postern was created by Charlie after she took control of the Nightmare Throne in A New Reign.
    • In the trailer, she's shown to be using a form of fire/shadow fire to manipulate her surroundings. Willow notes that the postern's vines "coil away from [her] lighter."
  • In the colony game Oxygen Not Included, the sound of the portal is shared with the building Space Heater.

Mosquito BugsEdit

  • The Ruins soundtracks are played when music events are triggered near the Florid Postern in the Caves.

Blueprint GalleryEdit

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