Meat öf the sea!


There are 2 basic Fish Food Items in Don't Starve; Fish and Eel (There are 16 additional types in the Shipwrecked DLC.) Fish can be obtained by Fishing in Ponds on either the Surface World or the Caves, and as a drop from Merms / Merm Heads. Eels, however, can only be fished from Ponds found in the Ruins. Both types of Fish are a subtype of Meat, and as such, can be used as Meat fillers in the Crock Pot

Mobs such as Pigs, Spiders or Hounds will eat any form of dropped Fish on the ground. Additionally, Bunnymen will be aggressive towards a player if they have any item on this list.

Icon Tools Usage Edit

  • There are 3 Crock Pot recipes that require Fish meat. Two of the recipes, Fish Tacos and Fishsticks, will accept both Fish or Eel, while Unagi only accepts Eel. (There are 12 additional recipes in the Shipwrecked DLC.)
  • Many of the Fish can be dried on a Drying Rack, resulting in Jerky, a much longer-lasting food item with different Hunger, Sanity, and Health bonuses. Most of the Fish can also be used in Crock Pot recipes.
  • Many Fish have both a Meat Value and a Fish Value when used in a Crock Pot, giving a wide variety of potential recipes.
  • In the Shipwrecked DLC, any type of Fish (and many Fish Crock Pot recipes) can be given to the Yaarctopus in exchange for Octopus Chests (except shark fin).

Raw Cooked Dried Fish Value Crock Pot
FishFishCooked FishCooked FishSmall JerkySmall Jerky1.0Yes
EelEelCooked EelCooked EelSmall JerkySmall Jerky1.0Yes
CrabbitCrabbit Shipwrecked iconCooked Fish MorselCooked Fish MorselN/AN/A0.5Yes
Dead DogfishDead Dogfish Shipwrecked iconFish SteakFish SteakJerkyJerky1.0Yes
Dead SwordfishDead Swordfish Shipwrecked iconFish SteakFish SteakJerkyJerkyN/ANo
Fish MorselFish Morsel Shipwrecked iconCooked Fish MorselCooked Fish MorselSmall JerkySmall Jerky0.5Yes
JellyfishJellyfish Shipwrecked iconCooked JellyfishCooked JellyfishN/AN/A1.0Yes
Dead JellyfishDead Jellyfish Shipwrecked iconCooked JellyfishCooked JellyfishDried JellyfishDried Jellyfish1.0Yes
LimpetsLimpets Shipwrecked iconCooked LimpetsCooked LimpetsN/AN/A0.5Yes
MusselMussel Shipwrecked iconCooked MusselCooked MusselN/AN/A0.5Yes
Neon QuattroNeon Quattro Shipwrecked iconCooked Neon QuattroCooked Neon QuattroN/AN/A1.0Yes
Pierrot FishPierrot Fish Shipwrecked iconCooked Pierrot FishCooked Pierrot FishN/AN/A1.0Yes
Purple GrouperPurple Grouper Shipwrecked iconCooked Purple GrouperCooked Purple GrouperN/AN/A1.0Yes
Rainbow JellyfishRainbow Jellyfish Shipwrecked iconCooked Rainbow JellyfishCooked Rainbow JellyfishN/AN/AN/ANo
Dead Rainbow JellyfishDead Rainbow Jellyfish Shipwrecked iconCooked Rainbow JellyfishCooked Rainbow JellyfishDried JellyfishDried JellyfishN/ANo
Raw FishRaw Fish Shipwrecked iconFish SteakFish SteakJerkyJerky1.0Yes
RoeRoe Shipwrecked iconCooked RoeCooked RoeN/AN/A1.0Yes
Shark FinShark Fin Shipwrecked iconN/AN/AN/AN/A1.0Yes
Tropical FishTropical Fish Shipwrecked iconCooked Fish MorselCooked Fish MorselSmall JerkySmall Jerky1.0/0.5 CookedYes
WobsterWobster Shipwrecked iconCooked WobsterCooked WobsterN/AN/A2.0Yes (Alive only)
Dead WobsterDead Wobster Shipwrecked iconCooked WobsterCooked WobsterN/AN/AN/ANo

Crock Pot Recipes Edit

Food Name Health Meter Hunger Meter Sanity Meter Rot Crock Pot Priority Recipe
Requirements Filler
BisqueBisque Shipwrecked icon +60 +18.75 +5102030Limpets×3 Ice
California RollCalifornia Roll Shipwrecked icon +20 +37.5 +10101020 Seaweed×2 Fishes×1
CaviarCaviar Shipwrecked icon +3 +12.5 +33104020 Roe×1 or Cooked Roe×3
CevicheCeviche Shipwrecked icon +20 +25 +5101020 Fishes×2 Ice
Fish TacosFish Tacos +20 +37.5 +561010 Fishes×0.5 Corns×1
FishsticksFishsticks +40 +37.5 +5104010 Fishes×0.5 Twigs×1 maximum
Jelly-O PopJelly-O Pop Shipwrecked icon +20 +12.5031020 Jellyfish Ice Twigs
Lobster BisqueLobster Bisque Shipwrecked icon +60 +25 +10101030 Wobster Ice
Lobster DinnerLobster Dinner Shipwrecked icon +60 +25 +50101030 Wobster Butter no Meats Ice
Mussel BouillabaiseMussel Bouillabaise Shipwrecked icon +20 +37.5 +15102030 Mussel×2 Vegetablesx2.0 Cooked in Portable Crock Pot
Seafood GumboSeafood Gumbo Shipwrecked icon +40 +37.5 +20102010 Fishes×2.5
Shark Fin SoupShark Fin Soup Shipwrecked icon +40 +12.5 -10101020 Shark Fin
Surf 'n' TurfSurf 'n' Turf Shipwrecked icon +60 +37.5 +33101030 Meats×2.5 Fishes×1.5 no Ice
Tropical BouillabaisseTropical Bouillabaisse Shipwrecked icon +20 +37.5 +15104035 Purple Groupers×1 Pierrot Fishes×1
Neon Quattros×1 Vegetables×1
UnagiUnagi +20 +18.75 +5101020 Eels×1 Lichen×1
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