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Experience is an in-game point system used to unlock new Characters. It is awarded on the death or level transition screen, and depends on the days survived. Each survived day adds 20 XP. Subsequent games add to the existing experience. The days you've survived in Adventure Mode doesn't count. So if you've survived 3 days in Sandbox mode, then you went to Adventure Mode and survived for 5 more days, then die (and return to Sandbox mode) and die again in Sandbox mode, you'll get only XP for 3 days you spent Sandbox mode.

Unlockable characters

Wilson Portrait Willow Portrait Wolfgang Portrait Wendy Portrait File:Woody portrait.png




160 XP


320 XP


640 XP

File:WX-78 portrait.png Wickerbottom Portrait Wes Portrait File:Waxwell portrait.png


960 XP


1280 XP


Unlocked by rescuing in Adventure Mode


Unlocked by completing Adventure Mode

More than one character can be unlocked at once. For instance, if a player only has Wilson unlocked, but they earn enough experience to unlock Wolfgang, both Wolfgang AND Willow will be unlocked. This means to unlock all characters unlocked through experience (ending with Wickerbottom), you need to survive a cumulative 64 days.
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