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They want to talk, but they don't know how!


Wilson at full Enlightenment

Enlightenment, also referred to as Lunacy, is a game mechanic exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them.

Enlightenment replaces Sanity on the Lunar Island, in the Lunar Grotto, during nighttime when Moonstorm is active, and in the Moonstorm itself, sharing the same value. Effects that increase Sanity will increase Enlightenment on the Lunar Island or in the Lunar Grotto, and vice versa.

Enlightenment will also increase by 0.625/minute during the Day, and stops during Dusk and Night. Being in total Darkness will drain Enlightenment by -10/minute.

Enlightenment Effects[]

Screen effects at full Enlightenment

High Enlightenment is accompanied with effects similar to low Sanity. The environment will begin to become distorted and creatures called Gestalts become visible in a similar manner to Shadow Creatures. Low Enlightenment produces results similar to high Sanity in which the Gestalts disappear and the environment returns to a normal state. Therefore, the player cannot be completely sane in one world without being insane in the other.

Enlightenment Meter.png ≥ 0%

  • Blue veil and ambient sounds appear slowly with Enlightenment.

Enlightenment Meter.png ≥ 17.5%

  • Pulsations in the center of the screen will begin to be visible.

Enlightenment Meter.png ≥ 25%

  • Gestalts appear, but they avoid the player.

Enlightenment Meter.png ≥ 50%

  • When inactive the player regularly shakes their head between their hands.
  • Gestalts no longer try to avoid the player and attack if the player is too close.

Enlightenment Meter.png ≥ 80%

  • Gestalts follow and attack the player if they are in range.

Enlightenment Meter.png ≥ 85% for effects to appear and ≤ 82.5% to disappear

  • The enlightened character looks dizzy or awestruck when left idle.

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