For Sinkholes created by the Antlion in Don't Starve Together, see Antlion.

Objects falling during an earthquake; one broke, and one's shadow is visible on the ground.

Wilson Portrait
That doesn't sound good.


Willow Portrait
That sound probably doesn't mean good things.


Wolfgang Portrait
Ground is shake. Wolfgang hate shaking ground.


Wendy Portrait
The ground shakes. Will it swallow me whole?


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
A tremor! At least magnitude seven on the Richter scale.


Woodie Portrait
The ground is heaving!


Waxwell Portrait
That rumbling can't be good.


Wagstaff Portrait
Seismic activity! And I left my instruments at home.


Wigfrid Portrait
The wörld shudders!


Webber Portrait
I don't think that was our tummy.


Walani Portrait
The ground is shaking.


Warly Portrait
That is not a comforting sound...


Woodlegs Portrait
Th'world be belchin'.


Wilba Portrait


Wormwood Portrait


Wheeler Portrait
The ground's moving! Take cover!


Winona Portrait


Wortox Portrait
Shiver and shake, that's a quake!


An Earthquake is a naturally occurring event in Caves and the Ruins. Earthquakes occur regularly and can even be induced by igniting Gunpowders, Slurtle Slimes, Slurtle Mounds, Snurtles, and Slurtles; using a Telelocator Staff and attacking a Big Tentacle. Earthquakes cause mineral items to fall from ceiling (making some items renewable), though many are destroyed from shattering when they hit the ground. The items that can fall are:

  • Common (75%) Rocks, Flint
  • Rare (20%) Gold Nugget, Nitre
  • Very Rare (5%) Red Gem, Blue Gem, Marble

Falling objects caused by Earthquakes can damage the player, Mobs, and Walls. When an Earthquake begins, the camera will shake and the character will give a warning before items start to fall. Each object creates a round shadow on the ground, indicating where it will land. A falling object will cause damage until it has shattered or stopped bouncing. These items can destroy walls and other structures over time.

Splumonkeys will return to their Splumonkey Pods as an Earthquake begins. Slurtles and Snurtles will spawn from Slurtle Mounds after an Earthquake, to eat any minerals that have fallen.

Wearing armor will reduce the amount of damage taken from falling debris.

Reign of Giants icon Reign of Giants Edit

In the Reign of Giants DLC, live Rabbits and Moleworms may fall during Earthquakes in their stunned form. If left uncollected, they will recover and behave as usual: the Rabbits will wander aimlessly (like when they lose their home), flee from the player and certain mobs, and sleep at night (on the surface's time). Moleworms will collect a maximum of 3 debris before wandering around. Unlike their surface counterpart, Moleworms will not create Burrows in the caves, but will do so once they are brought to the surface.

Rabbits and Moleworms do not fall during the Ruins' Earthquakes; only minerals will fall.

Using an Old Bell will also cause Earthquakes.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • Earthquakes were added in the Underground update.
  • The addition of Earthquakes has made all the items listed in the article renewable, besides Gold, Blue Gems, and Red Gems. Those were already renewable, although they are now more readily available.
  • In the older versions of Don't StarveBirds in cagesChester, and presumably Pigs stayed asleep underground even during Earthquakes.

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