Durability is a game-concept which limits the amount of usage an item or structure has. It generally applies to items which can be equipped, however there are some other items such as the Sewing Kit or Pan Flute which also have it. An item with durability can be identified by a percentage number in front of its inventory graphic. For example, an Axe will have a 100% over its icon when first created, and this number will change as the Axe is used. Different items use durability in different ways:


Tools lose durability whenever they are used for their specific actions and in the same way as weapons do when attacking something. The 3 most common Tools (Axe, Pickaxe, and Shovel) also have special versions with a much higher durability (Luxury Axe, Opulent Pickaxe, and Regal Shovel respectively).

Name # of Uses Special
Axe 100 Chops down trees.
Luxury Axe 400 Chops down trees.
Pickaxe 33 Mines mineable objects.
Opulent Pickaxe 132 Mines mineable objects.
Shovel 25 Digs up plants.
Regal Shovel 100 Digs up plants.
Pitchfork 200 Digs up turfs.
Hammer 75 Deconstructs structures.
Sewing Kit 5 Fixes up degraded clothing.
PickSlashAxe 400 as Axe (and weapon), 134 as Pickaxe Chops trees and mines mineable objects.
Beefalo Horn 10 Makes up to 5 Beefalo follow the player.

Light emittersEdit

Light emitting items gradually run out of fuel. Some of them can be refueled while others are done for. Miner Hat and Fire Pit for instance can be refueled when the run out of juice, while Torch and Pumpkin Lantern are done for in that case.

Name Burn time Special
Campfire 4.5 min Provides light and warmth.
Fire Pit 6 min Provides efficient light and warmth.
Torch 75 sec Illuminates a small area and gives a little warmth.
Miner Hat 1 Day Provides light.
Pumpkin Lantern 10 min in Summer, 13 min 20 sec in Winter Illuminates a small area.
Lantern 1 Day Provides light.
Night Light 11 min 40 sec Provides light, drains sanity.

Survival itemsEdit

Survival items lose durability when used by the player or when triggered by mobs. Some of them can be used as weapons but will lose durability much faster.

Name # of Uses Special
Bird Trap 8 Captures Birds.
Trap 8 Captures rabbits and other small animals.
Fur Roll 3 Restores sanity and health at the expense of hunger.
Tent 6 Restores sanity and health at the expense of hunger.
Umbrella 20 (Only when attacking) Prevents sanity loss from rain.
Bug Net 10 (4 when attacking) Catches insects.
Fishing Rod 9 (3 when attacking) Captures fish and eels in ponds.
Basic Farm 20 Grows seeds.
Improved Farm 30 Grows seeds faster.


Weapons use Durability to determine the number of times they can hit something before breaking. A Spear for example losses 0.66% of its durability each time it is used to attack something, allowing it to be used 150 times. Each weapon has a different number of uses.

Name # of Uses


Spear 150
Ham Bat Unlimited Spoils like food in 10 days.
Tentacle Spike 100 Dropped by Tentacles.
Dark Sword 100 Drains Sanity.
Boomerang 10 Ranged, must be caught.
Bat Bat Bat Bat 75 Leeches health at cost of sanity.
Tooth Trap Tooth Trap 10 Damages mobs that walk over it.
Thulecite Club 150 Spawns shadow tentacles on hit
Pan Flute 10 Puts nearby mobs to sleep.


Protective items include Armors and Walls. Armors are items worn by the player. Armor's durability functions like extra Health for the character wearing it. Each type of Armor (Grass Suit, Log Suit, or Marble Suit) can absorb a certain amount of damage before breaking (225, 450, and 1050 respectively). When a character is hit, the armor takes a percentage of the total damage and the characters health takes the remainder. The number show on the armor's inventory icon is not actually the amount of damage it can still absorb, but the percentage of its own starting health (for example if a Grass Suit shows it has 50% durability left, it can still absorb 112 damage before breaking). Walls can be placed to protect or limit access to an area from other mobs. They can be attacked and destroyed, but can be repaired and even upgraded to last longer. Stone Walls and Thulecite Walls are the only non-flammable walls.

Name % Absorbed Durability Special
Grass Suit 60% 225
Log Suit 80% 450
Marble Suit 95% 1050 30% Speed Reduction.
Night Armor 95% 750 Drains Sanity.
Snurtle Shell Armor 80% 1050 Absorbs 100% damage while hiding inside.
Thulecite Suit 90% 1800 Moderate sanity gain.
Football Helmet 80% 450
Beekeeper Hat 80% 750 Only protects against Bees and Killer Bees.
Shelmet 90% 750
Thulecite Crown 90% 1200 Summons protective forcefield.
Hay Wall 100% 50-100 Flammable.
Wood Wall 100% 100-200 Flammable.
Stone Wall 100% 200-400 Non-flammable.
Thulecite Wall 100% 500-800 Non-flammable.


The durability of clothing indicates the amount of wear-and-tear the clothing has suffered. When equipped, a piece of clothing will gradually wear out, and its durability will decrease. Each clothing item wears at a different rate, so if a vest and a hat are equipped at the same time, one may wear out before the other. Additionally, clothing is the only item type which can have its durability restored, which is done by using the Sewing Kit.

Name Wear Time Special
Garland 6 Days Minor sanity gain, spoils like food.
Dapper Vest 10 Days Moderate sanity gain, minor insulation.
Breezy Vest 15 Days Mediocre sanity gain, minor insulation.
Puffy Vest 15 Days Mediocre sanity gain, great insulation.
Rabbit Earmuffs 5 Days Minor insulation.
Top Hat 8 Days Moderate sanity gain.
Feather Hat 8 Days More birds land, mediocre sanity gain.
Winter Hat 10 Days Minor sanity gain, moderate insulation.
Beefalo Hat 10 Days Massive insulation, Beefalo don't attack during mating season.
Tam o' Shanter 25 Days Massive sanity gain, great insulation.
Belt of Hunger 8 Days Hunger loss is slowed by 60%, mediocre sanity gain.
One-man Band 3 min Makes up to 9 followers out of Pigs and Bunnymen at the expense of sanity.
Spiderhat 2 min Makes followers out of Spiders at the expense of sanity.

Amulets and stavesEdit

Staves lose durability when they are used while Amulets usually lose it over time while being worn. Chilled Amulets and Nightmare Amulets wear out in the same way as clothing, staves wear out as weapons or tools and Life Giving Amulet will lose durability itself by healing the character every 30 seconds if their health is not full.

Name Wear Time/No. of uses Special
Life Giving Amulet 20 uses (healing)

1 (resurrection)

Converts 5 hunger points and 5% of its durability into 5 HP. Revives the player on death. Minor sanity gain.
Chilled Amulet 6 min Drops body temperature, can freeze attacking mobs. Minor sanity gain.
Nightmare Amulet 4 min The character experiences insanity, minor sanity loss.
The Lazy Forager 225 uses Picks up items on the ground automatically.
Magiluminescence 8 min Provides light and speed boost, minor sanity gain.
Construction Amulet 5 uses Items require half the resources to be built, minor sanity gain.
Fire Staff 20 uses Sets burnable objects and mobs on fire.
Ice Staff 20 uses Freezes monsters and animals.
Telelocator Staff 5 uses Teleports a mob or the character to a random location or to a Telelocator Focus if built.
The Lazy Explorer 20 uses Teleports the player to cursor if available, boosts speed.
Star Caller's Staff 20 uses Summons a star to provide light, and heat, with a big sanity aura.
Deconstruction Staff 5 uses Destroys a structure or item for up to 100% of items, minus gems.


Books are exclusive items to Wickerbottom. Each one of them has a different amount of uses and their own special effect.

Name No. of uses Special
Birds of the World 3 Spawns 30 birds in a ring formation. 
Applied Horticulture 5 Regrows picked plants, advances trees in their life cycle, immediately makes crops harvestable.
Sleepytime Stories 5 Puts nearby mobs to sleep.
The End is Nigh 5 Causes 16 lightning strikes around the player.
On Tentacles 5 Summons 3 tentacles.

Note : Any item or structure not listed above has either 1 or unlimited uses.

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