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Exclusive to: Shipwrecked icon.pngShipwrecked.

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The second umbrella keeps the first umbrella dry.


The Dumbrella is a Dress Item exclusive to the Shipwrecked DLC and its counterpart to the Eyebrella in the Reign of Giants DLC. It can be crafted with 2 Shark Gills, an Umbrella, and a Straw Hat, and requires an Alchemy Engine or Sea Lab to prototype. It can also be found within a Steamer Trunk. A Sewing Kit repairs 41% of its durability.

Like an Eyebrella, it offers 100% water resistance, lightning protection and provides 240 points of protection from Overheating, and can be equipped as a hat with both the hands and the chest slot free, thus is considered of great value.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

Old Dumbrella icon.

  • The word "Dumbrella" is a combination of the words "double" and "umbrella", purposefully spelling "dumb" to indicate the strange look of the item, despite it being very practical.
  • Before it was made craftable with Shark Gills in the Eye of the Tiger Shark update, the Dumbrella had alterned colours of blue and white, instead of orange and white, with additional black stripes.

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