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Codex Umbra.png This is a policy page for Don't Starve Wiki.
It contains widely accepted standards that editors should normally follow. Any significant changes must require community consensus. You can make a discussion in forum.
Glommer.png Dear editors, please feel free to add new tasks on this page.

Want to contribute, but don't know where to start? Check the following lists to see which content is missing from the wiki, and which existing articles need to be worked on. Please remind admins to update this page regularly.

General Checks
Standard/quality checks that are performed by visiting editors daily. For newbie editors with little experience, this is a good place to begin to become familiar with the wikia system and how to edit.
Specific Tasks
  • Set up structuring for Hamlet plants & objects on quotes pages.
  • Fill out Quotes pages for Warbucks, Wilba, Wormwood, Wortox, Wagstaff, Wheeler, Wurt, and Pig Traders.
  • Check for and document differences between base game and DST lines for QoL items for Wilson~Webber.
  • Winter's Feast 2017 bosses, especially Laser-Deerclops.
  • Sort out Volcano Altar of Snackrifice states and its corresponding quotes.
  • Add information about Water Beefalo reproduction in Shipwrecked.
  • Explain The Forge community goals system.
  • Add Sand Spikes and Sand Castles to Antlion page.
  • Add in examination quotes for:
    • Compromising Statue
    • Pig Fiesta additions for Hamlet
    • Cooked Mushroom (The Gorge)
    • Dry oasis Lake, if they can still be found (put in removed section when all of them are in)
    • Teen Doydoy
    • Withered Limpet Rock
    • Unlocked Woodlegs (NPC)
    • Ruins Sinkhole
    • Collapsed Crabbit Den
  • Obtain Texture Files for Compromising Statue (this can be done through examining the game through a emulator download) and potentially other stuff as well
  • Add Music Files to Soundtrack
  • Add links to the correct item pages in each of the Character quotes pages using the {{Pic}} template. For example, {{Pic32|Birchnut Tree Burnt}} will try to link to an actual [[Birchnut Tree Burnt]] page. An additional field needs to be added to take it to the real page, such as {{Pic32|Birchnut Tree Burnt|Birchnut Tree}}. Many of the incorrect links can be found here on Special:WantedPages.
Wanted Files
  • Sounds
    • Wilson: /pose
    • Willow: /sleepy
    • Webber: dying
    • Warly: /pose, /sleepy
    • More music
    • Wortox sounds
    • Wormwood sounds
    • Wurt: /sleepy
  • Hamlet images
    • Ancient Pig Ruins Pedestal
    • Teetering Pillar
    • All Pigs (transparent, png)
    • Peep Hen (sleeping, dead)
    • My City Hall build
    • Burnt Swinesbury City Hall and My City Hall
    • Town House minimap icon
    • Watch Tower build
    • Burnt Slanty Shanty
  • The Forge images
    • Grand Forge Boarrior main menu GIF
    • Canon Characters wearing Forge items (no Wortox, Warly, Wormwood, or Wurt) to add to Clothes pages
  • The Gorge images
    • Map of Gorge gameplay area
    • Dead and sleeping Pigeon
    • Iron Fence
    • Iron Gate (locked and unlocked, if there is a difference between the two)
    • Rotten Crop (add in all types if different crop types look different rotten- e.g. Rotten Crop Potato.png)
  • Other images
    • Compromising Statue (clear background)
    • Clothes for Wormwood and Wagstaff
    • Burnt Beefalo Grooming Station
    • Binding Roots
    • Wanda talking (for quotes page)

Curios (ingame images)

  • Body Skins
    • Circus Rose Attire
    • Blushrose Capelet
    • Heirloom Rosegown
    • Stagerose Wardrobe
  • Feet Skins
    • clucky slippers
  • Head Skins
    • willowfly head
    • macwolf bald cap
    • roseate wolfgang
    • wendyflower
    • roseate wendy
    • roseate wx78
    • ms voltbottom antlers
    • roseate wickerbottom
    • woodguard head
    • wesdrake makeup
    • krampwell head
    • roseate maxwell
    • deerfrid mask
    • roseate wigfrid
    • webilisk head
    • nona gekko head
  • Complete Outfit Sets
    • roseate
      • wolfgang
      • wendy
      • wx78
      • wickerbottom
      • maxwell
      • wigfrid
  • Belongings Skins
    • Forest guardian green Patchwork Quilt
    • Rose Pike
      • Fire and Ice staff versions
    • Staked Heart
    • Stolen Heart
    • The End is Nigh: Gilded Edition
    • Fiery Witch's Hat
      • Prestiwitchatator
    • Amazing Ringmaster Hat
      • Prestiringmastatator
    • Carved Stone Torch
    • Webrolly
    • Alchemy Pod
    • The Amazing Sideshow
    • Creepy Cauldron
    • Lava Firepit
    • Stone Kiln
    • Roseate Sail
    • The Magnificent Rainometer
    • Vampire Batling
    • Penglet
    • Rooslet
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