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General Information



Publisher: Klei Logo.jpg
Description: Don't Starve is a Roguelike dark fantasy survival game. Don't Starve challenges the player to survive in a wilderness environment for as long as possible. Players collect materials to build items with, hunt prey, and avoid being killed by animals and monsters.
Similar Games: Minecraft
Genre(s): Isometric Survival/Crafting
Playthrough Length: As game has no defined end, play can vary wildly from session to session. Average playtimes will be a few hours.
Difficulty: Don't Starve has a steep learning curve and new players will likely die many times while familiarizing themselves with the game's systems.
Security Concerns:

Multiplayer Information

Online Multiplayer: A different version of the game called Don't Starve Together allows players to survive together with friends.
Local Multiplayer:
Voice Chat:
Connectivity Structure:
Age of Community: On average, young adults and older
Community Attitude:

Gameplay Information

ESRB Rating(s): Ratingsymbol t.png
PEGI Rating(s): PEGI 12.gif
ACB Rating(s): ACB PG Rating.jpeg
Content Labels: Fantasy Violence, Crude Humor

Content Information

Violence: Non-graphic cartoon violence during combat with monsters and while hunting.
Language: Nearly non-existent with a one or two instances of a minor swear word.
Sexual Themes and Nudity: None
Drugs and Alcohol: None
Crude Humor or Comic Mischief: Some toilet humor

Cost Information

Subscription: No subscription required, though the game does require an active Xbox Live Gold account to be played on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
In-game Purchases: Additional DLC packs are available
Gambling Elements: None

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