Blueprint This page describes an upcoming or planned feature. The content may be inaccurate and may contain spoilers and other speculations.

Don't Starve: Hamlet is an upcoming single-player DLC that delves into the origin of Pigmen. It was officially revealed on September 13th, 2017, and will be the third Don't Starve DLC to be released. The closed beta lasted from October 15th, 2018 to October 29th, 2018.[1] All players who participated in the closed beta received the DLC for free, while it costs $6.99 for those who didn't participate.[2] Early Access began on November 8th, 2018,[2] and ends around April 2019.[3]

Official Description

In Don’t Starve: Hamlet, Wilson discovers a lost town of aristocratic Pigmen nestled within a foreboding tropical jungle. Reacquaint to city life with pig shops, houses, new items, biomes and more, or delve into the ancient pig ruins and try your hand at treasure hunting in this new single player expansion.


Please note: The following information was gathered during the Early Access phase for Hamlet, therefore details might be inaccurate or not entirely up to date.







Changes to existing content

Gift Icon Content from other DLCs

Since Hamlet is the third DLC released for Don't Starve, it relies on several mechanics that were originally featured in the Reign of Giants and Don't Starve: Shipwrecked DLCs. Therefore these mechanics (and items/structures that are needed to deal with them) had to be included in Hamlet and are now also available to players who do not actually own Reign of Giants or Shipwrecked.


Weather effects



Changes to existing content

  • The Alchemy Engine is crafted with Electrical Doodads instead of Gold Nuggets.
  • The Ice Box is crafted with Cut Stones instead of Boards.
  • The Hammer is crafted with Cut Grass instead of Ropes and is always available to craft.
  • The Umbrella and the Straw Hat now lose durability when equipped.
  • Captured small animals now starve to death if not fed.
  • Many existing equippable items now offer differing amounts of water resistance.
  • Many existing items and structures are now flammable.
  • The Thermal Stone can now be cooled in an Ice Box.
  • Lightning can now hit and damage the player.
  • Food ready to be harvested on Crock Pots and Drying Racks will start to spoil and some existing meals give warmth, or cool the player down when consumed.
  • Trees now offer protection from rain.
  • The Ham Bat now does less damage as it spoils.
  • Striking a Mob with a Torch or Lighter may set it on fire.
  • Fertilizers and Ice Staves can be used to extinguish fires directly.
  • Feathers can be used as fuel.
  • Grass Tufts and Cut Grass take on a greener color. Shipwrecked icon
  • The Bug Net is renamed to just Net. Shipwrecked icon

Version History

Early Access

March 19th, 2019

Rev. 317411

Bug Fix

  • Fixed potential crash when picking up poop

Rev. 317319

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when trading with the pig mechanic shop keeper
  • Hounds tooth tradeable. For real.

March 18th, 2019

Rev. 317158

Bug Fix

  • fix for the full screen bug.

Rev. 317078

New Features

  • Root Trunk and Dense Turf made using a Bramble Bulb
  • Tinker Shop added to newly generated words (and available through the Key To The City in previously existing worlds)
  • Revived the Ornaments tab for interior decorating

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when the salt lick is hammered
  • Fixed a bug with werewoodie and werewilba still attracting Gnats at night.
  • Fixed a bug where the pugalisk would be locked trying to freeze elephant cacti.
  • Fixed a bug with Wormwood’s brambe armor and pig men.
  • Fixed brain of thought not showing Volcanic tab in Hamlet compatible Shipwrecked world
  • Fixed rare assert when creatures tried to run away from you in interiors
  • Fixed crash when glowfly is hit by a sealnado
  • Fixed rare assert when season lengths were adjusted
  • Fixed rare assert when using speargun in Hamlet compatible world
  • Hounds tooth is tradeable now
  • Increased the number of sound channels to reduce audio glitches
  • Fixed another cause of ending up on the clouds when exiting a building that was close to the edge of the land
  • Fixed a problem with working music not playing after jungle or ruins music
  • Hamlet world "log" inventory image fixed
  • Fixed the fight music in lush season
  • Fixed an assert when dropping rainbow jellyfish in Hamlet's water
  • Made the collision on the land edges one-sided (so that it's easy to fix the situation if you find yourself on the other side for some reason)
  • The light from items burning in your inventory now follows you when moving between interiors
  • The Seaworthy and Skyworthy can be hammered. Seaworthy can now be crafted in a Shipwrecked world.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Piko spawning trees to stop being Piko spawning trees after a save. New worlds will behave properly. Old worlds have tea trees in the Piko spawn areas set to be Piko spawners, so results may vary a bit.
  • A hammered drying rack won't drop a raw item after it's been harvested.
  • Roc won't pick up a dead player now.
  • Fixed crash to desktop when placing certain kinds of turf in specific configurations
  • Floating shelf now has an icon in the interior crafting tab

February 27th, 2019

Rev. 312201

Bug Fixes

  • Pig Shops,houses and guard towers also snap to grid when placed.
  • Cleaned up the art of the pig city item placers. (removed snow and fiesta art)
  • Fix for the crash when approaching volt goats.

Rev. 311861

Balance/New feature

  • Nettle plants don't reset when they become dry now but they take a little longer to re-bloom.
  • Added Salt Lick to all versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Glowfly cocoons still around after the Humid season will expire.
  • Fixed some causes of Mant overpopulation.
  • Fixed Warrior Mants sometimes disappearing or not properly returning to regular Mant.
  • Added a one-time cleanup for surplus Mants and glowflies as a result of previous bugs
  • Fixed assert when glowflies are killed by spear traps
  • Fixed use of telelocator staff without focus in Hamlet
  • Light from windows does not block mouse clicks anymore
  • DLC compatibility popup can now be navigated with joypad
  • Smelter now shows the correct icon on the minimap
  • The City Lamp placer snaps to the grid like the actual lamps do
  • Fixed potential assert when loading bats
  • Fixed potential assert when loading gnats (Dr Seuss calling)

February 19th, 2019

Rev. 309895

Balance/New feature

  • Rabid Beetles now have about a one day lifespan once hatched
  • Pig Bankers no longer accept Purple Gems. Their magic is too dark.

Bug Fixes

  • It is no longer possible to steal items from locked pedestals
  • Telestaff can be used from inside to outside and vice versa now
  • Fixed the draw order of regrowable vines - they were sometimes drawn behind the door.
  • Slurper can slurp Werewilba, but won’t remove her fur. Also, her fur won’t slip off when wet.
  • Fixed a rare assert when entering the world customization screen.
  • Gnats (and other light seekers) won’t consider Woodie and Wilba lights in were form.
  • Cave flowers wont light up if they have been picked when they “wake up”
  • Fixed a problem with Vampire Bats not showing up in the caves when asleep.

February 13th, 2019

Rev. 309157

Bug Fixe [sic]

  • Fix assert on world customization screen for people who had presets derived from “Default Plus”

Rev. 309027

Balance/New feature

  • Wormwood has an extra (short) anim when poop healing.
  • Compost Wrap heals Wormwood for more now.
  • Each world type (DS/ROG/SW/HAM) now has its own set of worldgen presets (to prevent incompatible presets from being applied)

Bug Fixes

  • Werewilba won’t be groggy in the humid season from her body hair anymore.
  • Werewilba can now eat food by selecting it and clicking on Wilba with it
  • Thunderbirds shouldn't unfairly target players anymore and ignore lightning rods at times.
  • Uncatchable Glowflies fixed.
  • Fix for the disappearing trawlnet (when full) in Shipwrecked
  • Werewilba’s health gets properly set on load
  • Werewilba can now Spelunk caves in Vanilla and RoG
  • Wilba no longer turns into Werewilba when removing the Silver Necklace after a full moon
  • Drying racks that burn will produced cooked versions of their item if they can cook, otherwise they will spawn a burning version of the item if they can burn.
  • Walking sticks and stalks can burn now.
  • Hammered dry racks will drop their item.
  • It should not be possible anymore to generate a world without seasons.
  • Wormwoods planted seeds will continue to grow after a load.
  • Werewilba’s light won’t go out when she’s struck by lightning now.
  • Falling things should not stay on top of a ruins fountain now.
  • Cleaned up some decoration conflicts with pig ruins generation.

February 11th, 2019

Rev. 308440

Bug Fixes

  • Known seeds will now grant Wormwood sanity boost like random seeds
  • Wormwood can only use Poop, Guano and Buckets-o-poop to heal. And the bucket gets more than one use. No more unintended Ash-strats.
  • Fixed crash when trying to drop equipped item in zoomed interface with controller.
  • Fix for potential crash when harvesting drying rack
  • Wormwoods planted seeds won't crash the game when hit by a ground pound
  • Fix a rare assert when Wilba sometimes transformed back from wereform
  • Fixed potential assert with rainbow jelly migration.
  • Fixed the non random seed placer
  • No more seeds will spawn at 0,0,0 when Wormwoods plants them
  • Fixed a tuber tree crash
  • Fixed tumbleweed disappearing at the world edge.

February 8th, 2019

Rev. 308103

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for being unable to bundle if the game had saved while bundling
  • Wilba will now transform from her Werewilba form upon resurrecting
  • Mini signs won’t fail to deploy if the mouse is on a object when the character goes to place it.
  • Remapped controls should save properly again.
  • Flytraps won’t crash the game for Wormwood now
  • Flytraps won’t attack wormwood for carrying vegetables now.
  • Werewilba can't equip a backpack now.

February 7th, 2019

Rev. 307940

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed two "random" crashes ( scheduler.lua and shelf_slot.lua)

Rev. 307799

Bug Fixes

  • Stopped rare pig relics from moving around during a load
  • Fixed broken interaction with items on shelves.
  • Fixed graphical positioning of items when taken off shelves
Hamlet Character Update Promo

Rev. 307715

The Character Update is now live! This update focuses on making our new Hamlet characters more interesting for you to play, particularly when playing outside of the Hamlet world.

Wilba has inherited one of her father's more colourful characteristics, namely, she now carries the same curse that inflicts all of her father's family with dreaded werepigism. Also, all of pigkind from Hamlet's town pigs to those of ROG will now recognize her as the king's daughter, and pay her tribute in the form of gifts.

We weren't very happy with how Warbucks was working out. While trying to find ways to make him work, we decided that he just wasn't as interesting as we would like, and so we've made the decision to start from scratch. You can still continue your Warbucks saves as his files will not be removed from the game, but he will no longer be in the official lineup of starting characters.

Instead, we would like to introduce to you our new character, Wormwood! Who knows where this creature of nature came from, but he'll likely grow on you.

Thank you for playing, and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

New features

  • Added options for disabling the decorative vines and the canopy shadow in Hamlet for lower-end hardware.
  • Blooming Rainforest trees will drop burrs when chopped

Bug Fixes

  • Webber's disguise will show up if put on the ground now.
  • Fixed random startup crash with blueprints in Hamlet compatible worlds.
  • Fixed assert when trying to launch the game with The Screecher mod enabled.
  • Lazy Forager doesn’t collect items off shelves anymore. Affected saves should be fixed
  • Bundling wrap now works with controller.
  • Zoomed inventory management (with controller) should now behave properly with shelves.
  • Fixed "Text not found" in recipe popups when not near needed prototyping machine.
  • Fixed an assert on load of some Hamlet compatible ShipWrecked worlds.
  • Burned crops just produce burnt seeds unless fully mature

January 28th, 2019

Rev. 305738

Bug Fix

  • Fixed infinite loop when destroying a beehive in a world with bees set to ‘None’ for real this time

January 25th, 2019

Pig Fiesta

Rev. 305507

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash with prepared food
  • Fixed a bug with the cookpot text
  • Fixed a rare bug in the mainmenu
  • Brambles won’t spawn in the lily pond biome now.
  • Fixed the number of minisigns given for SW compatible worlds.

January 24th, 2019

Rev. 305080

The pigs of Hamlet are feeling festive, but they need incentive to throw a party. Incentive like surviving an Aporkalypse.

So if you can survive several days of torment before you avert the cataclysm, the Pigs in towns all across Hamlet will throw a fiesta to celebrate life. Go join them in the fun.

New Feature

  • Pig towns will celebrate for a few days after an Aporkalypse

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mouse over detection on new Hamlet prepared foods
  • Fixed mouse over detection on new Hamlet turf
  • Fixed assert when traveling to Hamlet wearing the cowl
  • Fixed assert on world load when Beefalo Mating Season was set to ‘Often’
  • Fixed assert when unwrapping a bundle in a Vanilla world
  • Fixed art problem with Woodie’s hair.
  • Fixed a problem with the brush
  • Fixed a typo in dungpile loot
  • Fixed a tooltip on the Smelter
  • Fixed crash when leaving interior with lazy explorer equipped
  • Fixed smelter not working with controller/right mouse button
  • Fixed infinite loop when destroying a beehive in a world with bees set to ‘None’

January 16th, 2019

Rev. 303992

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mousewheel scrolling in crafting tabs on OSX and Linux

Rev. 303895

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Player house being locked again for some characters after obtaining deed
  • Fixed crash when using crockpot in vanilla worlds

Rev. 303804

New Feature

  • Fast Scrolling craft menu tabs as in DST
  • Skeletons can be hammered for Bone Shards in base DS now

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed potential assert with bearger in Hamlet compatible worlds.
  • Fixed missing minimap icon for cave entrance/exit in ROG
  • Fixed assert when picking up Hamlet city possessions in linked worlds
  • Fixed missing old bell blueprint in Hamlet compatible ROG world
  • Mount injured hud fx fixed
  • Mount speeds fixed
  • Missing Mount animations fixed (actions properly limited)
  • Fixed the missing turf art in Hamlet compatible worlds.
  • Fixed Hamlet food in Warly’s crock pot.
  • Burnt Ant Comb Homes won’t produce any more Mants.
  • Can’t bundle bundles now.
  • Fixed Willow’s arms when rowing.
  • Fixed autumn colourcube in ROG worlds

January 14th, 2019

Rev. 303256

Bug Fixes

  • Character stays stuck by goo properly when hit while gooed (Bring friends or armor.)
  • Fixed graphics glitch when examining
  • Fixed sneeze graphics glitch
  • Fixed Wilbur run when riding beefalo
  • Fixed the weird Cave Banana Tree in Hamlet compatible worlds.
  • Fix for assert when burning a minisign in Vanilla worlds
  • Fix assert when placing a gate in Vanilla or ROG worlds
  • Fixed assert when a babybeefalo grew up in Hamlet or Hamlet compatible world
  • Dismount with controller fixed
  • Fences should load properly
  • Fixup for items that went missing from locked display cases
  • Beefalo mounts attack and take damage properly

January 11th, 2019

Rev. 303169

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for potential crash when closing craft-tabs in Hamlet
  • Fixed the Flingomatic
  • Fixed the brush crash
  • Fixed Beefalo shaving
  • Fix for missing items on shelves
  • Fixed several animation bugs when riding
  • open close gate use anim fixed
  • Fixed the ApplyBuildOverrides crash on baby beefalo
  • Fixed disappearing items in shift-click

January 10th, 2019 - Quality of Life

Rev. 302970

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the craft tab scrolling crash
  • Fixed the Hamlet compatible ROG crash
Hamlet Early Access QoL Update Promo

See also: Don't Starve - Version History.

Welcome to 2019 everyone! We start the new year with an update that brings several nice and fun features from Don't Starve Together to regular Don't Starve. These additions were added the base game and all DLCs.

  • Beefalo taming and riding (Saddles, Brush, Saddlehorn)
  • The Ewecus (for Steel Wool)
  • Fences (Gates and Walls)
  • Bundles (and Wax Paper and Bee's Wax)
  • Mini signs (and the Feather Pen for writing)
  • Action Key ability while holding an item on your cursor
  • Trap pickup using the action key
  • Along with these additions, the artists took some time to do a visual color pass of Hamlet. Some changes are larger than others, like seasonal tints and the new background color, and others are smaller, like the claw palm leaf color.
  • Controller support was improved when interacting with interiors and interior decorating.

January 9th, 2019

Rev. 302650

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for yesterday’s patch which caused a crash when trying to modify world settings with no DLC installed

January 8th, 2019

Rev. 302498

Bug Fixes

  • Miner hat doesn't magically emit light anymore after re-entering an interior where it was left on the ground
  • Fixed the rare relic that spawns outside the bounds of the room
  • Fix for custom options and ROG worlds that are SW or Hamlet compatible

January 2nd, 2019

Rev. 301875

Bug Fixes

  • Different handling for aporkalypse clock save load
  • Willow's lighter should not lose light when moving between interior rooms
  • Lanterns now properly remember whether they were on or off in interiors

December 21st, 2018

Rev. 301799

Bug Fixes

  • Hopefully fixed elusive 'attempt to call nil value' bug.
  • Shadow creatures spawned by aporkalypse now also despawn when arpokalypse ends
  • Creatures spawned by aporkalypse now remember this fact after a save/load, so they should despawn when aporkalypse ends. Unfortunately ones that were spawned already can not be fixed up.
  • Fixed potentially huge memory spike on load of world

December 20th, 2018

Rev. 301295

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed fixup of world that were affected by the "disappearing suspicious crack" bug
  • Fixed Aporkalypse clock not rotating

Rev. 300612

Bug Fixes

  • Suspicious cracks were not meant to be axeable. They can't be axed now
  • Fixed a bug that allowed some worlds to not have the herald pig ruins
  • Fixed a save/load problem with the Aporkalypse Clock
  • Fixup of worlds that were affected by the "disappearing suspicious crack" bug
  • Fixes for Linux sound
  • Potential fix for getting stuck outside walls when having followers

December 7th, 2018

Rev. 298833

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the water walking hippo's and poison dart frogs
  • Fixed a bug with secret room doors leading to blackness
  • All doors are opened now when you leave a ruin, that way, if you end up on the other side of the world, your way back is not blocked

December 6th, 2018 - Aporkalypse

Rev. 298530

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash when saving during the aporkalypse
Aporkalypse Promo

Rev. 298452

World Change

  • The Aporkalypse added. (best with new world, but old worlds are modified slightly to support it)
  • Pugalisk leaves behind something new.
  • Lowered the Beard Rug minimap priority
  • Reduced pay for nightmare fuel
  • Pigs have a bank (New worlds only. Old worlds can craft one with the key to the city)
  • Queen's gallery has a new exhibit. (New worlds only)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for disappearing mandrake (or rare crash) when clicking mandrake in inventory
  • Fixed the crash when bird whistle is consumed
  • Fixed the crash when bird whistle is used in Survival or SW worlds.
  • Fixed rare crash in meatrack
  • Fixed crash with pugalisk switching targets
  • Fixed city farm plots showing "MISSING NAME"
  • Fixed city farm plots auto-replanting on load
  • Key to City doesn't conflict with science machine et al anymore
  • Fixed crash when a beehive was burning while the season changed
  • Fixed invisible snakeskin in Hamlet compatible ShipWrecked world
  • Fixed glowflies being deleted when in containers
  • Fixed glowflies not giving off light when released from container
  • Fixed glowflies not having a mouseover during daytime
  • Can't turn a sprinkler on anymore when it's out of fuel
  • Pig beautician now accepts thunderbird feathers
  • Fixed yellow gem turning invisible when placed on shelf
  • Mant suit now takes and displays proper damage
  • Manure flies should not buzz anymore when there's no poop.
  • Fixed crash when spawning a sprinkler away from water
  • Fixed torches not losing durability after being hit by sprinkler
  • ROC doesn't get stuck on trying to destroy farm plots with a crop anymore
  • Farm plots can't be placed in interiors anymore

November 29th, 2018

Rev. 297099

Bug Fixes

  • Shops don’t restock after shopkeeper has died.
  • Items in Hamlet compatible ROG worlds don’t blow across the land anymore.
  • Fixed a bird whistle crash.
  • Fixed a disappearing glowfly cocoon bug.
  • Fix crash when a boss destroyed a relic.
  • Fix crash when deconstructing sprinkler.
  • Saving a house that’s on fire won’t destroy its contents anymore.
  • Fix crash when world hopping from ROG to Hamlet.
  • Fixed another way the Roc could fail to grab the player.
  • Fixed a bug with city pigs when they get hit.
  • Fixed a save/load problem with Nettle plants.

November 27th, 2018

Rev. 296676

Balance Changes

  • Stolen items don't get replaced.

Bug Fixes

  • Bandit camp drops a peagawk feather, not bone shards now.
  • Mole hat works better indoors during the day.
  • Nettle plant should naturally bloom more consistently during the humid season.
  • Fixed a possible avenue that the roc can fail to grab the player, leaving them cowering.
  • Fixed the disappearing shopkeeper desks.
  • Fixed the problem of Ro-bin eggs incubating inside containers and on shelves.
  • Fix for potential crash when entering the player’s own house.
  • Exiting a burning house should not send the player off to the middle of nowhere anymore.
  • Fixed the memory leak with the sprinkler.

Cause we could and it was asked for a long time.

  • You can craft beard hair rug from beard hair and grass. (You know, in case you like pixel art and need black lines.)

November 23rd, 2018

Rev. 296291

  • There was a problem with the fix for the fly buzzing. It had the unintended effect of having everything's inventory visible, so we rolled that fix back.

Rev. 296153

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with beefalo loot drop.
  • Implemented workaround for when player crashes on entering anthill. Root cause still under investigation.
  • Woodie can use doors in the werebeaver form.
  • Fixed some missing strings when the werebeaver gnaws on them.
  • Fixed the perpetual fly buzzing sound when poop is dropped in interiors.

Rev. 296123

  • Fixed a crash in non Hamlet Compatible worlds with the runaway component.

Rev. 296000

Balance Changes

  • Krampus is a bit more persistent.

Bug Fixes

  • Customizing a SW compatible ROG world, no longer generates a Vanilla world.
  • Fixed a bug with customization presets.
  • Fixed Wilba’s missing map icon.
  • Fixed several Wilba anim bugs.
  • Fixed a problem with Glowflies not returning after saving in a humid season.
  • Fixed a potential crash when an antman warrior’s queen was killed.

November 22nd, 2018

Rev. 295898

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash with followers.

November 21st, 2018

Rev. 295671

Balance Changes

  • Nettle plants do not bloom because of the Humid season now ( but they will still bloom in the Humid season, it's a subtle difference). They also do not like dirt other that Deep Jungle dirt.

Bug Fixes

  • Player can't sneeze when making transitions now.
  • Game won't crash when jumping to a SW or ROG world while the player suffers Hayfever.
  • Pig mechanics are no longer a source of infinite hammers.
  • The Pig Mayor won't fall asleep while hosting a guest now.
  • Fixed hard crash when hitting the edge of the map in Hamlet compatible Shipwrecked world.
  • Fix potential crash when attacking with an army of followers.
  • Fixed a crash when two things took things from a shelf at the same time.
  • Added StopHammerTime() console commands that attempts to removes all hammers lying on the ground in cities.
  • Improved performance with hanging vine decorations and light rays.

November 20th, 2018

Rev. 295272

Bug Fixes

  • Pugalisk ruin pillars save properly.
  • Pugalisk fountain will reset (after the normal delay) when the player returns to hamlet if the Magic water was taken outside the world and used.
  • Magic Water and magic Flower won't crash in a world with no Fountain of Youth.
  • Fixed the disappearing home decor.
  • Fixed the ottoman art.
  • Reduced collision on home chairs.
  • Reduced the odd items that get collected at 0,0,0.
  • Fixed crash when target was destroyed while shooting it.
  • Boat repair kit returns to the crafting menu.
  • Sprinkler and fan are not common recipes now.
  • Fixed crash with Ancient Robot Laser.

November 16th, 2018

Rev. 294865

Balance Change

  • Reduced sanity gain from the Magic Flower.


  • Fixed a crash with the gnatbrain.
  • Fixed a Deciduous Monster Tree crash when the wind blows.
  • Fix crash when resuming a world with a burnt shop.
  • Fix crash when resuming a world with a burnt farm plot.
  • Fixed crash related to loading burned shelves. Shelves were not supposed to be burnable.
  • Fixed an extra way the roc cave exit could fail.
  • Aloe, Radish and Asparagus seed icons fixed.
  • Fix a crash related to items that lost track of their shelf as result of a previous bug.
  • Fix rare crash when pog gets attacked while rummaging.
  • Fixed crash when toggling on boat lantern.
  • Fixed crash from dead bandits on world load.
  • Fixed rare crash when pigs repair house.
  • Fixed a bug with the Magic Flower.

November 15th, 2018

Rev. 294625


  • Fixed character selection between DLC compatibilities.
  • The Roc Cave should be exitable now.
  • The Roc should not give house calls now.
  • The Roc should show as frequently as is supposed to now.
  • Fixed a crash with the infestable component.
  • Fixed a crash when things that had previously been on a shelf are removed from game.
  • Mined pillars save properly.
  • Dart Traps save properly.
  • Smashing Pots save properly.
  • Player shouldn't spawn in the clouds now when leaving a building close to the edge of the world.
  • Fixed the "inventoryimages2" crash.

November 13th, 2018

Rev. 294181


  • Cork chests are Pog proof.


  • Fixed an error with poison and fire snakes.
  • The thunderbird will no longer attack the player postmortem.
  • Fixed a bug with spiders when they investigated.
  • Gnats will abandon chase if you get far enough away from them. If you can run faster than them...
  • Fixed a bug with items that were on shelves that were hammered.
  • The changes set in the customization are now properly applied to the game itself.
  • Wilba can eat monster meat without penalty now.
  • Fixed the background color problem when generating a ROG world.

November 8th, 2018

Rev. 293829

Bug Fixes

  • Bug reporter didn’t properly unpause the game.
  • World customization now works properly when world hopping in SW.
  • Fixed a typo.

Rev. 293709

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Crafting menu in non Hamlet compatible worlds.
  • Fixed startup crash for people who had played the screecher previously.
  • Fixed a crash that was looking for a missing DLC button for some people.

Rev. 293625


  • Wilba added.
  • Roc added.
  • Skyworthy added.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a string issue with WX "them" to "their".
  • Fixed the "red" dusk in Winter.
  • Fixed issue where player built shelves were not hammerable after save.
  • Fixed bug with placing items on shelves.
  • Fixed a crash when picking up items on shelves that had rotted.
  • Fixed the craft tab spacing for Hamlet compatible RoG and SW worlds.
  • Fixed several issues with Interior home decoration.
  • Temporarily removed the "ornaments" crafting tab from home decor until it can get fixed.
  • Temporarily removed the "fixed" sound filters for Winter and Summer until they are re-tuned.

Closed Beta

October 26th, 2018

Rev. 291539

Balance Changes

  • Pig Guards won’t wear out their halberd.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash on the armor component.
  • Fixed the Radish calories.
  • Flowers remain possessions of the pigs, even when evil.
  • God mode now persistent in ruins.
  • Pig Guard tower regen time proper.

Rev. 291499

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the fix that was fixing the “black room” bug.

Rev. 291461

Balance Changes

  • Increased Spider Monkey health and damage.
  • Fog doesn’t dampen the sound anymore.
  • Fog duration is shortened.
  • Bat Cowl added to the recipes.
  • Slower recovery from Hayfever with Gas Mask.
  • Reduced Sneeze sanity damage a little
  • Changed Radish food attributes.

Bug Fixes

  • Rotten trees in gas biome stay rotten after a save.
  • Spacebar action can’t be used to enter a burning home anymore.
  • Pig houses and guard towers respawn delay fixed.
  • Rebuilt pig houses and guard towers won’t spawn new pigs if the old pig lives.
  • Fixed a linux script error crash.
  • Fixed a second “black room” bug.
  • Pig guards don’t crash anymore when their weapon runs out of durability.
  • Can now place the tophat light in your house.
  • Gnats are not auto targeted unless they are the last choice.
  • Gnats don’t consume weapon durability anymore.

October 24th, 2018

Rev. 291104

Balance Changes

  • Warbucks sanity gain from holding money slowed a little but also can reach a higher top end.

Bug Fixes

  • Warbucks has no extra sanity gain from eating prepared foods (just the normal).
  • Fixed some object parenting bugs with save and reload.
  • Fixed a crash with the newsletter.
  • Pig don’t like you digging up their stuff.
  • Guard pigs will fight back even if fixated on oincs.
  • Added Bug reporter to script error screen.

October 22th, 2018

Rev. 290705

Balance Changes

  • Vampire bat damage increased.
  • Pig guards more resilient.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed scorpions immune to gaze beam.
  • Fixed the crash with Warbucks and the crockpot.

Rev. 290648

Balance Changes

  • Lowered the Usher's and mechanics trade price.
  • Pig poop frequency reduced.
  • Flower Pig no longer trades for poop.
  • Warbucks Sanity reduce, higher penalty for eating unprepared foods and lower sanity gain from holding gold.
  • Warbucks starts with ball pein hammer and halves durability usage of Treasure Hunting items.
  • Mant Queen buffed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the missing frozen adult flytrap state.
  • Pangolden will poop gold now.
  • Fixed the pig ruins that could be entered without hacking after a save.
  • Fixed the broken sound problem with the key to the city.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the world to spawn without all the required pig ruins.
  • Fixed the issue where houses and shops would be all black.

October 19th, 2018

Rev. 290499

Balance Changes

  • Vampire Bat wave numbers reduced.
  • Asparagus, Aloe and Radish spoilage time reduced.
  • Deli prices and Hoofspa prices changed a little.
  • Pig and ant statues will drop 2 nuggets when chiseled.
  • Rabid Beetle spawning patches reduced a little.
  • Vines no longer regrow in the ruins until player exits the ruins.

Bug Fixes

  • Pig relic rocks remain used when the game is reloaded.
  • Fixed a bug with guard towers and pathfinding.
  • Fixed a crash when a city pig is killed after a save.
  • Fixed a crash when hammering sometimes.
  • Burnt Tubers can be chopped for charcoal.
  • Fixed a crash when Hippos and Hulks lose a target.
  • Pig Ruins doors should not close now, after a player has used the door.
  • Fixed some interior props that gets flipped during a reload.
  • Fixed the bug with the Gallery Exhibit lock and key after a save.
  • Fixed the rain every time you leave a building.


  • Warbucks sounds hooked up.
  • Added a Bug Report function to the options menu on the title screen.
  • Added profiler support to analyze performance issues.


  • Code support to help to fix the “black room” bug.
  • Add consolecommand c_tryexitblackroom() which tries to spawn you outside the room in case you're stuck in the "black room bug".

October 17th, 2018

Rev. 290043

  • Pigs will reset their trading properly each day.
  • Tuber Trees bloom in Lush season, not Humid.
  • Fixed a world gen crash with the "bunch spawner".
  • Can’t exit the boat onto the clouds now.
  • Fixed shopkeeper inspection lines.
  • Fixed the broken lotus inspection.
  • Fixed a crash in the console when you hit the "[" key.
  • Fixed a crash when going into and out of interiors.
  • Peagawk won't eat food while it's still a bush.
  • Fixed a bug when topiary are destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug with the Pheromonestone.
  • Fixed a graphics bug with Wolfgang.

Placeholder Trivia

Don't Starve Hamlet Announcement Trailer

Don't Starve Hamlet Announcement Trailer

  • The title of the DLC, Hamlet, has three meanings. It can refer to a village, be a pun on pigs (Hamlet), or be a reference to Shakespeare's play.
  • The Hamlet DLC's release date was originally slated for Q1/Q2 2018.
  • When Steam implemented the new wishlist feature in February 2018, they accidentally added the private estimated release date for Hamlet, March 20, 2018, instead of the public date of Q1/Q2 2018[4]. This was soon corrected.
  • In the trailer, Wilson is seen riding a hot air balloon. This is reminiscent of a piece of concept art from the Forbidden Knowledge Trailer Puzzle.
  • The setting is inspired by Monteverde, Costa Rica. [5]
  • The first Hamlet exclusive character was Warbucks, who was added during the DLC's beta. He was later removed from the DLC in update Rev. 307715 of the Early Access. His files were kept in the game, and pre-existing saves with him would not change. In the update post on the forums, Klei gave their reasoning for removing him: "We weren't very happy with how Warbucks was working out. While trying to find ways to make him work, we decided that he just wasn't as interesting as we would like, and so we've made the decision to start from scratch with a new character." [6]

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