The Deep Rainforest biome is a biome introduced in Don't Starve: Hamlet DLC, which can always be found sandwiched between a Rainforest, and a Gas Rainforest biome.  

It is characterized by its red leaf-like Turf, its abundant Rainforest Trees, Great Leafy Stalks, its Nettle Vines, its Ancient Pig Ruins, and the foliage that will appear on the top of the player's screen when entering (whose purpose is doubtless, apart from aesthetic, to limit the player's visibility). A specific music will also play when the player enters this biome. 

The Deep Rainforest biome is more dangerous than most other biomes. In addition to limited visibility, many dangerous life forms such as the Hanging Vines, Snaptooth Seedlings, Snaptooth Flytraps, and Spider Monkeys can be found here. 

The two Ruins leading to the other islands are located in the Deep Rainforest biome, and can be recognized by their door covered in vines :  

  • The door leading to the Fountain of Youth's Island has a boulder on the top.  
  • The door leading to the Palace's Island has a pig statue on the top. 

Deep Rainforest turf cannot be dug up with a Pitchfork.

Prototype.png Tips

  • BFB hardly enters this biome, as it is too big to go under the trees.
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