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The Dark Sword is a Magical Melee Weapon. It requires a Shadow Manipulator to prototype and costs 5 Nightmare Fuel and 1 Living Log to craft. The Dark Sword does 68 damage per hit and has 100 uses. It also drains Sanity by 20 Sanity Meter.png/minute while equipped. It is one of Maxwell's starting items in the singleplayer game.

The Dark Sword is one of the strongest melee weapon in the game in terms of reliable, player-dealt damage. Due to their perks, the Dark Sword proves the most useful when wielded by Wolfgang, Maxwell, and Wigfrid.

Prototype.png Tips[]

  • Saving Maxwell's Dark Sword for stronger mobs later in the game or for emergency situations until the player gets a Shadow Manipulator and enough of the weapon's ingredients is advised.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • The Dark Sword was added in the Insanity! update.
  • The design of the Dark Sword appears to be a combination of Nightmare Fuel's visual elements and the shape of a scimitar, a sword stereotypically used by Ottomans and relative Middle Eastern populace, originating in the 9th century.

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