Critters, also known as Pets, are passive immortal Mobs in Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. They look like baby versions of some other Mobs in the game and can be obtained from the Critters Tab while standing next to the Rock Den. Each pet requires two Items to adopt, an item related to the mob and a Crock Pot made food.

Critters will make noises when hungry but won't die if not fed (note: critters rather 'spoil' than 'get hungry'). Critters can be fed anything edible, including Eternal Fruitcake, Rot, and Rotten Eggs. Every food given refreshes critter spoilage time to its maximum. Critters have spoilage time (will be starving) of 2 days. Time is affected by weather the same way other perishable items are.

There is a "mini-game" around the maximum spoilage time. Player can increase this time to up to 4.5 days (5.5 for "Plump" critters) in the increments of 0.5, by feeding it when it is between its 20% and 50% freshness. When it is fed when below 20% freshness, this time will decrease. Feeding it when above 50% freshness have no effect on the maximum spoilage time. A Critter can be "pet" by clicking on it, triggering a small animation.

Each player can only have one Critter at any given time. To get a different Critter, players must "Abandon" their current one by being near the Rock Den and right-clicking that Critter. Walter's Woby counts as pet, making Walter unable to adopt critters from the Rock Den.


WX-78 Portrait


A Kittykit is a baby version of a Catcoon. Kittykits can be obtained in exchange for a Cat Tail and Fishsticks.


Winona Portrait
Pups love you no matter who you are.


A Vargling is a baby version of a Varg. Varglings can be obtained in exchange for 4 Hound's Teeth and 1 Monster Lasagna.


Wolfgang Portrait
Is walking fluff!


An Ewelet is a baby version of Ewecus. Ewelets can be obtained in exchange for Steel Wool and Guacamole.


Woodie Portrait
Don't start no forest fires now, buddy.


A Broodling is a juvenile version of Dragonfly. Broodlings can be obtained in exchange for Chilled Lavae and Spicy Chili.


Wendy Portrait
Its snuggles almost make me forget.


A Glomglom is a baby version of Glommer. Glomgloms can be obtained in exchange for Glommer's Goop and Taffy.


Wortox Portrait
You're so sweet, I could just gobble you up.


A Giblet is a juvenile version of a Gobbler. Giblets can be obtained in exchange for a Feather Hat and Trail Mix.


Wickerbottom Portrait
Who wuvs their widdle specimen?


A Mothling is a juvenile version of a Moon Moth. Mothlings can be obtained in exchange for a Moon Moth and Flower Salad. Unlike other critters, which have no function, Mothlings can act as a light source. A Mothling will not give off light when hungry.


Critters can have traits which determine their behavior. Player actions add or subtract points from one of the Critter's traits, depending on the action, with the trait having the most points becoming the dominant trait and an adjective is shown in the Critter's name.

A Critter's first dominant trait is determined after 10 days of obtaining the Critter, and dominant traits are reassigned every 1.75 to 2.25 days.

Trait points decay at the rate of 0.7 point per day for playful and well-fed, 0.9 points per day for crafty and 1.35 per day for scrappy trait. The maximum amount of points a Critter's trait can have is 40, while the minimum is -6. Should all traits on a Critter have a negative point value, the Critter will revert to having no traits, and the next dominant trait is assigned after 3.75 to 4.25 days.

Performing an action that adds points to a trait that is already the dominant trait gives a 10% bonus to the points added to that trait.

Dominant trait can be locked in permanently by feeding critter any "goodie" food - this includes Taffy, Jellybeans, Mad Science Lab potions, Winter's Feast candies. After that the trait will never change until player decides to abandon critter.


The Scrappy trait is given to Critters when the player fights or kills Monsters. Killing small and passive Animals such as Rabbits doesn't count towards this trait.

The Combat trait adds the adjective "Scrappy" to the Critter's name and makes them perform aggressive animations towards monsters (but does not make them able to fight).


The Crafty trait is given to Critters when the player Crafts items and Structures excluding Walls.

The Crafty trait adds the adjective "Crafty" to the Critter's name and makes them perform a special animation when the character is doing work (chopping, mining, digging), or crafting.


The Playful trait is given to Critters when the player pets them and when they play (either by themselves or with other players' Critters). Bonus points are awarded when the player pets critter after it nuzzles.

The Playful trait adds the adjective "Peppy" to the Critter, increases the range at which they play with other Critters, and makes them play more often (effectively decreasing the rate of point decay, since playing adds points to this trait).


The Well-fed trait is given to Critters when the player feeds them. All Crock Pot dishes give 4 points, while other edible items gives 1 point. The Critter's favorite food is the food item used in order to adopt it, and feeding a Critter its favorite food gives 5 points to this trait. The points added to the trait are affected by the Food's freshness and its type and if it's the Critter's favorite food. Fresh food gives the full value, Stale food gives half (50%) of the value, and Spoiled food gives only a tenth (10%) of the value.

The Well-fed trait adds the adjective "Plump" to the Critter's name and increases the spoilage time to 3.25 days. This spoilage time can be increased to up to 5.5 days. No matter at which phase of "Plump" critter's freshness it is fed, its spoilage time will never go below 3.25 days.

Placeholder Trivia

  • The original Critters were added in the Cute Fuzzy Animals update, Giblet during the Year of the Gobbler event, and Mothling in the Turn of Tides update.
  • The Kittykit's name seems to be a mash up of the name for baby cats and baby racoons, "kitten" and "kit", as well as a play on the term "kitty cat".
    • It used to be called the Kittycoon.
  • Despite their name, the Vargling's appearance is more similar to the Hound. Furthermore, Wigfrid refers to it as a hound and they are made using Hound's Teeth.
    • Wickerbottom refers to the Vargling as Canis lupus which is the scientific name commonly referring to the Gray Wolf. Suggesting that the Vargling, and to an extent the Hounds and Varg, are related to said wolf.
  • The two skins added for the Vargling during the Chinese New Year event Year of the Varg, alludes to two dog breeds that supposedly originated in China; the Chow Chow and the Shih Tzu.
  • There is an extra function in the Critters code called "IsSuperCute", which does nothing except return "true".
  • Strangely, feeding a critter Rot or Rotten Eggs stops its hunger cries, despite them making players lose hunger points.

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