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The Crab King is a Boss Mob exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them.

It can be found in the Swell Ocean inside a circle of Sea Stacks in its Inert form. Players must socket 9 Gems to turn him into his aggressive form and start the boss fight.

Upon death, the Crab King drops all the socketed gems, 7 Meat, 4 Soprano Shell Bells with a 50% chance and a 25% to get one extra, 3 Alto Shell Bells with a 50% and 25% chance to get one extra, 2 Baritone Shell Bells with a 50% chance to get an one extra, 3 Barnacles plus 4 extra with a 25% each, and a Blueprint for the Strident Trident. If the Pearl's Pearl was socketed, a Cracked Pearl is dropped instead of the Pearl's Pearl, and an Inactive Celestial Tribute in the form of an Underwater Salvageable appears as well.

If the player leaves combat, the Crab King return to his inert state, dropping all the gems socketed and summoning new Sea Stacks around him. He reappears 20 days after being killed.

Spear Behavior Edit

The Crab King's fighting abilities depend on the number of gems of each color socketed into him. Iridescent Gems count as 1 of each color and the Pearl's Pearl counts as 3 of each color.

His health depends on the number of Red Gems, see table below. Every ten percent of life he loses a piece of rock from his crown.

About every 10 seconds he casts a spell that summons geysers under all boats in the vicinity (with a radius of 25). Each geyser does 10 damage to boats and creates a small leak (-0.5 Boat Meter (DST)/s). The number of geysers created depends of the number of Purple Gems socketed into the Crab King. The casting time of the spell depends on the number of Yellow Gems.

When his health is below 90%, he summons Imposing Claws around him. The health and the number of Imposing Claws depends on the number of Green Gems.

When his health is below 85%, he regularly casts a spell that lowers the temperature of players around him and freezes them for 10 seconds at the end. The temperature decrease and the radius of the spell depend on the number of Blue Gems. The casting time for the spell depends on the number of Yellow Gems. The temperature decrease is up to 3 times stronger if the player is Wet.

When his health is below 85%, he tries to heal himself every 40 seconds. The healing process takes 10 seconds during which he repairs himself with pieces of rock. Players can interrupt the healing of each rock by attacking the Crab King, destroying the piece of rock. The amount of healing from each rock and the number of hits needed to interrupt the healing depends on the number of Orange Gems.

He cannot be put to sleep. His resistance to freezing increases with the number of Blue Gems.

Gem Count Red Gem Purple Gem Blue Gem Yellow Gem Orange Gem Green Gem
Health Number of geysers Temp. decrease Freeze range Freeze resistance Freeze casting time Geyser casting time Healing per rock Hits to cancel Number of Imposing Claws Claw health
0 20000 5 -40° 3.8 3 5s 8s 650 1 5 500
1 20000 5 -50° 5.0 4 5s 8s 650 1 5 500
2 23000 6 -60° 6.2 5 4s 7s 750 1 6 550
3 23000 6 -70° 7.5 6 4s 7s 750 2 6 550
4 32000 7 -80° 8.8 7 3s 6s 850 2 7 600
5 32000 7 -90° 10.0 8 3s 6s 850 2 7 600
6 47000 8 -100° 11.2 9 2s 5s 950 3 8 650
7 47000 8 -110° 12.5 10 2s 5s 950 3 8 650
8 68000 9 -120° 13.8 11 1s 4s 1050 3 9 700
9 68000 9 -130° 15.0 12 1s 4s 1050 4 9 700
10 95000 10 -140° 16.2 13 0s 3s 1150 4 10 750
11 95000 10 -150° 17.5 14 0s 3s 1150 4 10 750

Imposing Claw Edit

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Imposing Claws are summoned by the Crab King when his health is below 90%. Their health and number depends on the number of Green Gems socketed.

Imposing Claws move slowly in the water, looking for boats to clamp onto. When they clamp, they remain attached, which prevents the boat from moving completely. The initial bite causes 35 damage to the boat, and they cause 17.5 damage every 3 to 4 seconds.

The player must kill them to free the boat, and they drop 1 Meat when killed. They reappear after 30 seconds when they're killed.

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