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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.pngHamlet.

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Lighter than a belayin' pin.


The Cork Bat is a craftable Weapon exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It is found in the Fight Tab, requires 3 Cork and Boards to craft, and a Science Machine to prototype. Unlike other weapons, the Cork Bat has a noticeable delay between strikes. After each strike Cork Bat makes the player unable to move or act for a brief time which puts the player into disadvantage as this can hinder player's ability to dodge enemy's attack in time. It should therefore be treated as an emergency weapon when most other supplies aren't available for superior choices.


  • Due to how the Cork Bat hinders player's ability to effectively dodge, its best to use it against enemies with long pauses between attacks. One of the example might be Shadow Creatures that disappear after being hit and reappear further away, giving the player a chance to recover from the movement penalty applied by Cork Bat.

Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • The Cork Bat originally had red details on the hilt, but the color was changed in the Quality of Life update. The shape of it also changed a bit.

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