This table shows the default controls settings of the game, found in the Options menu. Each of the keys is rebindable.

Don't Starve Controls
Key Function
WMove forward
AMove left
SMove backward
DMove right
QTurn camera 45° counterclockwise
ETurn camera 45° clockwise
Mouse WheelZoom in/out
SpaceAuto-action (except attack)
0-9, - =Hotkeys for 12 leftmost slots in the Inventory
Pause/BreakZoomable aerial view of Map - useful when needing large screenshots of an area
EscPause menu
CtrlCtrl-Click on a stack in inventory to split it in half
While holding a stack of items Ctrl-Click to place one item from the stack

Hold Ctrl to modify mouse buttons actions when interacting with world objects

Ctrl-F to auto-attack neutral creatures (Pigs, Beefalos)

AltAlt-Click to Examine/Inspect objects and items

Alt-F to auto-attack allied creatures (Fed Pigs, Bunnymen)

ShiftShift-Click move stack of things to another container
Ctrl-PFreeze the camera in place
Ctrl-HHide HUD
Ctrl-LShow log
BackspaceToggle Debug screen

Don't Starve Console Edition Controls

Button Function
Left Analog Walk
Right Analog Inventory Selection
Right Directional Use selected item on self/unequip
Left Directional Use on world/store/repair
Up Directional Inspect item
Down Directional Drop item
Cross / A Action/Accept
Square / X Attack
Triangle / Y Inspect world item/sew
Circle / B Alt Action/Cancel
R1/L1 / RB/LB Rotate Camera
L2 / LT Open Crafting Tabs
R2 / RT Open Inventory/Pause Game
Options / Menu Pause
Press Touch Pad / View Map
Gameplay Mechanics
Activities CookingCraftingFarmingFightingFishingSleepingBeefalo Riding
(Boating Shipwrecked icon)
Environment Day-Night CycleMoon CycleNightmare CycleEarthquakeLightningRain
(Strong WindsFogWavesFloodingVolcanic Eruption Shipwrecked icon) (Fog Hamlet icon) (Sandstorm Don't Starve Together icon)
Seasons SummerWinter • (AutumnSpring Reign of Giants icon)
(Mild SeasonHurricane SeasonMonsoon SeasonDry Season Shipwrecked icon) (Temperate SeasonHumid SeasonLush Season Hamlet icon)
Mechanics BeardBiomeCharactersCharlieControlsDeathDurabilityExperienceFireFood SpoilageFreezingHealthHungerInventoryLightMapNaughtinessNon-renewable resourcesSanitySavingStructures
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Mode Survival ModeAdventure ModeCavesRuinsVolcanoWorld Customization
Others Pig VillageRoad (Trail) • GraveyardOceanAbyssBridgeSet PieceThingsMorgue

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