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The Compendium is an Interface feature exclusive to Don't Starve Together. It allows the player to view various types of information about different aspects of the game.

Gears.png Features[]

  • History of Travels: Displays information regarding a player's most common causes of death, which players are most often encountered, and their progress made during the Forge and Gorge events.
  • Survivors: Displays detailed information about every playable character, including: Health, Hunger and Sanity values, starting items, nickname, Curio Cabinet description, perks and quirks, character quote, birthday, favorite food, a brief overview of their backstory, a shortcut to their Wardrobe, and a link to their cinematic if applicable.
  • Plant Registry: Displays information about Farm Plants and Weeds researched by the player as well as Fertilizers. It is also possible to access it in-game using a Gardeneer Hat or a Premier Gardeneer Hat.
  • Cookbook: Displays information about Crock Pot recipes cooked or eaten by the player across its different games. It is also possible to access it in-game using a Cookbook.
  • Encounters: Displays a list of every player you've recently encountered, including: what character they were playing, how long ago they were last encountered, what server they were last last encountered on, and how long they were played with.
  • Obituaries: Displays a list of the player's most recent deaths in much the same way as the Morgue , along with the addition of what server the death occurred on.
  • Cinematics: Displays a short menu leading to the A New Reign cinematic, the credits, and a link to Klei's YouTube channel .

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Placeholder.png Trivia[]

  • Much of the information contained in the Compendium was once kept in the Item Collection menu. This was changed upon the Compendium's inclusion as part of the May QOL update.
  • Many characters' birthdays correspond with a game update that character is involved with.
  • The Plant Registry was introduced in the Reap What You Sow update.