Wilson Portrait
Evidence of my hard labor.


Willow Portrait
I bet I could burn those.


Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang work hard!


Wendy Portrait
Traces of toil.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Surplus clippings to be used in bartering.


Woodie Portrait
There's always a bit of mess left from a hard day's work.


Waxwell Portrait
I suppose I'm the domestic help now.


Wagstaff Portrait
Clippings of a perennial plant which provide evidence I have performed a service.


Wigfrid Portrait
Debris fröm hard wörk.


Webber Portrait
Mom says to always clean up after yourself.


Walani Portrait
All my hard work.


Warly Portrait
I could sell these and buy some real food.


Woodlegs Portrait
A bit o' plant bilge.


Wilba Portrait


Wormwood Portrait
Can sell this hair


Wheeler Portrait
Swell. A handful of leaves. Maybe someone will want them.


Clippings are Food Items exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. They are acquired by trimming Hedges in the Pig City. Clippings can be gathered by using the Razor or Shears. The Razor yields one Clipping while the Shears yield two, but the Razor has infinite durability while the Shears only have twenty uses.

As with other Foods, Pigs will eat Clippings if left on the ground, producing Manure similar to Vegetables and other plant based edibles.

Icon Tools Usage Edit

Clippings can be sold to the Shopkeep for 1 Oinc each. There is no limit to how many the player can sell per day. They can also be used to craft several variations of Hedges using the Key to the City.

Inventory slot backgroundClippingsPig ShopkeepInventory slot backgroundOinc
Inventory slot backgroundClippings


Inventory slot background NitreKey to the CityInventory slot backgroundBlock HedgeInventory slot backgroundBlock HedgeInventory slot backgroundBlock Hedge
Inventory slot backgroundClippings


Inventory slot background NitreKey to the CityInventory slot backgroundCone HedgeInventory slot backgroundCone HedgeInventory slot backgroundCone Hedge
Inventory slot backgroundClippings


Inventory slot background NitreKey to the CityInventory slot backgroundLayered HedgeInventory slot backgroundLayered HedgeInventory slot backgroundLayered Hedge

Prototype Tips Edit

  • Clippings can be eaten to gain a small amount of Hunger. However they never spoil, so they can make for a good emergency source of food. A full stack of Clippings will take some time to eat but will restore 40 Health Meter and 188 Hunger Meter.
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