Wilson Portrait
I'm sure there's some scientific explanation for this.


Willow Portrait
It's made of some kind of jerk rock I can't burn.


Wolfgang Portrait
Is strong like Wolfgang.


Wendy Portrait
Cold and beautiful like death.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
Its design is decidedly otherworldly.


Woodie Portrait
Wonder where it goes.


Waxwell Portrait
A bit ominous looking.


Wigfrid Portrait
It hath a glöw aböut it.


Webber Portrait
Gosh. It's so sparkly!


Warly Portrait
It seems dangerous, but it's oddly calming.


Wormwood Portrait
Glowy. Like Night Ball


Winona Portrait
Wow. Can't even see the weld joints.


Wortox Portrait
Ooo, what delightful games we might play in there!


Wurt Portrait
It made of moon stuff!


Walter Portrait
This one looks way fancier... but still can't get us home.


The Celestial Portal is constructed by using the Portal Paraphernalia on the Florid Postern, and adding a Purple Moonlens and twenty Moon Rocks to it. Items can be added incrementally, and adding more than what is required will cause the excess to fall to the ground. Items committed cannot be removed.

When offered a Moon Rock Idol, the Celestial Portal will send the player back to the Character selection screen. When leaving the world, all items in the player's Inventory will be dropped automatically. Upon choosing a new character, the player will be transported back to the same world, keeping their Day count and Map exploration progress, along with any prototyped Crafting recipes and any adopted Critters.

Additionally, the Celestial Portal serves the same functions as the Florid Postern. It still marks the server's spawn point, and, if the server is set to Endless Mode, it can be used by a Ghost Characters to resurrect at a cost of 25% of their maximum Health (this penalty can be reversed by using Booster Shots).

Prototype Tips Edit

  • Players should not build a Celestial Portal in the Caves since it does not work as it should down there.
  • WX-78 will lose their upgrade level and drop some Gears upon offering Moon Rock Idol to Celestrial Portal. The amount of dropped Gears is a random number between 1/3 and 1/2 of the upgrade level (a number of eaten Gears, but not more than 15). This means that most of the Gears used for upgrades will be permanently lost.

Placeholder Trivia Edit

  • When it was first introduced in the Celestial Update, changing characters at the Portal used to reset the player's map, day count, and crafting recipes. This is no longer the case as of update 288118.
    • It should be noted that, since Wickerbottom is able to craft Science Items with a lower tier Crafting Station than other Characters from the start, she never properly "learns" those recipes, thus even if the player had crafted any of those recipes, it would appear "locked" when changing from Wickerbottom to another character.
  • The Celestial Portal gives off a small amount of light at night, but is not an appropriate light source to ward off Charlie.
  • The Portal shows different stages of progress based on how close its construction is to being finished.
  • If Woodie offers a Moon Rock Idol to the Portal, Lucy the Axe will turn into a regular Axe when returning as a different character.
  • Each character has an unique quote before the game returns to the character selection screen.
  • Using the Celestial Portal to switch character resets Touch Stone usage.
Wilson Portrait
I can see the light!

Wilson, before vanishing.

Willow Portrait
A burning light!

Willow, before vanishing.

Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang is scared!

Wolfgang, before vanishing.

Wendy Portrait

Wendy, before vanishing.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, before vanishing.

Wickerbottom Portrait
I've never read anything describing this!

Wickerbottom, before vanishing.

Woodie Portrait
This feels strangely familiar...

Woodie, before vanishing.

Waxwell Portrait
Say pal, I don't look so good...

Maxwell, before vanishing.

Wigfrid Portrait
'Tis the lights öf Valhalla?

Wigfrid, before vanishing.

Webber Portrait
Everything's getting fuzzy!

Webber, before vanishing.

Warly Portrait
I'm going to the kitchen in the sky.

Warly, before vanishing.

Wormwood Portrait
Don't want to go!

Wormwood, before vanishing.

Winona Portrait
Good thing I've got all my affairs in order.

Winona, before vanishing.

Wortox Portrait
Hyuyu, fare thee well!

Wortox, before vanishing.

Wurt Portrait
Feel cold...

Wurt, before vanishing.

Walter Portrait
I don't feel so good...

Walter, before vanishing.

Blueprint Gallery Edit

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