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For nightmare creatures related to low Sanity, see Shadow Creatures.

The Shadow Tab is a Don't Starve Together exclusive tab for Maxwell. Here, one can craft the Codex Umbra, which itself is used to unlock the second tier of shadow crafting, and the 4 different variants of shadow minions.

Crafting shadows will consume Maxwell's maximum Sanity, making the player vulnerable to Shadow Creatures. This can only be reversed when the shadow is dispelled. A shadow that is dispelled by the player who created it (using Ctrl), will refund a Nightmare Fuel.

Shadow Digger Shadow Miner Shadow Logger Shadow Duelist
Shadow Digger Shadow Miner Shadow Logger Shadow Duelist
Crafting Crafting Crafting Crafting
Nightmare Fuelx2 Shovel Sanity 20%(Max) Nightmare Fuelx2 Pickaxe Sanity 20%(Max) Nightmare Fuelx2 Axe Sanity 20%(Max) Nightmare Fuelx2 Spear Sanity 35%(Max)
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