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Science structures allow the advancement of crafting as well as deal with weather. They are found in the Science tab with the Atom icon on the left-hand side of the screen.

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In order to build an Item or Structure, it must be first unlocked by prototyping it. Standing near a Science Machine will allow the character to prototype tier 1 items. To prototype tier 2 and 3 items, they must stand by an Alchemy Engine (tier 2) or a Shadow Manipulator (tier 3/Magic). A higher-tier machine can prototype lower-tier items. For example, the player can use a Shadow Manipulator to prototype a Football Helmet, which is a tier 2 item.

Prototyping an Item or Structure does not cost extra resources. Once prototyped, the item can be crafted anywhere at any time.

Prototyping any item will cause the character to gain 15 sanity immediately. This is only when prototyping the item and not during subsequent construction of that item. With 93 craftable items in the game, as of the Strange New Powers update, that's 1,395 sanity to be gained; 600 of which is availble via the Science Machine alone. Therefore, a very simple tactic for healing sanity is to hold off on prototyping new items until you need the sanity.


  • In the early beta of Don't Starve the game used a "Research points" system instead of prototyping.
  • Before that, gold nuggets were used to directly buy recipes.
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