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__NOCATEGORYGALLERY__[[File:Icon Science.png|right|thumb|Tab Icon]]{{Quote|I am one heck of a scientist.|Wilson}} 
'''Science''' structures allow the advancement of crafting as well as deal with weather. They are found in the Science tab with the Atom icon on the left-hand side of the screen.
==Craftable Items==
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Science Machine.png|[[Science Machine]]|link=Science Machine
Alchemy Engine.png|[[Alchemy Engine]]|link=Alchemy Engine
Divining Rod.png|[[Divining Rod]]|link=Divining Rod
Thermal Measurer.png|[[Thermal Measurer]]|link=Thermal Measurer
Lightning Rod.png|[[Lightning Rod]]|link=Lightning Rod
In order to build an [[Item]] or [[Structure]], it must be first unlocked by prototyping it. Standing near a [[Science Machine]] will allow the character to prototype tier 1 items. To prototype tier 2 items, they must stand by an [[Alchemy Engine]] (tier 2) A higher-tier machine can prototype lower-tier items.
Prototyping an [[Item]] or [[Structure]] does not cost extra resources. Once prototyped, the item can be crafted anywhere at any time.
Prototyping any item will cause the character to gain 15 [[sanity]] immediately. This is only when prototyping the item and not during subsequent construction of that item. With 93 [[Crafting|craftable]] items in the game, as of the Strange New Powers update, that's 1,395 sanity to be gained; 600 of which is available via the [[Science Machine]] alone. Therefore, a very simple tactic for healing [[sanity]] is to hold off on prototyping new items until you need the [[sanity]].
=={{pic|32|Placeholder}} Trivia==
*In the early beta of Don't Starve the game used a "[[Research points list|Research points]]" system instead of prototyping.
*Before that, gold nuggets were used to directly buy recipes.{{Tabs}}
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