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|[[File:Deerclops Eyeball.png|48px|link=Deerclops Eyeball]]||align="left"|'''[[Deerclops Eyeball]]'''|| +60|| +75|| -15||Never||||No
|[[File:Deerclops Eyeball.png|48px|link=Deerclops Eyeball]]||align="left"|'''[[Deerclops Eyeball]]'''|| +60|| +75|| -15||Never||||No
|[[File:Rhino_Horn.png|48px|link=Guardian's Horn]]||align="left"|'''[[Guardian's Horn]]'''|| +60|| +75|| -15||Never||||No
|[[File:Rhino_Horn.png|48px|link=Guardian's Horn]]||align="left"|'''[[Guardian's Horn]]'''|| +60|| +75|| -15||Never||||No
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|[[File:Lichen.png|48px|link=Lichen]]||align="left"|'''[[Lichen]]'''|| +3|| +12|| -5||2||[[File:Vegetables_ava.png|32px|link=Vegetables]]×0.5 || Yes
|[[File:Lichen.png|48px|link=Lichen]]||align="left"|'''[[Lichen]]'''|| +3|| +12|| -5||2||[[File:Vegetables_ava.png|32px|link=Vegetables]]×0.5 || Yes
|[[File:Eel.png|48px|link=Eel]]||align="left"|'''[[Eel]]'''|| +3|| +10|| 0||6||[[File:Meats_ava.png|32px|link=Meats]]×0.5 || Yes
|[[File:Cooked Eel.png|48px|link=Eel]]||align="left"|'''[[Eel|Cooked Eel]]'''|| +8|| +13|| 0||10||[[File:Meats_ava.png|32px|link=Meats]]×0.5 || Yes

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Food can be obtained by foraging, trapping, farming or hunting Animals and Monsters. Food refills Hunger and some Health, depending on the quality of the food eaten. Almost all raw food can be Cooked on a Campfire to increase the amount of Health/Hunger they restore.

Notably, Meats can be used as bait, for the recruitment of Pigs, as offering to the Pig King for gold, and are a requirement to construct the Meat Effigy. Some Food, such as Monster Meat or Durian can damage health instead of restoring it.


There are several Food categories:

Types of Food

Hunger Meter
Sanity Meter
Crock Pot
BerriesBerries +1 +9.375 06Fruit × 0.5Yes
Roasted BerriesRoasted Berries +1 +12.5 03Fruit × 0.5Yes
ButterButter +40 +25 040Yes
Butterfly WingsButterfly Wings +8 +9.375 06Yes
CarrotCarrot +1 +12.5 010VegetablesYes
Roasted CarrotRoasted Carrot +3 +12.5 06VegetablesYes
CornCorn +3 +25 010VegetablesYes
PopcornPopcorn +3 +12.5 015VegetablesYes
Deerclops EyeballDeerclops Eyeball +60 +75 -15NeverNo
Guardian's HornGuardian's Horn +60 +75 -15NeverNo
Dragon FruitDragon Fruit +3 +9.375 06FruitYes
Prepared Dragon FruitPrepared Dragon Fruit +20 +12.5 03FruitYes
DrumstickDrumstick 0 +12.5 -106Meats × 0.5Yes
Fried DrumstickFried Drumstick +1 +12.5 010Meats × 0.5Yes
DurianDurian -3 +25 -510FruitYes
Extra Smelly DurianExtra Smelly Durian 0 +25 -56FruitYes
EggEgg 0 +9.375 010EggYes
Cooked EggCooked Egg 0 +12.5 06EggYes
EggplantEggplant +8 +25 010VegetablesYes
Braised EggplantBraised Eggplant +20 +25 06VegetablesYes
FishFish +1 +12.5 03FishYes
Cooked FishCooked Fish +1 +12.5 06FishYes
Frog LegsFrog Legs 0 +12.5 -106Meats × 0.5Yes
Cooked Frog LegsCooked Frog Legs +1 +12.5 010Meats × 0.5Yes
GarlandGarland +3 0 +106No
Ham BatHam Bat -8 +25 -1510No
HoneyHoney +3 +9.375 040Yes
Koalefant TrunkKoalefant Trunk +30 +37.5 06No
Winter Koalefant TrunkWinter Koalefant Trunk +30 +37.5 06No
Koalefant Trunk SteakKoalefant Trunk Steak +40 +75 015No
MandrakeMandrake +60 +75 0NeverYes
Cooked MandrakeCooked Mandrake +100 +150 0NeverNo
MeatMeat +1 +25 -106MeatsYes
Cooked MeatCooked Meat +3 +25 010MeatsYes
JerkyJerky +20 +25 +1520MeatsYes
Monster MeatMonster Meat -20 +18.75 -156MeatsYes
Cooked Monster MeatCooked Monster Meat -3 +18.75 -1015MeatsYes
Monster JerkyMonster Jerky -3 +18.75 -520MeatsYes
MorselMorsel +1 +12.5 -106Meats × 0.5Yes
Cooked MorselCooked Morsel +1 +12.5 010Meats × 0.5Yes
Small JerkySmall Jerky +8 +12.5 +1020Meats × 0.5Yes
Blue MushroomBlue Mushroom +20 +12.5 -1510Vegetables×0.5Yes
Cooked Blue CapCooked Blue Cap -3 0 +10 10Vegetables×0.5Yes
Green MushroomGreen Mushroom 0 +12.5 -5010Vegetables×0.5Yes
Cooked Green CapCooked Green Cap -1 0 +1510Vegetables×0.5Yes
Red MushroomRed Mushroom -20 +12.5 010Vegetables×0.5Yes
Cooked Red CapCooked Red Cap 1 0 -1010Vegetables×0.5Yes
PetalsPetals +1 0 06No
Dark PetalsDark Petals 0 0 -56No
PomegranatePomegranate +3 +9.375 06FruitYes
Sliced PomegranateSliced Pomegranate +20 +12.5 03FruitYes
PumpkinPumpkin +3 +37.5 010VegetablesYes
Hot PumpkinHot Pumpkin +8 +37.5 06VegetablesYes
RotRot -1 -10 0NeverNo
Rotten EggRotten Egg -1 -10 0NeverNo
SeedsSeeds 0 +4.6875 040No
Toasted SeedsToasted Seeds +1 +4.6875 010No
Tallbird EggTallbird Egg +3 +25 0NeverEgg × 4Yes
Fried Tallbird EggFried Tallbird Egg 0 +37.5 06Egg × 4Yes
Cave BananaCave Banana +1 +12.5010 Fruit Yes
Cooked Cave BananaCooked Cave Banana +3 +12.506 Fruit Yes
LichenLichen +3 +12 -52Vegetables×0.5 Yes
EelEel +3 +10 06Meats×0.5 Yes
Cooked EelCooked Eel +8 +13 010Meats×0.5 Yes
HealthMeter Health Hunger Meter Hunger Sanity Meter Sanity Rot Perish Time (days) Crock Pot Crock Pot ingredient

Food Spoilage

Almost all Food slowly perishes and turns eventually into Rot. When Food perishes below 50%, it becomes stale. When Food further perishes below 20%, it becomes spoiled.

Stage Effect
Green (Fresh) Restores the full amount of Hunger Meter, HealthMeter and Sanity Meter for a given food
Yellow (Stale) Restores 2/3 of Hunger Meter, 1/3 of HealthMeter for a given food and doesn't restore any Sanity Meter
Red (Spoiled) Restores 1/2 of Hunger Meter for a given food, doesn't restore any HealthMeter and decreases Sanity Meter by 10
  • Any kind of cooked meat lasts longer than any raw meat, but any kind of raw vegetable lasts longer than any cooked vegetable.
  • Food dropped on the ground will perish at a rate of 150%, while keeping it in the Ice Box will reduce the rate to 50%. At Winter the food perish rate is additionally reduced by 25%.
  • The stale and spoiled effects do not apply when eaten by WX-78.
  • The effects of eating stale or spoiled food are worse when playing as Wickerbottom. (how much exactly?)
  • Stacked Food items share the same level of spoiling. Combining items with different spoil levels into a single stack averages the spoiled amount between them. This can be used to "save" a nearly-rotten food item, by stacking it with a fresh item, then ctrl+clicking to separate it from the rest of the stack again.
  • Cooking Food on fire or in Crock Pot halves the spoiled amount of the Food.
  • Tallbird Eggs, Mandrakes (raw and cooked), the Deerclops Eyeball and the Guardian's Horn are the only Food items which don't spoil.
  • Food cooked in the Crock Pot and meat dried on the Drying Rack do not begin to spoil until picked up.

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