Wilson Portrait
I think it's still swishing.


Willow Portrait
I've kept stranger things than this.


Wolfgang Portrait
Wiggly cat part!


Wendy Portrait
It's matted, patchy and putrid.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
A flexible torso appendage.


Woodie Portrait
That's the end of that cat's tale.


Waxwell Portrait
Tale of tails.


Wagstaff Portrait
Has more uses than the raccoon tails I'm used to.


Wigfrid Portrait
It is the tail öf cute meat.


Webber Portrait
I always liked pulling Whiskers' tail.


Walani Portrait
This would make a stylish hat.


Warly Portrait
Chat noodle.


Woodlegs Portrait
Thet coon dropped is' tail!


Wilba Portrait


Wormwood Portrait
Poor little Kitty


Wheeler Portrait
Heads or tails? I pick tails.


Winona Portrait
Grab life by the tail.


Wortox Portrait
Better yours than mine.


Wurt Portrait
Mine now, florp!


The Cat Tail is an Item from the Reign of Giants DLC. It is dropped by Catcoons and four of them can be used to craft a Cat Cap.

Hamlet icon Hamlet Edit

Cat Tails are also included in the Hamlet DLC, however, Catcoons are not present. Instead, Cat Tails can be bought at ‘The Sty’ Oddities Emporium for 4 Oincs, making them renewable.

Don't Starve Together icon Don't Starve TogetherEdit

In Don't Starve Together, Cat Tails are also part of the Tail o' Three Cats, as the name suggests, three of them are required. They can also be used to adopt a Kittykit at the Rock Den, along with some Fishsticks.

Icon Tools UsageEdit

Inventory slot backgroundCat Tail


Inventory slot background Silk


Alchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundCat Cap
Inventory slot backgroundCat TailInventory slot backgroundCat TailInventory slot backgroundCat TailInventory slot background Tentacle SpotsInventory slot background Tentacle SpotsInventory slot background Tentacle SpotsAlchemy EngineInventory slot backgroundTail o' Three CatsDon't Starve Together icon
Inventory slot backgroundCat TailInventory slot background FishsticksRock DenInventory slot backgroundKittykitDon't Starve Together icon
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