For the Shipwrecked plant, see Seaweed Plant.

Wilson Portrait
Welp. It's kelp.

Wilson, examining Bull Kelp.

Willow Portrait
I bet we could eat that.

Willow, examining Bull Kelp.

Wolfgang Portrait
Big pond is growing hair.

Wolfgang, examining Bull Kelp.

Wendy Portrait
It's just seaweed.

Wendy, examining Bull Kelp.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, examining Bull Kelp.

Wickerbottom Portrait
Nereocystis luetkeana.

Wickerbottom, examining Bull Kelp.

Woodie Portrait
Look, sea plants.

Woodie, examining Bull Kelp.

Waxwell Portrait
Disgusting. I'll have someone else pick it.

Maxwell, examining Bull Kelp.

Wigfrid Portrait
Ah! The sea hath sent its foul veggies!

Wigfrid, examining Bull Kelp.

Webber Portrait
There's some kelp floating in the water!

Webber, examining Bull Kelp.

Warly Portrait
Salad of the sea!

Warly, examining Bull Kelp.

Wormwood Portrait
Water friends!

Wormwood, examining Bull Kelp.

Winona Portrait
We can pick it if we can get close enough.

Winona, examining Bull Kelp.

Wortox Portrait
And so it grows from out the sea.

Wortox, examining Bull Kelp.

Wurt Portrait
Water snack!

Wurt, examining Bull Kelp.

Walter Portrait
It's kelp... or a sea monster DISGUISING themselves as kelp.

Walter, examining Bull Kelp.

Bull Kelp is a Plant exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in Return of Them. It grows naturally on the Coastal Ocean, but can also be found stranded in the Rocky Beach Biome on the Lunar Island and on Hermit Island.

Bull Kelp can be picked to obtain Kelp Fronds. It then takes 3 full Days to regrow. When picked on the beach, it additionally yields a Bull Kelp Stalk. They are not affected by Winter cold.

Bull Kelp can be pushed towards the mainland with a boat to pick it from any coast without first sailing out. Picking it like that will yield the same results as picking it while on a boat, it does not count as beached.

Bull Kelp StalkEdit

Wilson Portrait
I can plant it in deep water.


Willow Portrait
Haha! This thing's great.


Wolfgang Portrait
Is not very good weapon, I think.


Wendy Portrait
It's like a very slimy whip.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
I suppose this is why it's referred to as "bullwhip" kelp.


Woodie Portrait
Seems a bit cruel, doesn't it?


Waxwell Portrait
For keeping the peasantry in line.


Wigfrid Portrait
I'll turn the sea's dark forces against it!


Webber Portrait
It would be happier if we planted it.


Warly Portrait
Perhaps it'll grow if I plant it.


Wormwood Portrait
Friends made a Snappy!


Winona Portrait
Preferred tool of the foreman.


Wortox Portrait
We plucked this whip from the side of the ship.


Wurt Portrait
Plant more water snacks!


Walter Portrait
I could plant this back in the ocean.


The Bull Kelp Stalk is obtained by picking a beached Bull Kelp plant. It can both be planted in the Ocean to create a new Bull Kelp plant and be deployed as a Weapon. It is used as a whip and has the same damage value and extended melee range as the Tail o' Three Cats.

As the Bull Kelp Stalk not only has a limited durability, but also perishes slowly over time and can be stacked in the Inventory. Bull Kelp Stalks can also be used as a mediocre Fuel material for Fire.

Each attack reduce the freshness by a random amount between 2 to 4%. When Bull Kelp Stalk freshness is below 50% each attack has 10% chance to destroy Bull Kelp Stalk.

Placeholder TriviaEdit

Bull Kelp Stalk old

Original icon of the Bull Kelp Stalk.

  • Bull Kelp was introduced in the Turn of Tides update.
  • When the Bull Kelp Stalk was implemented, it initially used an inventory icon that was a recolored version of the Tail o' Three Cats'.
  • Characters have quotes Picked Bull Kelp.
Wilson Portrait
I just couldn't kelp myself.

Wilson, examining Picked Bull Kelp.

Willow Portrait
Nothing left to take.

Willow, examining Picked Bull Kelp.

Wolfgang Portrait
All gone.

Wolfgang, examining Picked Bull Kelp.

Wendy Portrait
There's no more seaweed here.

Wendy, examining Picked Bull Kelp.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, examining Picked Bull Kelp.

Wickerbottom Portrait
Nereocystis luetkeana needs time to regrow.

Wickerbottom, examining Picked Bull Kelp.

Woodie Portrait
Picked clean.

Woodie, examining Picked Bull Kelp.

Waxwell Portrait
We already took the food parts.

Maxwell, examining Picked Bull Kelp.

Wigfrid Portrait
It is defeated.

Wigfrid, examining Picked Bull Kelp.

Webber Portrait
We gave it a haircut.

Webber, examining Picked Bull Kelp.

Warly Portrait
She needs time to regrow, non?

Warly, examining Picked Bull Kelp.

Wormwood Portrait

Wormwood, examining Picked Bull Kelp.

Winona Portrait
The sea's fulla food, hey?

Winona, examining Picked Bull Kelp.

Wortox Portrait
The mortals picked it with such glee.

Wortox, examining Picked Bull Kelp.

Wurt Portrait
Will come back later, florp.

Wurt, examining Picked Bull Kelp.

Walter Portrait
I guess it's just kelp.

Walter, examining Picked Bull Kelp.

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