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Bug is a Food category added in the Hamlet DLC. There are currently only 2 items in this category: Bean Bugs and Gummy Slugs.

Both of these items can only be obtained by flipping Stone Slabs. Since Stone Slabs do not currently regenerate, both of these items are non-renewable.

Each of these items has one Crock Pot recipe associated with it, however, they both require numerical amounts of one of the specific items, not a decimal amount of bugs. Due to this, the category is never used for determining the produced crockpot dish.

Raw Cooked Bug Value Crock Pot
Bean Bugs.png Bean Bugs Cooked Bean Bugs.png Cooked Bean Bugs 1 Yes
Gummy Slug.png Gummy Slug Cooked Gummy Slug.png Cooked Gummy Slug 1 Yes

Crock Pot Meals That Use Bugs[]

**All Food values are shown with decimal points.
Food Name Health Hunger Sanity Perish time (days) Cook time (sec) Priority Recipe
Requirements** Filler
Feijoada.png Feijoada +20 +75 +15 6 5 -2 Bean Bugs.png×3 Meats.png×0.5
Gummy Cake.png Gummy Cake -3 +150 -5 20 40 1 Gummy Slug.png×1 Sweetener.png×1 No Meats.png Mandrake.png