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It makes me look even brighter then usual.


The Brightshade Helm is an Armor exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in From Beyond. It is crafted at the Brightsmithy with 4 Pure Brilliance and 2 Brightshade Husks.

The Brightshade Helm provides 80% base protection and a flat 10 planar protection. It also provides an extra 10% protection from lunar-aligned mobs. Note that this protection is additive with the Brightshade Armor (so 20% reduction when wearing both), applies seperately to the physical and planar damage of a hit, and applies before planar defenses. This is benefical as flat planar defenses are more effective on smaller hits.

The helm also negates both the vision loss and slowdown from Sandstorms, Moonstorms and Miasma, alongside pacifying Gestalts. It does not protect against the damage from Miasma.

When the Brightshade Helm is worn, the following bonuses are added.

When the Brightshade Helm durability is exhausted, it will not break, but instead can no longer be equipped until repaired. Using a Brightshade Repair Kit will restore the durability to 100%.