Wilson Portrait
It wouldn't fit in my pocket.


Willow Portrait
It's, like, a rock.


Wolfgang Portrait
Is hard! Like me!


Wendy Portrait
Even that is not permanent.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
A large sedimentary rock.


Woodie Portrait
I could break it down if I tried hard enough.


Waxwell Portrait
It's a rock.


Wagstaff Portrait
A collection of sedimentary rocks.


Wigfrid Portrait


Webber Portrait
We'll need to mine it before we can use it.


Walani Portrait
I like you much better on land.


Warly Portrait
Don't you go rolling off on me.


Woodlegs Portrait
Would wreck a hull.


Wilba Portrait


Wormwood Portrait
Rock. Hello


Wheeler Portrait
That's a projectile just waiting to happen.


Winona Portrait
Mhm, yep. That's a rock.


Wortox Portrait
What a shock! It's a rock!


Wurt Portrait
Just a rock, florpt.


Walter Portrait
It would be more useful in smaller pieces.


Boulders are large rocks commonly found in Savannas and Rockylands, although they may appear anywhere in the world. Their main purpose is to provide Rocks when mined, which can be used to build a number of objects/structures. A single Boulder will drop 3-5 Rocks. Additionally, Boulders may also provide Flint, Gold Nuggets, and Nitre. Boulders do not respawn; however, Rocks, Flint, Gold Nuggets, and Nitre are renewable resources because they can be found after Earthquakes while underground.


Boulders can be mined using the Pickaxe, Opulent Pickaxe, or Pick/Axe. To do this, click the tool on the Boulder or equip it from the inventory by right-clicking. Once the character has begun to swing the tool at the Boulder, either the LMB or Spacebar must be held or continuously clicked to continue mining.

It takes 6 strikes to mine a Boulder with a Pickaxe and Opulent Pickaxe, and 5 with the Pick/Axe. It depletes a normal Pickaxe's durability by 18%, Opulent Pickaxe's by 4.5%, and Pick/Axe's by 4%.


There are three types of Boulders that each have different loot. Boulder types are not shown on the Map, except for the Flintless one.

Smooth Gold Vein Flintless
Boulder Gold Vein Boulder Flintless
  • Rocks×3
  • Flint×1.6
    (1 + 60% to get 1 extra)
  • Nitre×1.25
    (1 + 25% to get 1 extra)
  • Rocks×3
  • Flint×1.6
    (1 + 60% to get 1 extra)
  • Gold Nugget×1.25
    (1 + 25% to get 1 extra)
  • Rocks×4.6
    (4 + 60% to get 1 extra)
"rock1" "rock2" "rock_flintless"

Gift Icon Downloadable ContentEdit

In the Shipwrecked DLC, two new types of boulders are introduced, the Charcoal Boulder and the Obsidian Boulder. Both can be found on the Volcano. While Charcoal Boulders provide Charcoal and Flint when mined, Obsidian Boulders cannot be mined with a Pickaxe, but only be destroyed with Explosives or Weather Pain. It takes 6 Slurtle Slime (dropped in individual stacks) or 3 Gunpowder or a/an Coconade/Obsidian Coconade to break an Obsidian Boulder. Obsidian Boulders provide Obsidian when destroyed, and are also the only boulder type to respawn.

Charcoal Obsidian
Charcoal Boulder Obsidian Boulder
  • Charcoal×2-5
    (2 + 50% chance to get one extra + 2×25% chance to get one extra)
  • Flint×0.5
    (50% chance to get one)
  • Obsidian×2-5
    (2 + 50% chance to get one extra + 2×25% chance to get one extra)
"rock_charcoal" "rock_obsidian"

Hamlet DLC introduces a new boulder type in the form of an ancient carving of an artichoke. It can be found uncommonly in and around the Deep Rainforest and can be mined to produce Rocks, Flint and Gold Dust. Basalt Eruptions that are spawned by Large Iron Hulk can be mined to produce Rocks and Flint.

Don't Starve Together icon Don't Starve Together Edit

In Don't Starve Together, different Map icons for Gold Vein Boulders were introduced.

The Meteor Boulder has a rare chance to drop during a Meteor Shower, providing Rocks, Flint and Moon Rocks. During a meteor shower, a special Smooth Meteor Boulder will have a chance of falling which is differentiated from regular Meteor Boulders by its round shape. Only one of this kind of boulder can be found, as it can be mined to produce the Celestial Orb. If a Smooth Meteor Boulder has not dropped by after day 60 the next meteor shower has a 100% chance of dropping it.

Also, Evergreens may petrify after an unknown period of time, followed by an announcement from the character. Petrified Trees are mined instead of being chopped, and may result in Rocks, Nitre and Flint.

Meteor Meteor (round) Petrified Tree
Moonrock boulder Smooth Meteor Boulder Petrified Tree Medium
  • Rocks×1
  • Flint×1
  • Moon Rock×2.9
    (2 + 60% to get 1 extra + 30% to get 1 extra)
  • Celestial Orb
  • Rocks×1
  • Flint×1
  • Moon Rock×3.3
    (3 + 30% to get 1 extra)
Resource Short Normal Tall Old
Rocks×1.35 ×1.75×2.35×0.50

"rock_moon" "rock_moon_shell" "petrified_tree"

Placeholder TriviaEdit

  • Meteor Boulders and Petrified Trees are considered to be part of A New Reign, even though they were introduced before the official start of the beta branch.
  • In the A Little Fixer Upper update, the textures for Moon Rocks, Meteor Boulders and all related items were updated.
  • Icons for Gold Vein Boulders were added to the base game in version 345820.

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