This article is about the Boat in Don't Starve Together. For the boats seen in Shipwrecked and Hamlet, see Boats.


The Boat is a structure exclusive to Don't Starve Together. It can be created by launching a Boat Kit into the Ocean.

A Boat can be moved by players by using Oar, Driftwood Oar, or the Malbatross Bill. Masts can be built on a Boat to obtain a constant thrust. The Steering Wheel Kit is used to direct the thrust of all equipped masts. An Anchor Kit can be built on a Boat to slow down or stop.

A Boat starts with 200 health, represented by the icon Boat Meter (DST). It takes damage by colliding with certain objects in the water such as Sea Stacks or Salt Formations, coasts, or the border of the world. Taking damage can create a leak in the boat that does constant damage (up to -1 Boat Meter (DST)/s per leak) until a Boat Patch is used on the leak. Boats can be repaired by using wood material. Boards repair 25 Boat Meter (DST), Living Log repairs 18.75 Boat Meter (DST), Twigs repair 13 Boat Meter (DST), and Logs and Driftwood Piece repair 6.25 Boat Meter (DST).

When Boat Meter (DST) reaches 0 the boat sinks. It leaves 4 Boards and half of the materials used to create all the structures on the boat. All Players drown and reappear on the nearest coast. They lose 25% of their max health, -25 Hunger, -25 Sanity, gain 100% Wetness and drop half of their inventory slots into the water. WX-78 loses 40% of its max health and -50 sanity. Woodie loses -50 hunger in normal form and -100 Beaverness in Werebeaver form. Each Boat has one plank, which can be used to abandon ship with the same effects as drowning.

Being made of wood, the boat itself is flammable and can catch fire (either from placing an open campfire on it, or having the fire spread to other onboard flammable items), causing heavy damage to the boat depending on how many current segments are currently in flames. (there are 5 segments total, the center, and 4 on each side.) Contained fires, such as a Firepit or Scaled Furnace can be safely placed and used on the boat.


A lowered Mast increases the maximum velocity of a Boat by 1.5 and a raised Winged Sail increases the speed by 3. Each other successive mast is 70% less effective than the previous (Winged Sail effects apply first). The final maximum speed is bounded between 1 (without mast) and 5. The following table gives some examples:

Mast(s) None Mast Build Mast BuildMast Build Winged Sail Build Mast BuildMast BuildMast Build Winged Sail BuildMast Build Winged Sail BuildWinged Sail Build
Speed 1 1.5 2.55 3 3.285 4.05 5


Wilson Portrait
It would be nice to do some experiments on the water.


Willow Portrait
That's the boat part of the boat.


Wolfgang Portrait
Is for making very nice boat.


Wendy Portrait
It's for making a boat.


WX-78 Portrait


Wickerbottom Portrait
It will allow us to go on the water.


Woodie Portrait
It contains the mast and the base of the boat.


Waxwell Portrait
I've been reduced to a common shipyard laborer.


Wigfrid Portrait
Ship building is in my bönes!


Webber Portrait
That's for building a boat.


Warly Portrait
Allons-y out to sea!


Wormwood Portrait
Needs water


Winona Portrait
Time to roll up my sleeves!


Wortox Portrait
Let's craft a raft!


The Boat Kit is a craftable Item in the Seafaring Tab, exclusive to Don't Starve Together, and introduced in Return of Them. It creates a Boat when placed on the Ocean.

PlaceholderTrivia Edit

  • The Boat Kit was introduced in the Turn of Tides update.
  • Characters have quotes when a new leak forms
Wilson Portrait
We're taking on a lot of water.

Wilson, when a new leak form.

Willow Portrait
Gross, I hate water.

Willow, when a new leak form.

Wolfgang Portrait
Drippy drops is come through boat!

Wolfgang, when a new leak form.

Wendy Portrait
Our boat weeps salty tears.

Wendy, when a new leak form.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when a new leak form.

Wickerbottom Portrait
The boat has fallen into dangerous disrepair.

Wickerbottom, when a new leak form.

Woodie Portrait
All this water is making me very anxious.

Woodie, when a new leak form.

Waxwell Portrait
We've sprung a leak!

Maxwell, when a new leak form.

Wigfrid Portrait
Our vessel hath sprung a leak!

Wigfrid, when a new leak form.

Webber Portrait
The boat is crying!

Webber, when a new leak form.

Warly Portrait
Mon dieu! She is sinking!

Warly, when a new leak form.

Wormwood Portrait
Water! Water coming!

Wormwood, when a new leak form.

Winona Portrait
We gotta repair this ol'girl!

Winona, when a new leak form.

Wortox Portrait
Now this ride's getting fun!

Wortox, when a new leak form.

  • Characters have quotes when examining a leak
Wilson Portrait
I should patch that up before we sink.

Wilson, when examining leaks.

Willow Portrait
I only know how to solve fire-based problems.

Willow, when examining leaks.

Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang will plug hole with mighty fists!

Wolfgang, when examining leaks.

Wendy Portrait
I always knew the ocean floor would be my final resting place.

Wendy, when examining leaks.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when examining leaks.

Wickerbottom Portrait
Our ship is taking on water.

Wickerbottom, when examining leaks.

Woodie Portrait
Better plug that up soon or we'll be swimmin'.

Woodie, when examining leaks.

Waxwell Portrait
Oh, great. Now we're going to drown.

Maxwell, when examining leaks.

Wigfrid Portrait
My vessel hath been wounded!

Wigfrid, when examining leaks.

Webber Portrait
Quick, plug it up!

Webber, when examining leaks.

Warly Portrait
I should do something about that.

Warly, when examining leaks.

Wormwood Portrait
Floaty is spitting!

Wormwood, when examining leaks.

Winona Portrait
That needs a fixin'!

Winona, when examining leaks.

Wortox Portrait
Things look bleak - we have a leak!

Wortox, when examining leaks.

  • Characters have quotes when a Boat sinks
Wilson Portrait
I don't want to drown!

Wilson, when a Boat sinks.

Willow Portrait
I'm gonna drown!!

Willow, when a Boat sinks.

Wolfgang Portrait
Wolfgang cannot swim!

Wolfgang, when a Boat sinks.

Wendy Portrait
Here I come, Ophelia.

Wendy, when a Boat sinks.

WX-78 Portrait

WX-78, when a Boat sinks.

Wickerbottom Portrait
Goodness, we're sinking!

Wickerbottom, when a Boat sinks.

Woodie Portrait
Hold on, Lucy!

Woodie, when a Boat sinks.

Waxwell Portrait
Oh dear.

Maxwell, when a Boat sinks.

Wigfrid Portrait
A Viking shalln't abandon her ship!

Wigfrid, when a Boat sinks.

Webber Portrait
We're too young to drown!

Webber, when a Boat sinks.

Warly Portrait
I don't want to be brined!

Warly, when a Boat sinks.

Wormwood Portrait
Why sinking, Floater?

Wormwood, when a Boat sinks.

Winona Portrait
We're goin' down!

Winona, when a Boat sinks.

Wortox Portrait
Into the drink I go, hyuyu!

Wortox, when a Boat sinks.

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