You say Community but I've done the research about what the community says: Out of more than 1900 occurences of the Krampus word in the community (Steam, Wikia and Klei as far as I've seen), there are 63 occurences of the Krampi, of these, circa 30 people have used this word. That certainly does not seem to be a very significant portion of the community. Not to mention that there is at least one person who has used 10+ times.

Unless people do use it on Facebook with fair regularity, I don't see how Krampi represents a standard in the community.

PS: Also, the very fact that it has become non-unique makes it a common word which has once again been subject to the rules of morphology. As long as it was a unique name, it was subject to the whims of the person, after all, when you name someone you don't care about what others will understand by that, it's just a name, not an object which has to be understood by all, it is no longer just another part of the whole.

PSS: In fact, most of the time people use the "Krampus" for both plural and singular, so if we were to follow the community sense, Krampus should stand for it, and not Krampi.

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