• Wettoson

    R.I.P Warbucks

    February 10, 2019 by Wettoson


    R.I.P in pepporonies

    For those who don't know, recently Warbucks was taken out of the game. "We wern't happy with is design, so we decded to start from scratch" Don't starve developer Klei stated. 

    Even though he had tons of problems, he had a really cool design and concept. The problem was mostly the perks of Warbucks, which many people had a say on.

    But, Klei did say they might bring him back, which is a good sign. But for now, let us have a moment of silence for our boi Warbucks.

    Comment "F" to pay respects

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  • KekolenPig

    DST Story

    February 9, 2019 by KekolenPig

    Wilson: Ughh, my head!

    Wilson: I need to find the other survivors, if there are any.

    Wilson: Time to go!

    Willow: Ughh, I have a horrible headache!

    Willow: I need to gather materials now, so I can build a base! Then maybe some survivors will come to meet me here.

    Wendy: My head has a horrible pain.

    Wendy: I should find Abigail and introduce her to other people here...once I can tell if they'll hurt me or not.

    Wolfgang: Wolfgang head hurts.

    Wolfgang: Wolfgang need to find other people!




    Wilson: what is looks like a huge beehive.

    Willow walks up behind him

    Willow: oh thats the Queen Bee. I dare you to hammer it.

    Wolfgang hears conversation

    Wolfgang: Wolfga…

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  • KekolenPig

    Character Ideas

    February 8, 2019 by KekolenPig


    Character: Wesley

    Character: Will

    Nickname - The Bonded Ones

    Special Ability: Depending on the distance between Wesley (boy) and Will (girl) players, the characters will gain bonuses. The farther away from each other they are, the worse they get. These characters are designed for co-op.

    Pitchfork Tiles Speed Sanity Damage
    0-10  50% Lightning Strike Resistance

    +5 SPM

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  • SerPheasant

    I need to edit the Italian wiki of don't starve (that I think is abbandoned because nobody changes it from 2013) but I need to put the shipwrecked/Reign of giants/hamlet icon with the link before the name. like this wiki. How can I do it?

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  • Papasmurfson27

    Favorite character?

    December 18, 2018 by Papasmurfson27

    What is yours?

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  • Papasmurfson27


    December 18, 2018 by Papasmurfson27

    What is your favorite event?

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  • Papasmurfson27


    December 18, 2018 by Papasmurfson27

    I am the leader of Team Smurfy27 and invite you to join the team.

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  • Beerox183

    This is kind of annoying, but I keep having trouble getting a shadow manipulator quickly enough (i.e., before winter). I play exclusively WX-78 on RoG. Any tips to get a shadow manipulator really quickly?

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  • Cline3

    Tropical Updates

    October 20, 2018 by Cline3

    As you have seen with shipwrecked and hamlet, the singleplayer Don't Starve is no longer being a survival Game based in a dark and desaturated forest, but instead, with every new DLC it's getting more and more vibrant, based on delving into the unknown, wich was fine at first with Shipwrecked, but I don't get it why they had to do the same thing with Hamlet? Why did they had to make a Tropical Island with a patch of a pig village that is based on 17th century europe??

    When o first saw the Trailer for Hamlet, I was more hyped than ever, seeing the actual hamlet, thats surrounded by this huge jungle with ruins all over the place, fine they added marshes, and plains with squirrels, but some of the other areas do not even fit, neither with the …

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  • TheModster

    WARNING: This blog post contains discussion of files found within the Hamlet Beta that may spoil the experience. Read at your own risk!!!

    UPDATE: Mystery (sorta) solved! I asked about these textures on the forums, and Electroely identified them for me. They are from DeoWolf's Extended Character Template. Go figure!

    Now the new question is: How the heck did fan made textures get into the game files? lol

    - TheModster (talk) 00:06, October 18, 2018 (UTC)

    I'm just starting to use the textool to view/save .TEX files, and looking at the Hamlet beta's anim folder I was shocked to find a zipped folder named "wepeatski". This is not a new name. It was actually one of the names found during Shipwrecked's development along with Walani, Woodlegs, Wastien …

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  • TheModster

    UPDATE: I found some more details about the stream! I only just noticed that the second piece of trivia on the Unimplemented Characters page mentioned this stream, specifying that it was a preview for the A Little Rain Must Fall update. With that I was able to do a better search and found the announcement post on Steam. The user who posted this, SalsaShark, is actually JoeW. The stream took place on March 12, 2013 live from Klei's studio. The streamer hosting it was ShannonZKiller who sadly, but expectedly, does not have a VOD of the stream among her videos.

    - TheModster (talk) 23:34, October 9, 2018 (UTC)

    I've been on a research binge this weekend, trying to find the sources for various info here on the wiki. So today I was going through the h…

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  • Bluegeist

    Bluegeist Fan Art

    September 23, 2018 by Bluegeist
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  • Haruyaah

    The answer is no I checked

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  • JakeTheSlayer8


    August 9, 2018 by JakeTheSlayer8

    DST is the best game! I love all of the skins and events as well as the game itself!

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  • Luvian22

    How would one be able to get the textures for the Gorge version of the firepit? In the game files, the firepit is treated as a skin for the actual firepit, therefore it is locked and has no visible .tex file.

    Is there any way to somehow find the texture, or open .bin/.dyn files?

    Apologies in advance if this is a stupid question with a really simple answer.

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  • Zazou8888

    Hello everyone,

    I've started a twitch account to display runs in Don't Starve (vanilla, RoG or SW) and Don't Starve Together (French of English). I've just started and I don't know much about Twitch yet but I was wondering if there was a lot of viewers and players that do it too outhere.

    I'm looking for advices, tips and tricks as well as commissions to make the runs I record more fun to watch.

    So if you have any advices or comments, I'd be very happy to read them.

    Thanks in advance! :)

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  • VelocityRaptør

    4 winters, 13 dead mactusks, 40 dead icehounds... 0 dead Deerclopses! The only grunts I hear are for hound attack periods, so why can't the Deerclops suddenly drop into my game? Doesn't he spawn every winter?

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  • VelocityRaptør

    I don't usually spelunk (Since I can never find a sinkhole) and sometimes when i go down into the caves, I hear a strange growling thing, sounds like a hound, but more aggressive and distorted. I swear i'm not on my hound attack period, so I have no idea (I am also insane, so I don't know if that effects it)

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  • KieRor098

    I'm back. And with another character idea. WIP!

    Walker, The Student "I can stay up for a few more minutes."

    • Carries a light (He has a flashlight which is rechargable. The flashlight runs out of durability in 4 minutes. It can be recharged with Eletrical Doodads.)
    • Night owl (He won't be able to sleep in tents, and he moves faster at night. He also will have a slightly lower sanity loss at night. Sanity decreases are stronger during daytime.)
    • Weak bones (He does 75% of normal damage and gets hurt 25% more.)
    • Loves sweet things (Starts with 1 Taffy.)

    Sanity: 150

    Health: 160

    Hunger: 135

    Starting items: Flashlight, Taffy

    Walker has messy brunette hair and bags under his eyes. He wears a golden-yellow sweatshirt and steel-gray sweatpants. He also wears gray and red…

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  • Beerox183

    Caves preparation

    March 27, 2018 by Beerox183

    I am playing as a fully upgraded version of WX-78, on PS3, in RoG. I have plenty of food, enough supplies for tons of log suits and football helmets, and a Pan Flute at 100%. I currently have not made any magic research stations but have something of a fortified base. Any help for minimum equipment to find/make would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  • EvilDrunkMonkey

    Almost there

    March 23, 2018 by EvilDrunkMonkey

    I can almost aford my new replacement computer!

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  • EvilDrunkMonkey

    My skill level

    March 14, 2018 by EvilDrunkMonkey

    I suck at this game but at least I'm better than all my friends somehow.

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  • Julioito03

    help in metheus puzzle.

    February 15, 2018 by Julioito03

    Hi everybody im here to ask for help in the metheus puzzle, sorry for my bad english it´s not my original language.

    Im not confused about the puzzle, but I have no friends for the third step, so if someone could help me that would help a lot.

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  • Pyrokittyac

    Some Cool Dtawings

    February 10, 2018 by Pyrokittyac

    so hey i can draw and i have to make some kind of contribution to the wiki, so i'll put drawings of don't starve and don't starve together characters. maybe this will help me gain bravery to edit the real wiki articles, so i'll use this as practice. If this is a practice, then I should start using proper grammar and capitalization. Onto the first drawing we goooooooo

    So this is from the event Winter's Feast. In the background, I put in the children of Don't Starve. Wendy has a noose of lights. It's my favorite part.

    It's okay.

    I think I did good for my first time writing something on the internet using formal language. I'll probably draw more Don't Starve related artwork now that I have a blog dedicated to that. I feel like I need to put some…

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  • Master Jand

    Year of the Varg: How-To

    February 10, 2018 by Master Jand

    If anybody is wondering about how Year of the Varg works, here is a brief explanation: When the player spawns in the world, they are able to build a Varg Shrine (found at the bottom of the Structures tab) for 8 Gold Nuggets and 2 Boards. If the player creates a Varg Shrine, it is unusable until the player inserts a Torch. Note that you should take it out of your inventory and left-click it to insert it; Do not keep it in your hand or right click at all. It will ignite the shrine. After placing a torch in the shrine, the player is able to access certain gifts which can be aquired with Lucky Gold Nuggets. However, it is imposible to obtain Lucky Gold Nuggets without killing Clay Hounds and Clay Vargs. To fight a Clay Hound or Varg, you must …

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  • SgtZaitsev69


    February 2, 2018 by SgtZaitsev69

    So, I'm the only one adding to the Quotes section for the Forge Spiders. I'm going off of pure memory, with help from Youtube videos. So if you find anything in the code that contradicts the quotes that I've added, please feel free to edit them.

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  • Durianwithlegs


    December 30, 2017 by Durianwithlegs

    I would like to contribute to the wiki more, so can anybody post a full list of how to add things in such as photos.

    It would very helpful

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  • Parsnip the Bunnyman


    Many people beleive the worst character list is like this

    1. Willow

    2. Woodie

    3. Wes

    Whenever there is disqussion between worst/best characters these three always seem to be the worst. Thsi is false, from what ive read people just seem to dislike woodie and willow becaue they are better in regular Don't Starve, making a bias. Willow is not difficult in DST, she is dissapointing (but seriously Klei I get the lighter nerf but why is she not ammune to fire anymore). Since she dosent make fire when insane bases wont be burnt down out of nowhere anymore, and personally, I find the gets-cold-when-insane thing a buff. Its nice alternative for ice chester with 2 thermal stones when in summer, just eat coooked monster meat and green mushrooms and you …

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  • Durianwithlegs

    It's all in the title.

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  • Wolfinine

    Xbox One DST players.

    December 8, 2017 by Wolfinine

    Yea, I know. Filthy console player but I'm looking for other filthy console players. I figure if you take time to look at the wiki than you must either be knowledgeable or you care about this enough to take time out of the day to look into this game. Either way you sound like someone worth playing with.

    My GT is Fradinine

    Comment on here or message me on Xbox if you're interested

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  • Parsnip the Bunnyman

    Woodleg's quote on Waffles

    "Just like me mum used ta open from th'package." -Woodlegs

    What a small and interesting detail. Wafles themselves date back to mideval times, but PACKAGED waffles diddn't exist until the 1950s. and if this was Wodleg's mother that means Don't Starve must take place sometime after 1950. There is a similar discussion about the crock pot, how Don't Starve takes place in the 1930s but crock pots werent invented until later, but the counter agrument of "the character just invented it then" dosen't take affect to waffles since Woodlegs references someone else doing it. This would however apply if woodlegs diddnt mention they were packaged, a small and unnesesary detail made by Klei.

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  • Thatguy1892

    So I am into day 18, and now have stone wall around my farming community.  Are there any doors or way to contain my walled in area? 


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  • SgtZaitsev69


    October 26, 2017 by SgtZaitsev69

    Im a twinge nervous about asking, but if I may, perhaps there is a position availiable in the wiki for me? I love this community and would love to help out as much as I can. 

    If not, that's fine. I'll still try to help as much as I can.

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  • Cline1

    The Constant

    October 25, 2017 by Cline1

    As you might know, The Forge Beta just released, with it there are cutomizable loading screens, now. One of those loading screens depicts Pig king and some pigs, but the descriptions say "Legend has it that the Pig King and his followers left their home long ago to rule freely in the Constant." now what is the "Constant"?

    My theory is that the Constant is the world where Don't Starve, Adventure mode and Don't Starve Together take place, and there are multiple worlds or an infinity, this is supported by the fact that there is Shipwrecked, the "checkmate" part in Adventure mode, and the actual Forge, plus there is the Overworld, the real world.

    What do you think? is it real or am i overthinking it?

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  • SgtZaitsev69

    Recently, after a period of great personal revelation, I have come out as bisexual. I really don't know why I decided to post this here, but since you all are complete strangers, it makes it easier to reveal this to you guys rather than to my loved ones. 

    If you care, thanks.


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  • Scipster

    Hello I'm back the Warly and Wes fanatic, personal buisness got in the way but I should be able to do edits to some degree instead of not at all

    I said questions but its mainly one question

    whats going on with the gamepedia Wiki it seems everyone has just stayed where they have been, so is that wki dead?

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  • SgtZaitsev69

    Guess Whos Back back...

    September 19, 2017 by SgtZaitsev69

    I have returned. *awaits fanfare*

    Knowing of the new update, I had to come back to this amazin' community and help out where I can.

    Cheers to Master Jand, (the only person I remember)

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  • 程子


    • Crockodogs. Will hound you at land and sea.
    • Ballphin followers and the Ballphin Den.
    • Roe. New food item. Stocks the fish farm.
    • Cormorants. New sea bird. Source of Roe.
    • Tar Slick. Pools of crude oil bubbling on the surface of the water.
    • Tar. New resource.
    • 3 new variety of tropical fish.
    • Rainbow Jellyfish. 
    • Coral Nubbin. Replant coral after it's mined.
    • Ox will produce offspring.

    New Craftables

    • Galley and Sea Lab . Make your base at sea.
    • Sea Yard. Keeps your ship repaired on the water.
    • Tar Extractor. Gets Tar from Tar Slick.
    • Tar Suit. Temporary protection from wetness.
    • Tar patch. A sticky situation.    
    • Oil Lamp. Quick lightsource for land and sea.    
    • Fish Farms. Grow food on the water.
    • Encrusted Boat.
    • Quackering Ram. New craftable for the Quacken Beak.
    • Se…
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  • CutePichu

    I was looking around the don't starve speech files while I noticed a quote of an object I didn't recognize. The name was called peacock and I wasn't able to find anything on the wiki or anywhere about a peacock. It's only found in the don't starve speech files, nothing on don't starve together. Here are some quotes I was able to find about it:

    Wilson:  "Nothing more than a dressed up thief."

    Willow: "Pretty!"

    Wolfgang: "Bird is showing off."

    Wendy: "Such pretty feathers hiding tasty meat!"


    Wickerbottom: "Pavo cristatus."

    Woodie: "What a ridiculous thing. Bah!"

    Maxwell: "This creature understands showmanship."

    Wigfrid: "It will be a shame to ruin those feathers, meat."

    Webber: "Such pretty feathers!"

    Walani: "A tropical turke…

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  • Mr.Maciej

    Caves Help Me ☺

    August 2, 2017 by Mr.Maciej

    Jak korzystać z komend jak w świecie   są jaskinie.

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  • Shadyshads

    Im back!

    July 20, 2017 by Shadyshads

    I was away for a while. and couldnt edit or stay active at all. But hey now im here, and hey I donno why anyone would care but hey!

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  • Parsnip the Bunnyman

    im trying to make a new article for the dont starve pocket edition and the features it has, but im having trouble figuring out how to add the pictures in catagories. Such as the light bulb in the Tips or the misqito in the bugs section. I cant find them in the tempelates and i cant just copy+paste the pictures of the categories. I also would like to know if it is posible to incorperate my own pictures into galleries, when i click the "add to gallery" option it brings up pictures already in the wiki without the option to upload my own.

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  • Rocketlauncher22

    This is how to make a base That Mains on Bee boxes.

    I Recommend You have spiders, At least 1 Flower for butterflies and a Birdcage.

    To start off, Gather wood to make planks. after that, Kill a few spiders for silk and make a bug net.

    Next, Find a few beehives. Capture 4 bees from each beehive and then destroy the beehive for a Honeycomb.

    After that, capture butterflies for flowers and make the bee boxes.

    So, what are the Goods and Bads of a Bee box Farm?

    Honey is Not much of a problem.

    Honey ham and Honey nuggets are easy to make, provided you reguarly go to the Spider nests to get Monster meat.

    Honey takes a long time to spoil if put in an ice box.

    Taffy Is easy to make.

    In winter, Production of Honey is stopped entirely.

    bees might kill a player if…

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  • Master Jand

    Welp, Summer is a time of great fun and amusement and I'm sorry to say that I won't be able to visit the wiki often during this special time of year. Expect regular editing and such when school starts up again. Strangely I have more time to wiki up the wiki during the school year than during the summer. Expect very little of me during this time. In the meantime, have fun on the wiki and have a .

    Did I mention that I'm also going to be MAJOR not here during the next 2 weeks of summer? If not, I'll be on... what-shall-I-call-it, EXTREME VACATION.

    ~ ♚丁and♛ (4th Wall) 19:18, June 12, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Shadyshads

    I made a Guide!

    June 12, 2017 by Shadyshads

    So I just recently "Finished" a guide that i've been working on for a little while, you can check it out HERE. It's about hopping to RoG from SW via the Seaworthy.

    I'd love some feedback and suggestions! :D

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  • Shadyshads

    More Activity!

    June 11, 2017 by Shadyshads

    As my main Computer is unavailable now for ?-? Reasons, it will be so till' atleast Wednesday the 21:th June! I will be more active on the Wiki now as I can use my "Craptop" to be on the wikia! Less time playing Don't Starve, more time learning about Don't Starve! For atleast a week!~

    I actually don't know why anyone would care about this, as the ones' you'd contact if something happens is a Admin, or Custodian... But hey! Im here if you wanna ask or talk about something atleast! I just wanted to share this!

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  • KieRor098

    Okay, my 2nd idea.

    Name: Winslow

    Nickname: The Tinkerer

    Quote: "Hmm... a shell with a flower... what does that make?"

    Sanity: 200

    Health: 145

    Hunger: 110

    Starting Items: 5 Logs, 3 Flint

    (BIG WIP)

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  • Shadyshads

    the best trasure ever

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  • Rocketlauncher22

    So, you just started up a world and have absolutely no idea what to do. chances are, if you have no idea what to do, you will die. in this guide, i will give you tips on how to survive the first Week of Don't starve.

    Welcome to the world of Don't Starve! first of all, you need to find Grass, flint and twigs. Grass and twigs can be made into a torch if you cant find flint, but you will need to find some flint and make an axe. chop down a few trees and grab the Wood that drops from it. your hunger meter goes down as you progress, so you need to find food. Grab any berries and carrots that you find and eat them when your hunger meter goes down. by now, you should walk around and try to find Beefalo. along the way, collect flint and twigs to ma…

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  • 程子

    Sig test

    May 17, 2017 by 程子

    Sig test.




    ~__orange(Wall) 03:44, May 17, 2017 (UTC)

    03:44, May 17, 2017 (UTC)

    03:44, May 17, 2017 (UTC)~

    03:44, May 17, 2017 (UTC)~~

    03:44, May 17, 2017 (UTC)~__orange(Wall)

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