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123WL 123WL 16 days ago

About characters

To be added...

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Woodyfan3412 Woodyfan3412 3 March


"Wilson will miss you"

what the bullsmoke

what does this mean


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Woodyfan3412 Woodyfan3412 24 January


wilson confused warly with winona

willow confused warly with winona again warly is the chef

time to continue later wolfgang confused warly with winona again warly is the chef

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Woodyfan3412 Woodyfan3412 5 January

wilson gets the sanity back

not done yet

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Woodyfan3412 Woodyfan3412 30 December 2021


dTOMATOO is a fast moving mob that does 9999 damage and removes 9999 sanity and hunger, instantly killing a player

this mob is actually unoffical and does not appear in any version of Dont Starve |damage = 1 to mobs |attackPeriod = 1
1 |attackRange = 80
80 |walkSpeed = 8 |sanityaura = |spawnCode = "guard" |specialAbility = very powerful |drops = ×8,
for }}TOMATOO is a rare, fast moving mob that spawns when a player tries to enter the snow place before defeating deerclops once it spawns it will chase the nearest player and remove 9999 damage, sanity and hunger, most of the time instantly killing any player, wigfrid's damage resistance wont help because no character has that much stats, the sanity aura does not matter because it is very fa…

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Woodyfan3412 Woodyfan3412 30 December 2021

death by Spiders

.story of wilson getting killed by spiders

work in progress time to finish later

ok done

.wilson: lalalala time to make an axe dododo!

.spider: RAGGGH boo

.wilson: oh no aaa

.spider: i will kill you

.spider: eats wilson

.spider: YUMMY

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Blucario90 Blucario90 15 December 2021

Hamlet Jump Shopping List

Since my Hamlet world is super laggy and I only really have a small base on it, I'm going to reset it with the teleportato.

I'm preparing a shopping list of stuff I need to bring with me. It won't include stuff I normally bring like the Tam o' Shanter or Walking Cane.

Here is the list:

  • 20 Coffee
  • 10 Meatballs
  • Luxury Machete
  • 20 Gunpowder
  • Slanty Shanty
  • Skyworthy
  • Armored Boat
  • Iron Wind
  • Gas Mask

I think all of that will be sufficient. I normally carry a lantern and armor with me as well, so I should be fine in those regards. Anything else you guys can think of?

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Lolipopgore Lolipopgore 1 October 2021

H̸͖̮̫̱̓̈́̇͘é̴̠̜̆l̵̢͖̺̄̏̾ĺ̷̫̬̙͓͒o̷̰̟͇͎͒̀̊ ̷̧͈̳̰̇̋͗m̸̛̭̤̗̽̕ö̸̙͙̦͝r̷̘̅ţ̴̛̠̘̞̓̈̀ạ̵͔̯͚̍̅͝l̷̘̳̆̈́s̷̩̾


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THE Gay Yiff Lord THE Gay Yiff Lord 29 September 2021

Ok, but playing as Wanda is TOO easy.

I know, I know. Hear me out.

Let's say you're playing Wilderness.

You keep a Moonlens on you. (In case you die, so you can get your stuff.)

You're going to die.

Just... Drop the Ageless Watch before you die. (So it doesn't break when you die.)

Respawn, and open the map.

Look for the Moonlens.

You'll have another Ageless Watch by the time you get your stuff. (Unless, of course, it gets stolen.)

Boom! You just got another Ageless Watch! Anytime you're about to die, just drop all your watches!

Then, you'll have another Ageless Watch!

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Moustachio17 Moustachio17 7 July 2021

Questions about Don't Starve

I have posted this to ask a question about Don't Starve:

Can you unlock Maxwell in Reign of Giants in the Don't Starve Giant Edition Game?

Also can you do it via experience?

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Radhunter Radhunter 7 June 2021


for the 1 person who reads these, i hate spiders.

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Bungo the Bunger Bungo the Bunger 3 June 2021

webber says:


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Radhunter Radhunter 26 May 2021

Testing out blog posts

oh its making a page but its a blog. neat.

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YaBoyo YaBoyo 14 May 2021

its ya boi

hello there well i have lots of ideas for don't starve which will never be added but fun to think about anyway they should give pets in the rock den actual uses plus birds are better pets i have a bird named tim in dst after all anyway they should also add hamlet and shipwreck features not sure what features but they should definitely add some and lastly for this blog at least they should make an update dedicated to deep sea diving with extra things fr wurt and wx since wurt isnt a freshwater fish and wx is a robot so that are my ideas i like to think about

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Bungo the Bunger Bungo the Bunger 29 April 2021


boi im everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!

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TheFishLord888 TheFishLord888 21 April 2021

It's my first time fighting the shadow pieces, and I was wondering what order I should kill them in.

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Wormwood, The lonesome Wormwood, The lonesome 18 April 2021

What does "WIlson will miss you" mean

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Oofmaster55 Oofmaster55 16 February 2021

Starting New

I have been playing DST for a while now and I am unsure if I should add caves how demanding are the caves? On a scale of 1-10 roblox demanding being 1 and a bitcoin mining machine being a 10

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Lolipopgore Lolipopgore 13 January 2021

I LIVE, also plants.

I have come back from not posting to ask a very important question. Why are there so few plants? Don't get me wrong I love the current plants, but I think they should be better. Thoughts and Ideas welcome.

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Bluegeist Bluegeist 10 January 2021

Regarding Absence

(Ok the blog editor is being weird on me so I hope this works lol)

Hey there guys. I wanted to apologize for not being around recently. TBH the last few months of 2020 and the start of this new year have been pretty hard. Not to mention the goings on in the current affairs, I am also being swamped at work and have become a bit burnt out on wiki-ing. I hope that as the holiday rush quiets down I'll be feeling better about coming back. In the meantime I am just chilling when I can, and greatly enjoying Stardew Valley.

I hope everyone is doing well! Happy Year of the Beef!!

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StarvingEditor StarvingEditor 9 January 2021

Fappy Crucking Histmas, 20201!

For all those running DST dedicated servers, now is the time to update! And don't forget to backup your mod overrides in case steamcmd overwrites the file!

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Professional noob guy Professional noob guy 5 January 2021

Wilson a Don't starve story

First off before this begins I would like to say this is a fanfiction and unofficial don't starve book, and I would like some tips and pointers on this story so I can keep making new chapters for everyone to enjoy. And if you do enjoy it please let me know so I can keep making more.

by:Professional noob guy


A Don’t Starve story

A Man, A road, and some grose amphibians.

Wilson woke up, startled to see a man before him, “Say pal, you don’t look so good. You better find something to eat before night comes!” The man said, right before he disappeared into a cloud of smoke. Wilson shakily got to his feet, Wilson looked around, confused to see he wasn’t in his house, but rather in the middle of nowhere. Wilson scouted the area, eventually he fo…

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Wormwood, The lonesome Wormwood, The lonesome 31 December 2020


For some reason bees have insane range in shipwrecked. they have like 1 tile of range when it looks like they should only have 1 pixel.

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Thatgirloverthere21 Thatgirloverthere21 18 December 2020

I'm coming back!

i am about to come back to dst after a 2 month break. i know there are 2 new updates and winter's feast, but is there anything else I'm missing?

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Mcole80 on YT Mcole80 on YT 16 December 2020


metros just destroyed my base...

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Bookwhirm44 Bookwhirm44 16 December 2020

Some pages broken on mobile

On mobile some pages do not work. An example of this is the ‘Wall’ page. When you try and visit them an error message is displayed and it says that the page failed to load (this message is from safari, not fandom). Anyone know why this is or how it can be fixed? Or am I the only one suffering from this problem?

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Thatgirloverthere21 Thatgirloverthere21 24 November 2020

first day

I remember my first day in Don't starve together... I was shoved into a strange world with no knowledge of any controls or what to do. I went exploring, looking at the wonders of this new world, when suddenly night came. I thought "ok, I cant see anything. that's fine. I just wont move." then, I died. I was like, "what?" and then I looked at the cause of death. that's when I decided to help new players and make sure they didn't make the same mistakes i did.

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Thisguyrighthere1 Thisguyrighthere1 23 November 2020

don't starve adventures

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Professional noob guy Professional noob guy 19 November 2020

why you should check the wilkes before you do dumb stuff

It may contain info to save your game character(s).

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Wackybloodwing Wackybloodwing 8 November 2020

My blog :-)

I am the real Wackybloodwing.

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Bluoni0 Bluoni0 23 October 2020

Forgotten Knowledge Dish Evaluation

Calls for all 4 different caps | 25 Hunger & 10 Sanity | Gives players sleeping immunity for 8 minutes/1 day.

This dish has rather meager stats for the scavenger hunt players must go through. Its potion effect should be what considered. HOWEVER, since the survivors aren't currently fighting gestalts, this is useless. Even in the face of Bearger's yawn, players STILL get stunned & slowed.

Until this dish gets more applications...

I give this dish a 1/5

Milkmade Hat:

Calls for Naked Nostrils, Butter/Milk, & Kelp Fronds | 187.5 hunger & -5.3 sanity over 4 minutes.

It's often for players to only grab the essentials for exploring in the caves. While the stats for the dish is nice, players will need to go into a scavenger hunt for 2 uncommon ingredien…

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Sad-tbh Sad-tbh 22 October 2020

Increased variety of naturally spawning vegetables

In Don't Starve Together, the only naturally spawning (non-meat) foods on the surface are berries from berry bushes and carrots in the ground. I think it would introduce some nice variety if in some areas, rather than carrots, other vegetables like Tomatoes and chillies spawned in patches. This will not only make exploration a little more interesting, but could help introduce new players to the world of farming, and the many fruit and vegetables there are.

Going even further than this, maybe even having some random setpieces that include more structures could provide more help for new players. There are Failed Survivors with the occasional tools and other items, but maybe very small base remnants could work too. Even just simple campfires, …

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HiDoodle260 HiDoodle260 20 October 2020


Why am I even making blog posts?

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HiDoodle260 HiDoodle260 20 October 2020


Is the Willow randomly lighting a fire bug fixed now? Because I am tired of seeing everything burn

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Mewk, spot, and socks Mewk, spot, and socks 19 October 2020

Most hated Hamlet mob

Hamlet has quite a few mobs that are easily hateable, whether out of annoyance or danger. Here are some that I would find believeable:

Pog: Digging in chests is an annoying feature, but you can just leave items strewn across the floor of your house.

Rabid Beetle (My personal least favorite): Everyone who's played hamlet has experienced this reason; their sheer number makes them dangerous, but this can can be used against the other rainforest denizens, to thin out snaptooths for example.

BFB: you're just minding your own buisiness when a gigantic bird shadow flies across the screen. The first time it's cool; you gain access to another island. Afterwords, however, you can return much faster, and at will, via the cave cleft. It becomes a horribl…

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Mewk, spot, and socks Mewk, spot, and socks 16 October 2020

The "Forbidden Knowledge" update

What is this? Is it a prank? Or is it just not on steam yet?

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Mewk, spot, and socks Mewk, spot, and socks 6 October 2020

Wickerbottom Rework Ideas

Wickerbottom is badly in need of a rework. No, not just a buff like Wigfrid's, an actual rework. Here are my ideas, but feel free to contribute your own!

All of her books have a smaller, more visible and more directable area of effect (Think The Forge). This would buff The End Is Nigh, On Tentacles, and Birds Of The World while nerfing Applied Horticulture.

Tentacles will no longer attack bosses, and vice versa (Long needed On Tentacles nerf).

Tentacles from On Tentacles have half health.

Two new books: Winter Survival Guide (Sets temperture of all players within raidius to 50), and it's polar opposite, Summer Survival Guide (Sets temperture of all players within raidius to 15). Both require a Shadow Manipulator to prototype. The Winter one re…

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Mewk, spot, and socks Mewk, spot, and socks 28 September 2020


So me and a friend want to do PVP, but last time we tried the pan flute ruined it. He's wondering how many other such things we would have to ban to make it balenced. Anybody been through this themselves and know of more things we would have to ban to make PVP fun?

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Coolemon Coolemon 28 September 2020


For full desctiption goto Beefalo

Salt Lick Keeps Beefalo domestication from reducing over time. Prevent beefalo from going away.

One Day: 300 Hunger = 24  (Rot in 3 Days) (=0.65)

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DagothUrWelcomesYou DagothUrWelcomesYou 17 September 2020


Is good game

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Coolemon Coolemon 10 September 2020


For Wigfrid in DST

  • 1 Battle Songs
    • 1.1 Constant Songs
    • 1.2 Instant songs
  • 2 Food
    • 2.1 Crock Pot Food, Raw Food, Cooked Food, Dry Food

Battle Song active radius 12, deactive radius 16.

Battle Song affect radius 12. Cost 100/6 Inspiration.

Do not affect bosses and mobs follow player/singer(pvp related).

Panicable mobs:

(Not Include Bosses)

Maybe Startling Soliloquy is useful only for Klaus and Bee Queen fight.

Or use as Toy Pan Flute such as prevent from flying away at the end of spring.

Ref. battlesongdefs.lua actions.lua singable.lua tuning.lua singinginspiration.lua etc.

Wigfrid can only eat these Food in Don't Starve Together. (It is from source and accurate. I found some errors in the main wiki or it is the difference between DS and DST.)

This is the lis…

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Lolipopgore Lolipopgore 9 September 2020

Welcome travelers

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759maddie759 759maddie759 2 September 2020

whats up

uhhhhh just for an achievement

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Night Wizard X Night Wizard X 9 August 2020

How can i?

Yo how can i show that net when i build something?

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Bluegeist Bluegeist 21 July 2020

How To Extract Sounds from DS/DST

So this is how I extract sounds from DS and DST. I used to do it another way, but since Hamlet they changed something and I had to find another way. There was a kind person on the forums who helped me figure out this procedure, alas I cannot find the thread.

Also keep in mind I know nothing of how audio stuff works so some things here might be redundant or not make sense, it's serviceable for my purposes though.

What you'll need:

  • foobar2000
  • The vgmstream plugin for foobar2000
  • Audacity
  • Adapter

I downloaded these programs fine, but you know, be careful when downloading things!

I use Windows, I don't …

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Mewk, spot, and socks Mewk, spot, and socks 18 July 2020

RoT: The good and the bad.

If you haven't heard by now, RoT is DST's most recant update chain. Most people dislike most of the content (I being one of them) but there's some good stuff in it too.

The good:

The Lunar Island concept.

The concept of sea shadow creatures (originally SW exclusive), Wavey Jones in particular.

The Leafy Meat dishes.

The Clean Sweeper.

The cookbook feature.

The bad:

The RoT boat system (more on that Here).

The Hermit Island and the Crabby Hermit.

The Crab King and the Malbatross (they're just not well designed).

The arbitrarily different sea contents.

The way they did the RoT map edge.

The Underwater Salvageables and the Pinchin' Winch.

Let me know if I missed anything and as always let me know what you think down below.

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Bluoni0 Bluoni0 15 July 2020

Troubled Waters Dish Evaluation

  • Stuffed Fish Heads | 20 HP & 75 Hunger

Requiring only 2 freshwater fish & barnacle, this dish is worth cooking... EXCEPT when you consider Bacon & Eggs.

This dish, as well as its ingredient -fish has a short shelf life. Fish is also an effortful ingredient versus meat, which has MANY sources from Moleworms to Hounds.

I give this dish 2 stars. It's a neat alternative for Warly, but that's as far as the dish goes.

  • Barnacle Pita | 20 HP & 37.5 Hunger

This dish has the same stats as Butter Muffin. Because of its ingredients, it has advantages and disadvantages:

Butter Muffin can be created in the first season; many revere it because of that. However, it's a little harder to farm & it's a no-go in Winter.

By the time Barnacle Pita is available, player…

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Horneteoo Horneteoo 12 July 2020

Food Types VS. Ingredient Values

Hello everyone, I don't know where to put this so I suppose i'll put this in a blog post.

For a long time the wiki has been listing some foods some foods, such as for example Berries as "Fruit" foods. However, there is no such foodtype as Fruit in the game. In reality most "fruits" are part of the VEGGIE foodtype. It is true that there is a fruit ingredient value, but this is DIFFERENT from foodtypes.

Food types and Ingredient values in the crockpot are NOT the same thing. For a very long time the wiki has been mixing them together and treating them as if they are the same when they are not. Most edible items on the wiki here do not even say the items foodtype, the wiki fails to mention items such as Jellybeans, Taffy, Volt Goat Jelly are pa…

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Mewk, spot, and socks Mewk, spot, and socks 29 June 2020

Sanity vs Insanity

Insanity is a useful state. However, it is still dismissed by many as a state to avoid. Both have their pros and cons, places and times. In this post I will try to show you these.



Rabbits and Bunnymen are normal, providing easier food. (For those who argue that beardlings and beardlords are better, just go the whole way and fight shadow creatures for nightmare fuel. For those who argue that you can't get beard hair while sane, beard hair is almost useless.)

No annoying noises or distortion.

Shadow creatures can't distract you.

Sanity Obelisks are down.


No good way to obtain nightmare fuel. (Double-con)

Transmits to enlightenment on the Lunar Island.

Less practice for when you go to the Ruins.

Insanity Obelisks are up.

Hope you enj…

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Mewk, spot, and socks Mewk, spot, and socks 21 June 2020


Is it possable to use world seeds and if so, how?

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