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|colspan="2" style=" width:25%;"|[[File:Graveyard map.png|100px|link=:Graveyard]]<br />[[Graveyard]]
|colspan="2" style=" width:25%;"|[[File:Graveyard map.png|100px|link=:Graveyard]]<br />[[Graveyard]]
|colspan="2" style=" width:25%;"|[[File:Desert map.png|100px|link=:Desert]]<br />[[Desert]]
|colspan="2" style=" width:25%;"|[[File:Desert Icon.png|100px|link=:Desert]]<br />[[File:Reign of Giants icon.png|24px|link=Reign of Giants]][[Desert]]
|colspan="2" style=" width:25%;"|[[File:Deciduous_Icon.png|100px|link=:Deciduous Forest]]<br />[[File:Reign of Giants icon.png|24px|link=Reign of Giants]][[Deciduous Forest]]

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A Biome is best described as an environment or habitat for in game creatures found in the game world. Each is typically made up of a single type of terrain. Biomes are randomly generated at world creation and can be of any size or shape, although they often have  common and unique features. A game world is made by combining many Biomes together like a giant puzzle. Sometimes the Biomes are combined into continents, and sometimes they form islands which may or may not be connected by land bridges.

Biomes are usually differentiated by the type of terrain they are composed of; for example Forest or Savanna  terrains, being darker green or golden brown respectively.  Each type of biome usually contains the same type of resources and creatures, however they are generally specific to that biome. Beefalo for example usually spawn in a Savanna Biome. Whereas trees can be found more so in a Forest biome then any other biome.

Below are the main types of terrain which make up Biomes:

Forest Icon
Grassland Icon
Savanna Icon
Marsh Icon
Rockland Icon
Mosaic Icon
Chess Icon
Ocean Icon
Graveyard map
Desert Icon
Reign of Giants iconDesert
Deciduous Icon
Reign of Giants iconDeciduous Forest
Surface ChessGrasslandsGraveyardForestMarshMosaicRockylandSavanna
(DesertDeciduous Forest Reign of Giants icon) (BeachCoral ReefJungleMagma FieldMangroveMeadowOceanTidal MarshVolcano Shipwrecked icon) (BattlegroundsCultivatedDeep RainforestGas RainforestLily PondPig CityPaintedPinacleRainforestSuburbsWild Plains Hamlet icon) (Lunar ForestLunar MineRocky Beach Don&#039;t Starve Together icon)
Caves Mushtree ForestRocky PlainsStalagmite TerrainSunken ForestCave Swamps
Ruins LabyrinthMilitarySacredVillageWilds
(Atrium Don&#039;t Starve Together icon)
Related BridgeMapRoad (Trail) • TurfsAbyss
(Interiors Hamlet icon) (Lunar Island Don&#039;t Starve Together icon)
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